Chapter 2 bjrobot IMU automatic calibration


1Lay the car flat on the floor and open a terminal with the virtual machine in the data ssh In the past, the main control terminal startedroslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch 

2Open another terminal,ssh Past main control terminal,stay

~/catkin_ws/src/znjrobot_project/znjrobot/param/imu Under the pathstart-up imu Correction command.rosrun imu_calib do_calib

3Press enter to complete the calibration.

Remember: runimuAutomatic correction, must jump to~/catkin_ ws/src/znjrobot_ Run the command under the directory of project / znjrobot / param / IMU;

4After calibration, test and verifyIMUAre the parameters accurate

Bringup needs to be restartedFile, let the system reload the calibrated parameters, that is, to close the previously executedroslaunch znjrobot bringup.launchCommand(tips:Ctrl+CYou can turn off the application of the current terminal)

Open a terminal again and execute the view IMUTopic of command, executionrostoipc echo /imu/dataThe command will appear after calibrationIMUNumerical interface, because we only useIMUSo let’s look at it Whether the indexes of angular velocity are normal or not