Chinese seL4 kernel reference manual


The Chinese translation of seL4 kernel reference manual is mainly based on the original version 11.0.0 (November 20, 2019), and a small amount of changes of kernel tree up to now (April 7, 2020) have also been synchronously updated.

SeL4 is a unique representative of the operating system family. Its security and formal verification features enjoy worldwide reputation. As a microkernel, the number of lines of code is undoubtedly a relatively easy choice for OS learning and researchers. What the translator has done here is also an attempt to make a conclusion on the basis of learning research, that is, to further deepen understanding and understanding through translation of reference manuals.

It’s not only the meaning of gaining recognition and resonance, but also the practice of giving back a little to the talents. It’s the so-called open source contribution. In order to enable readers to gain, especially in order to prevent misguided children, the translation has been carefully corrected and revised on the basis of comparing with the source code, and some inexplicable or too brief or even wrong descriptions have been explained as far as possible, hoping to bring beneficial effects. Words are not beautiful and refined, but try to make sure they are clear and accurate. All the endnotes in the document are added by the translator. It’s found that there are more than 80 endnotes in the document, which are mental creation besides carrying energy

Limited by the field of vision, arm architecture has not been carefully considered. Interested parties are welcome to use the issue page as a platform for discussion. Of course, they are more welcome to contribute knowledge directly to the translation.

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