China’s block chain technology! Today, Xuper Chain, Baidu’s self-developed low-level block chain technology, is officially open source!


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Let’s take a look at the core technology highlights and advantages of Xuper Chain, a self-developed bottom block chain technology for Baidu Super Chain.

1. Open Source of Really Self-developed Bottom Block Chain Technology in China

XuperChain is the bottom technology of block chain independently developed by Baidu Super Chain. It has many international leading technologies, such as intra-chain parallel technology, pluggable consensus mechanism, integrated intelligent contract and so on. XuperChain has the ability of global deployment, which can meet the needs of developers in various business scenarios, and make block chain applications more flexible, safer, more efficient and fully empowered block chain developers.

XuperChain’s open source is the true underlying technology open source:

(1)Not only is the publication of the underlying technical code, but developers can compile it based on the code.Baidu senior engineers online real-time response, assisting developers to build and maintain applications independently;

(2) It is based on a completely new self-research framework rather than on the technological transformation of open source abroad, such as fabrics.It is the “true open source” of the core technology with intellectual property rights.

(3) XuperChain’s open source is not once and for all, but dynamic.In the future, continuous optimization and iteration will be carried out according to the research and development progress and industry practice of Baidu block chain.

2. Open Source Technology More Suitable for Chinese Developers

Foreign open source technologies are unavoidable in terms of rapid response and localized business scenarios. Especially in terms of security, the flow of private data from Chinese enterprises and even the government in foreign open source technologies is facing uncontrollable risks. XuperChain is committed to creating open source technologies suitable for Chinese developers.

(1)Provide multi-component, customizable development.Intelligent contract, consensus mechanism and other capabilities are broken down into a single module. Developers can call flexibly according to scenario application requirements to make block chain applications more efficient.

(2)Support global deployment.It can realize efficient data exchange in WAN.

(3)The performance industry is leading.Using the original intra-chain parallel technology, 65,000 single-chain TPS and 200,000 whole network TPS are realized.

(4)Security and privacy are more comprehensive.An account system with multi-private key protection is provided, and the account system is built in the account book. Decentralized privilege verification is realized. The privilege model supports flexible strategies such as weight accumulation and set operation.

(5) Quick response.Engineers take turns to respond quickly, build their own developer community, and provide perfect and comprehensive developer services.

3. Industry Solutions Based on XuperChain

Xuperchain is close to industry practice at the beginning of design, and has many ingenious points in meeting the requirements of compliance, enterprise privacy, convenient supervision and other architecture design.Baidu Super Chain has built a series of industry solutions based on XuperChain, such as judicial, copyright, data collaboration, edge computing, and cooperated with dozens of authoritative institutions, such as the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, Beijing Internet Court and Peking University.

Taking XuperFair’s judicial solution as an example, a block-chain court alliance system is constructed based on courts, notaries and forensic appraisal centers. The system realizes the authenticity and credibility of data from generation, storage, transmission to final submission, and has legal effect. At present, it has achieved cooperation with Beijing Internet Court and Guangzhou Internet Court.
China's block chain technology! Today, Xuper Chain, Baidu's self-developed low-level block chain technology, is officially open source!
China's block chain technology! Today, Xuper Chain, Baidu's self-developed low-level block chain technology, is officially open source!

With the entry of more professionals, capital and industrial resources, the block chain has entered a new stage. The vigorous development of application and the process of commercialization are the important characteristics of this stage. As a technology leader in the industry, we hope to empower and empower ecological members and provide them with more help, so as to promote the prosperity of the industry.

XuperChain Open Source is only the first step. In the future, Baidu will systematically open up more core technologies and industry solutions of Baidu Super Chain (XUPER).

Finally, if you are interested in XuperChain open source technology and applications, you are welcome to add “Weixin, Baidu Super Chain Assistant, reply to”Public Number Entering Group”, join”Baidu Super Chain Developer Community”, and communicate with senior engineers of Baidu in depth to get more technical guidance and support.