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In the just concluded Jingdong cloud Technology Salon Tianjin station activity, Jingdong cloud invited core experts in the field of internal and external blockchain, which brought wonderful sharing for you. Through theoretical introduction, technical analysis, case sharing, exchange and Q & A and other links, it disclosed the underlying technology realization principle, middle-level product structure and upper level technology application practice of blockchain. Won the presence and participants alike praise!

On November 29, Jingdong cloud blockchain Technology Salon entered Tianjin for the first time and Jingdong cloud (Tianjin) innovation center. Under the guidance of the office of the network security and Information Technology Committee of the CPC Tianjin Hexi District Committee, this activity was jointly sponsored by Jingdong cloud and Jingdong artificial intelligence and supported by the strategy of Tianjin University of Finance and economics.

In his speech, the leaders of Hexi District Committee, network and information office said that this activity is one of the activities to accelerate innovation industry and actively promote the development of digital economy in Hexi District. The government is in an important period when a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are ready to take off, especially when it enters a new era. The digital economic revolution represented by artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things is profoundly changing our economic form and lifestyle. In recent years, Hexi District has firmly grasped the new opportunities in the digital era, and actively promoted such cutting-edge products as big data, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and blockchain. JD cloud actively cooperates with Hexi District in the planning and deployment of developing digital economy industry, bravely acts as the pioneer of digital economy development, fully supports the construction of smart Hexi, and makes great contribution to accelerating industrial innovation and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading in Hexi District.

Blockchain + JD cloud: delivering industry trust value

JD cloud hopes to help the development of industrial Internet through cloud intelligence + blockchain, that is to say, making full use of the transparency, efficiency and traceability of blockchain, while delivering the trust value between industries. In sharing, JD cloud computing evangelist introduced that baas is JD’s enterprise blockchain service, which is based on the characteristics of high availability, high reliability, high security, elastic expansion and rapid deployment of cloud resources. The enterprise blockchain platform deployed on it supports minute level enterprise blockchain building, and JD chain, the engine of the underlying chain, is also developed by JD.

If baas is considered as a platform product, the anti-counterfeiting traceability platform can be regarded as a ready to use SaaS usage mode. According to the statistics as of June this year, more than 700 top brands have access to the traceability platform, with 6 million + queries. In addition, JD cloud is also the cloud manufacturer of the first blockchain data service (BDS), which can aggregate the trusted data on the chain, overcome data disorder and data island problems, and maximize the trust value of the data on the chain.

“We believe that cloud computing is not only as simple as selling virtual machines in the process of industrial empowerment, and the applications and solutions with industrial attributes carried on the cloud are important value creation points. The enrichment of cloud capabilities requires efforts from multiple parties, including self-study capability, business model, ecosystem represented by developers and partners, etc. We hope to help the development of industrial Internet through cloud intelligence + blockchain, and at the same time deliver the trust value of the industry. “.

BDS: empowering trusted data value and open source practice

Now blockchain technology is booming, with hundreds of well-known public chain projects represented by BTC and eth, as well as well-known alliance chain projects like fabric and JD chain. No matter the public chain or alliance chain, different chains have their own characteristics, so there are some enterprises using BTC, some using eth, and some using fabric, such as JD chain JD chain is used. Because different blockchains are unable to realize information exchange, and finally form a data island, so it can not play the maximum value of data.

The product architecture of BDS is mainly divided into the following partstripartite

The first partdata source, access dozens of public chains including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, etc., and obtain some third-party data such as exchanges, forums, information through technical means.

The second partdata processingThe first part of the data will be imported into the big data analysis platform. After data analysis and processing, more than 100 data indicators, such as transaction amount, transaction times, transaction amount distribution, transaction fee, new address, active address, address balance distribution, address classification, etc., are obtained.

The third partData visualizationIn order to facilitate everyone’s experience and use, it provides the blockchain data Bi tool, supports SQL query and condition query, supports various data visualization methods for query results including but not limited to tables, curves, histograms, etc.; it also includes data intelligence to provide data real-time update, real-time monitoring, etc.

Case sharing

1. Technological breakthrough and commercial landing of blockchain infrastructure

Sun Hanbing, vice president of core technology

Sun Hanbing, vice president of inter core technology, made a detailed share on the infrastructure and commercial application of blockchain.

What is blockchain infrastructure? Different from the definitions of public chain and alliance chain, inter core interprets blockchain as a distributed and trusted computer platform that never stops. At the moment when most of the underlying infrastructure of blockchain is based on the hyperledger fabric transformation, the underlying infrastructure of inter core blockchain is fully self-developed. Its multi chain hierarchical multi-level system architecture has good flexibility and scalability. The number and relationship of chains can be adjusted according to the demand dynamics, and can be used as the infrastructure of public chain and alliance chain at the same time. Based on the mechanism of POS, such as random election, tbft, cross chain, intra chain sharding and multi chain parallel computing, it fundamentally solves the “Impossible Triangle” problem of blockchain. Sun Hanbing also made a detailed share from the composition of blockchain infrastructure, technical characteristics, principles and architecture, blockchain technology and landing, etc.

