Chapter IX Yunji datacanvas Co., Ltd. deeply participated in the blue book of China financial technology development report 2021


On December 18, the “2021 financial technology · regulatory technology · blockchain Blue Book Conference” hosted by Beijing blockchain Technology Application Association (bbaa) was successfully held. The blue book of China financial technology development report (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) was officially released at the meeting. As a professional work in the field of financial technology, which is updated and published every year, the report is highly forward-looking and influential in the industry, and has attracted the attention of the industry. As an AI basic software provider deeply rooted in the financial industry for many years, Chapter 9 Yunji datacanvas has participated in the preparation of the new version of the report.

Chapter IX Yunji datacanvas Co., Ltd. deeply participated in the blue book of China financial technology development report 2021

China fintech development report (2021)

China regulatory science and technology development report (2021)

China blockchain development report (2021)

Three blue books were officially released (picture source: bbaa)

China financial science and technology development report is a well-known series of works by the Social Science Literature Publishing House. It has been rated as the “academic publishing project logo of the innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences”, and has been published for nine consecutive years since 2013. The China fintech development report (2021) focuses on the latest development in China’s fintech field. Corresponding to the fintech development plan (2019-2021), it comprehensively describes the development status, achievements, challenges and development trends of all aspects of China’s fintech in 2021.

This report was edited by Li Wei, director of the science and Technology Department of the people’s Bank of China, and relevant financial institutions, technology companies, research institutions, experts and scholars were invited to participate. Dr. Fang Lei, chairman of Chapter 9 cloud datacanvas, as a representative of technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence and an industry expert, was invited to join the editorial committee to participate in the compilation of the report.

The report mainly consists of seven parts, which comprehensively reviews the development status of policies, theories, technologies, applications and supervision in China’s financial technology field within the three years since the release of the financial technology plan 2019-2021, and provides a map index description of the types, distribution and typical enterprises of the financial technology industry. The report reflects the diligent exploration and fruitful achievements of researchers and practitioners in the field of financial science and technology in China, and provides systematic and professional reference for policy makers and managers, it technicians and industries with great demand for new technologies, especially employees in the financial industry.

The report points out that “in the process of financial application of AI, with the localization of AI chips, the updating and optimization of open source framework, the innovation and breakthrough of algorithm model and the maturity of data collaboration platform, AI will help the financial industry further improve customer experience, optimize internal operations and deepen risk management in the future”.
Chapter IX Yunji datacanvas Co., Ltd. deeply participated in the blue book of China financial technology development report 2021
Blue Book of China fintech development report (2021) (picture source: bbaa)

In the third part of the report, “rational application of financial technology”, Chapter 9 “Application of artificial intelligence” was jointly written by representatives of Yunji datacanvas, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and other financial technology experts in the industry. The bank wide application case of “bank automl automatic modeling platform” of Chapter 9 “Yunji datacanvas” was also included in this chapter as a typical case of the application of automatic machine learning in the financial industry.

Mr. shangmingdong, co-founder and CTO of Chapter 9 cloud datacanvas, delivered a keynote speech on how the data science platform can enable the digital upgrading of the financial industry at the blue book press conference. He pointed out that the era of “intelligent decision-making” has come. With the further improvement of the enterprise data intelligence system and digital infrastructure in the financial industry, it is urgent to provide AI modeling, real-time analysis A new generation of decision-making brain with low threshold and high availability replaces the traditional data analysis methods. Automl automatic machine learning is becoming the core technology to solve the popularization of AI. Through automl automatic modeling ability and the professional knowledge of the business team, we can realize independent model development, which will become the direction of the development of intelligent banking business in the future.

At the same time, the conference released the “2021 financial technology industry map”, and Chapter 9 Yunji datacanvas was selected into the “basic technology – artificial intelligence” section. The Chinese market is at a breakthrough point in the era of enterprise digital intelligence transformation. The “automation, cloud native, open source and open source” Ai basic software independently developed by chapter 9 Yunji datacanvas will further become an intelligent decision-making base for more business scenarios and accelerate the process of digital intelligence upgrading in the financial industry.