Chapter 4 bjrobot linear speed correction


BJROBOT Linear velocity correction


1.The carLay flatOn the floor, use a tape measure as the measuring scale,Select the front or rear of the car as the starting point of the car, Open the virtual machine in the data and open a terminal ssh In the past, the main control terminal started

roslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch

2.Open aindividualTerminal,ssh Past car ownerscontrolEnd, start calibration line speeddegreelifeorderrosrunznjrobot_nav

3.Open again on the virtual machine sideOneTerminals, direct start rosrunrqt_reconfigure  rqt_reconfigure

4click start_test,conductThe first one meter walk test,Measure the distance of the car.

If the car goes away 1.1 M, then the proportional coefficient of linear velocity linear_scale = 1.1/1=1.1 If the car goes away 0.9 M, then the proportional coefficient of linear velocity linear_scale = 0.9/1= 0.9

5.Then put the car back to the original starting position, change the scale factor to the position shown in the figure below, and then click start_test,When smallWhen the car stops, measure again whether the car has gone one meter, if it is close or almost 1 M, then the scale factor is correct.Error again 1 It can be connected within cm



6.On the main control sidebringup.launch In the documentlinear_scale It is modified to the actual calculated linear velocity ratioCoefficient.


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