Chinese search engine database tgoudb 0.2 beta release


Tgoudb Chinese index database 0.2 beta version

Main improvements:

1. The data storage engine Lucene 4 is updated to Lucene 5.

2. The functions of concurrent addition, deletion and modification are added.

3. Added return status code

4. The recycling link has been reconstructed and the link function has been turned off.

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The Chinese index database of tgoudb is Chinese search engine database developed is used for the agricultural search engine of Tiangou agricultural network. Tiangou hopes to build tgoudb into a special Chinese index NoSQL database based on the power of open source.

brief introduction

Tngoudb is a cross platform database developed based on Java. The underlying network database is made of Lucene (storage engine), IK (word segmentation), netty (Communication), etc. Tngoudb directly simplifies the call of related APIs of Lucene, and uses SQL statements to realize crud operation of data.


Tngoudb is still stored in a relational database structure, but tngoudb does not support cascading queries, so tngoudb is not a standard relational database. We still like to regard it as NoSQL data.

TngouDB 0.2 beta 发布,中文搜索引擎数据库_developpaer


Tngoudb can be separated from Lucene stand-alone. Now, tngoudb can be deployed on a separate server through the network to process and store query services separately. Tngoudb also simplifies the complexity of Solr. Users can perform relevant data operations through simple SQL statements. Tngoudb can completely abandon Lucene’s knowledge related to Solr and can be implemented with common SQL statements.