Change profession to become programmer, training or self-study? Past experience and conscience sharing


Hello, I’m Liang Xu.

My friends who are familiar with me should know that I am a mechanical student, but after graduation, I studied myself and became a Linux application development engineer. I’ve also made several videos related to career change before. If you are interested, you can go and have a look.

In this article, I will introduce to you the detour I took when I changed my career, and talk about my views on self-study or training.

When I decided to change my career, there were two ways in front of me, one was self-study, the other was training class. At that time, I analyzed my ability and time, and finally decided to change my career by self-study. Because I feel that I have strong self-control, self-discipline and good learning ability, so it should not be a big problem for me to change my profession.

Of course, I won’t tell you that I was poor at that time.

After I decided to change my career by self-study, I began to devote myself to self-study day and night. However, just at the beginning, like many self-taught children, they didn’t know what to learn, where to start, and where to find information, so they fell into a very confused state.

Later, I went to a training class to learn about the situation, but in the end, I not only failed to apply for their training class, but also paid for their materials and learning routes in vain. These materials finally made me clear the direction of my next study.

But this is just the beginning. In the process of learning, I encountered all kinds of problems and stepped on all kinds of pits. A code, as like as two peas in the video, will burn the board, and it will not work. Finally, it ran successfully. I wanted to make a little innovation, so I changed a few lines of code. As a result, the program crashed

Experiences like this really come out in endlessly. However, what’s more unbearable is that every time it is found out, it is a very, very small problem. For example, the array boundary is not considered, the array is out of bounds, the null pointer is operated, and so on. But for such a basic small problem, sometimes it will be stuck for a day or two, which is a waste of time.

So, in such a situation, I bumped all the way, found a way to solve problems, and finally learned all the things I should learn. I won’t repeat the following story here. You can watch my previous video.

Because I succeeded in my career transformation by self-study, I have personally practiced the path of self-study, and also proved that this path is feasible. Therefore, some of my readers ask me whether I want to study by myself or attend a training class when I change my profession. I always suggest that they study by themselves, because in my opinion, it’s not impossible.

But now I’m going to hit myself in the face. If you ask me again now, I will definitely suggest you,Go straight to the training class.

Why did I succeed in my career change by self-study, but I recommend you to go to the training class? Don’t worry, and listen to me.

For self-study or training, I have made such a mind map to share with you.

abouttraining courseIts advantages are obvious.

  • First of all, the training class will provide you with a better learning atmosphere. We will study and discuss together. This is especially a good place for small partners who do not have strong self-control, because if the learning atmosphere is better, it will naturally bring you up. And more responsible training class, there will be a special person to check your progress, supervise your learning.

  • Secondly, training courses are generally more expensive. If you spend so much money to study, you will feel a little bit of pain and some pressure on yourself. These pressures will often turn into motivation.

  • Third, the training class will formulate a clear learning route for you, and the syllabus is relatively perfect, so that you can know what to learn first and then what to learn, and you will not be so confused. Basically, you can get started with the pace of the teacher.

  • Fourth, the training class will generally arrange some practical projects in the enterprise for you to do, you can adapt to the development process in the enterprise in advance, you can also have a hand training on the skills you have learned.

  • Finally, the training class will teach you how to write a resume, how to interview, and give you some interview suggestions. Of course, many training classes will teach you how to package your resume, which I don’t advocate. It’s better to be honest. At the same time, some training courses also cooperate with some enterprises and directly push them to interview. There are also training class meetings and job fairs to provide more possibilities for everyone’s employment.

But,training courseThe shortcomings of the system are also very obvious.

The cost of the training course is generally expensive, ranging from 20000 to 80000, which is a great pressure on small partners with average economic conditions. The training cycle is generally relatively long, basically from three months to six months, and there is also a one-year training course. If your self-control is not strong, it’s very easy to give up, and the registration fee will be wasted.

Many training courses will also fake your resume, which can easily be packaged as two or three years of work experience. This is actually very disgusting for enterprises. If your resume is good-looking, but your ability doesn’t keep up, even if you pass the interview, you can’t pass the probation period.

Moreover, enterprises generally don’t like to see the students who participate in the training. Enterprises may feel that you are lack of learning ability. If you enter the industry only because you see the high salary of programmers, you will have doubts about your ability from the bottom of your heart.

Let’s look at it againself-taughtThe advantages and disadvantages of this method. It can be seen that many of the advantages of self-study correspond to the disadvantages of the training class. Correspondingly, the disadvantages of self-study are just the advantages of the training class.

An obvious advantage of self-study is that you don’t have to pay, or you may need to spend a small amount of money to buy some information books. Moreover, the general self-study ability of choosing self-study and changing profession is relatively strong, and this is what enterprises prefer and value, and the passing rate of interview is generally larger.

However, if you change your career by self-study, you will be confused without a clear learning route. And no one will take you forward, let alone urge you. You probably don’t know where to start and how much to learn. If you choose to change your career by self-study, then everything depends on you. If you don’t have strong self-control, it’s easy to give up and your career change will end in failure.

What’s more, if you encounter a problem, no one can help you solve it. You can only explore it on your own side. Often, a small problem will waste you several days.

You should also see that at the beginning of the video, I talked about the detour of my self-taught career change, and the pit I stepped on is exactly the defect of the self-taught career change. As a matter of fact, for most of the self-taught young friends, these pits have been stepped on more or less.

So back to the topic itself,Why do I recommend training classes instead of self-study?

First of all, for most people, self-study is not as good as the training class system. Without the training class in-depth, many knowledge points may be in a state of vague understanding. If you work in such a state, you will feel like you are on the shelf. Although you have learned some things, you just don’t know how to use them in practical application, and you can’t even remember them. So this kind of working state, the efficiency of nature will not be high. As the saying goes, if the foundation is not firm, the earth will shake.

Then, most importantly, it’s a matter of time. Many people think that self-study does not need to pay the cost of money, but we also ignore another very important cost, that is, the cost of time. As mentioned above, if you change your profession by self-study, you will be confused. Moreover, it is almost certain that you will encounter some problems. All of these need time cost.

It took me more than a year to change my profession by self-study. To be honest, it’s not very fast, or even very slow. At that time, I went to the training class that I learned about. The time they gave me was four months to finish learning all the knowledge points that I should learn.

Therefore, if you take part in the training course, the progress will be faster, and it will take at least half a year. If you go to work half a year earlier, you will make more money earlier. The more money you earn, it will easily cover the money you apply for training courses. But at the same time, you will enter into new fields faster, accumulate more months of experience, understand the software development process earlier, and fight with product managers for several months. Isn’t it worth it?

Everyone has heard that time is money, but in my opinion,Time is more than money。 Make full use of your time, you will create more wealth, including intangible wealth.

However, I would like to give you a friendly suggestion:Even if you sign up for a training class, you must rely on yourself, take the initiative to learn, and never rely too much on the training class。 In the first few classes, they usually send out a schedule. We must study in advance, or at least preview in advance, and ensure the progress and learning effect. The programming industry has a high demand for self-study ability. Even if you apply for a training class, you should take the initiative to learn. The training course is just a icing on the cake, not a timely help,It’s all up to you.

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Change profession to become programmer, training or self-study? Past experience and conscience sharing

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