Talking about the practice of inter core in project implementation, taking the supply chain financial platform of Dahan group for inter core services as an example, how can blockchain integrate supply chain finance? First of all, supply chain finance mainly enlivens the assets of enterprises in the supply chain, such as receivables, prepayments, inventories and credits. It takes core enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises as a whole, and provides financing for enterprises in the whole supply chain through flexible use of financial products and services. Secondly, the blockchain + supply chain financial mode, while completing the supply chain business, records the receivables financing, asset registration and circulation, logistics information registration and query, authorization information registration and query on the blockchain, and makes the relevant information transparent to all parties involved in the blockchain, so as to better build trust and form cooperation.

In terms of people’s livelihood, blockchain also has great potential. Inter core technology cooperates with China Sea era to provide Haidian District government with a system platform based on blockchain technology. According to the concept of “theme service, one-stop processing”, the application of blockchain technology, under the premise of effectively protecting public privacy and ensuring the security of government data, realizes the organic combination of government services and social services, and benefits the people’s livelihood. It really achieves the organic combination of blockchain technology and business. The time of material verification has changed from 15 minutes to two minutes, which can reduce the risk of the clerk’s performance. We have truly achieved the goal of serving the people and the society with blockchain technology

In addition, Dr. Sun Hanbing said that “core technology has implemented many projects in the fields of smart government, smart finance, anti-counterfeiting traceability, property right certificate, new commerce, energy, etc.”.

2. Application of blockchain technology to solve business problems

Zhuang Kaiyu, product director, baas, Zhigui Technology

1、 Data governance。 Data governance is the key path for the combination of blockchain and non digital currency industries. As we all know, data is the combination of physical world and network world. Data mining and application based on Internet technology help all walks of life greatly improve their productivity. However, in the practical application process, due to the problems of data tampering and leakage, the data flow and application can not play its maximum efficiency. As a new generation of Internet technology, blockchain technology solves the trust problem caused by data tampering and disclosure to a large extent through consensus mechanism, smart contract and other technical components. Data governance is a set of basic solutions for data lifecycle management based on blockchain technology, which provides four core functions: Data trusted storage, security sharing, privacy protection and effective supervision.

Through the data or data directory consensus chain to ensure that the data storage process can not be tampered with, through the hardware private key device to manage the user identity, and record the authority information on the chain to ensure the privacy security of data access and sharing. In addition, the circulation information of data in the platform, such as certificate storage, update, sharing, etc., are all recorded on the blockchain to realize the effective supervision of data.

Finally, on the basis of blockchain technology, we also introduce some high-level technical components, such as zero knowledge proof, to enable the other party to verify the effectiveness of the data without exposing the data to the other party; such as Oracle technology, to ensure the authenticity of the data source from the Internet world, etc.

2、 Supply chain finance。 Supply chain finance is our key application direction this year. In the direction of supply chain finance, we have launched two products, i.e. credit and credit. Xinhuitong is a supply chain financial product based on blockchain + accounts receivable refinancing. By replacing paper commercial bills with electronic vouchers on the chain, that is, creed, and digital confirmation of data on the chain, the credit of core enterprises is transferred to suppliers at all levels step by step to help small and micro enterprises in the supply chain better finance. Credit remittance is a new mode of supply chain finance based on big data credit. Through big data technology, connect with multiple data sources, including production data, trade data of core enterprises, historical transaction data of suppliers, third-party credit data, etc., carry out dynamic credit characterization of financing subjects, effectively verify and evaluate the authenticity of trade, and achieve credit enhancement of big data through scientific and technological means.

Three. Traceability。 The traceability of blockchain technology enabling products and building a traceability blockchain can ensure that traceability data cannot be tampered with and improve the authenticity of traceability information. At the same time, based on blockchain technology and cryptography algorithm, the identity management of operators in each link can effectively trace back to the responsible person in case of product problems and improve the efficiency of solution. Finally, according to the accumulation of traceability data for big data analysis, the establishment of traceability product early warning mechanism can effectively guarantee the legal, safe and orderly development of products.

Four, certificate of deposit。 Zhigui copyright system supports users to upload the copyright registration information to the blockchain network, and introduces notary office, copyright office and famous universities as the storage and supervision nodes of the copyright storage alliance chain, so as to ensure that the notarial certificate with judicial effect certified by the state can be issued at any time, and can be used as the infringement evidence that can be accepted by the court in case of infringement. Zhigui blockchain copyright registration platform was rated as one of the top ten application cases of 2018 trusted blockchain summit by trusted blockchain.

Although JD cloud’s wonderful technology sharing for “blockchain technology and application” has come to an end for the time being, many issues such as quality traceability of blockchain, BDS products of JD cloud, JD baas enabling application practice and ecological development of blockchain are still being hotly discussed,Pay attention to the JD cloud developer community (ID: JDC developers) to learn about the latest technology activities

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