Chkntfs displays or specifies whether automatic system checks scheduled when the computer starts run on fat, FAT32, or NTFS volumes.


Displays or specifies whether the automatic system check scheduled when the computer starts is on   FAT、FAT32   perhaps   NTFS   Run on volume.

chkntfs volume: […]

chkntfs [/d]

chkntfs [/t[:time]]

chkntfs [/x volume: […]]

chkntfs [/c volume: […]]

volume: […] 
You must specify a drive letter (colon delimited), mount point, or volume name. Displays information that identifies the file system for the specified volume. If an automatic file check is scheduled to run, this parameter displays a message indicating whether the volume has been damaged (run required)   chkdsk)。  
Restore all   chkntfs   The default setting, except for the countdown of automatic file check. When the computer starts, the default action is to check all volumes.  
t [[:]timefield] 
take   Autochk.exe   The start countdown time is changed to the time value (in seconds) specified by input. If not specified  : time,/t   The current countdown time is displayed.  
/x volume: 
The specified volume is not checked when the computer starts, even if it is marked as required   chkdsk。  
/c volume: 
Schedule a check time for the specified volume when the computer starts.  
Displays help at the command prompt.  
To run   Chkntfs, you must be   Administrators   Members of the group.  
Although it has been   Autochk.exe   The start countdown time is set to zero, but doing so will not cancel the automatic file check for potential time consumption.  
To display   Autochk.exe   Start countdown time, type:

chkntfs /t

To change   Autochk.exe   Start countdown time, type the time in seconds. For example, to change the countdown time to   thirty   Seconds, type:

chkntfs /t:30

/x   Command line options cannot be used cumulatively. If you type this option more than once, its most recently typed item will replace the previously typed item. To exclude multiple volumes, list all volumes in one command. For example, to exclude   E: And   F: Volume, type:

chkntfs /x e:f:

To exclude only   F: Volume, type:

chkntfs /x e:

chkntfs /x f:

/c   Command line options can be used cumulatively. If you only need to check the specified volumes, first reset the defaults to clear any previous commands, then exclude all volumes from checking, and finally schedule automatic file checks on the required volumes.

For example, to   D:   To schedule files on a volume, type:

chkntfs /d 

chkntfs /x c:d:e: 

chkntfs /c d: