Chain era: zero code + blockchain speeds up enterprise digitization | review of Chaohua blockchain issue 80


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Digital transformation is one of the core driving forces of domestic economic growth and industrial development. According to the white paper on the development of China’s digital economy in 2020 issued by the Chinese Academy of information and communications, the added value of China’s industrial digitization in 2019 was about 28.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 29.0% of GDP.
However, there are still many pain points in the process of enterprise digitization. Next, I will analyze the problems encountered in different stages of digital transformation and how to solve these problems through blockchain technology.

Pain points of enterprise digitization

Among those enterprises that feel the stone to cross the river, some enterprises regard digitization as a simple technical project and stay on the informatization of production control; Some simply regard digitization as establishing online channels and opening e-malls. The overly simple opening ended with a return far lower than expected, which hit the enthusiasm of enterprises to continue to invest in the digital field.

In the process of digital transformation, enterprises still face the following pain points:

  • Pain point in the first stage: the data management method is traditional, for example, using EXCEL documents to manage production data, management data and product data. This method is not easy to use and share, making data management difficult.
  • The second stage pain point: manage the information system through MIS.
  • There are two modes at this stage. The first is the self research mode: the enterprise self research team develops MIS management information system for the enterprise, which also has some problems. Due to the rapid business change and slow development speed, it is difficult to find a suitable technical director, which makes the development cost higher.

The second is the outsourcing mode: the problems of Party A are difficult communication, distrust of Party B, slow development and many online problems. The problem of Party B is that there are many demands and rapid changes, and it is difficult to pay.

Zero code + blockchain scheme helps enterprises digitalize

Facing the problems encountered in the process of enterprise digitization, how should we solve them?
Chain era: zero code + blockchain speeds up enterprise digitization | review of Chaohua blockchain issue 80

In order to solve many pain points encountered in the process of enterprise digitization, such as “high software development cost, low customized development efficiency and long development online cycle”, the chain era has developed a noco zero code system based on FISCO bcos underlying architecture. Noco system provides developers with a visual application construction platform, eliminates the requirements for native code writing, and realizes the rapid construction of application programs.

Noco system is applicable to the development of various MIS systems, such as customer management system (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution system (MES), logistics and warehouse management and control system (TMS / WMS), customs declaration system, human resource management system (OKR), member management system (MMS), enterprise asset management system (EAM), etc., and the addition, deletion, modification and Check, can be generated with zero code.

Compared with the traditional software development mode, noco zero code construction has the following advantages:

  • The development cost is low. The noco system simplifies the development process, reduces the needs of professionals and reduces the communication cost.
  • The degree of customization is high. Through highly integrated encapsulation, such as encapsulated templates, middleware, database and other tools, the steps in traditional development are reduced.
  • It has high development efficiency, encapsulates the framework and logical judgment, hides the integration process, reduces the amount of code writing and reduces the chance of defects.
  • Easier operation and maintenance, a large number of packaging and module isolation, greatly reducing the operation and maintenance cost caused by low code quality in the later stage. Noco system is very simple and easy to use, and enterprise managers or business personnel can easily start to operate.
    Chain era: zero code + blockchain speeds up enterprise digitization | review of Chaohua blockchain issue 80
    With the help of graphical form editor, users do not need to write program code, and use controls to build the system database by dragging.
    The applications built by the system can run on desktop and mobile applications. The default running environment of the application is the desktop. You can choose to adapt to the mobile terminal when building the application to generate applications suitable for the mobile platform immediately. There is no difference in the use experience between the generated mobile application and the mobile application developed in the traditional mode.
    Noco system and blockchain are connected natively, and blockchain can be seamlessly integrated into noco system tools; The application built with noco system can record the service process, ensure that the behavior data such as demand result payment can not be tampered with, support judicial acceptance and credit generation, establish a timely and reliable project payment mechanism and ensure implementation.
    The chain era is a data asset company. We will put some data on the alliance chain. We mainly consider how to protect the business secrets of enterprises and how to smoothly expand or cross the chain during business expansion to maintain business flexibility.
    When considering data isolation, we use FISCO bcos architecture. FISCO bcos introduces multi group architecture to support blockchain nodes to start multiple groups. Transaction processing, data storage and block consensus among groups are isolated from each other, which not only ensures the privacy of the blockchain system, but also reduces the operation and maintenance complexity of the system.
    As the bottom platform of the domestic alliance chain, FISCO bcos fully adapts the national secret algorithm from the bottom to the SDK: the national secret version of FISCO bcos uses the national secret algorithm to sign, verify and hash transactions, uses the communication protocol conforming to the national secret SSL standard between nodes, and also adapts the national secret algorithm in an all-round way; On the one hand, the state secret version SDK supports the state secret algorithm to generate state secret transactions. On the other hand, it uses state secret SSL connection with nodes to build a full set of supervision solutions.
    At the same time, we are also cooperating with BSN network to use their service network. BSN is a blockchain service provider that provides cross cloud services, cross portals and cross underlying frameworks / provides a variety of underlying frameworks. It provides developers with a public blockchain resource environment and greatly reduces the development, deployment, operation and maintenance costs of blockchain applications.

Prospect of community operation

Noco system is still in the state of instrumental operation, and we hope to carry out community operation in the future.

In the process of operation, we found that efficient tools can help solve the problems in development and deployment. At the same time, efficient tools can also attract professionals, help solve the problems of communication and cooperation, and participate in the construction of whole process informatization.

However, enterprises limited by services cannot effectively replicate this method on a large scale and spread it to different industries. Therefore, we are wondering whether we can solve this problem by operating a community, and combine community operation with the distributed characteristics of blockchain to form a Dao.

The system built by the builder for Party A, which is used by Party A to operate business every day. A lot of business data are retained in this system. Some or all of these business data are written into the blockchain for storage, and may be rewarded in the future because of these data. This is where the blockchain is more attractive than the traditional operation mode. This is a community-based operation model we envision.

Enterprise digital transformation can not be achieved overnight, which requires systematic long-term planning and practical and effective implementation. Enterprises need to systematically plan and clearly define the objectives of digital transformation, improve their recognition of digital transformation, create digital thinking and cultivate digital ability within the enterprise, so as to establish a sustainable digital business model and operation model.

Digital transformation has become an urgent task for enterprises. With the help of digitalization to build and enhance competitiveness, Chinese enterprises will burst out greater vitality in the digital age.

Chain era: zero code + blockchain speeds up enterprise digitization | review of Chaohua blockchain issue 80

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