Certificate problem encountered in accessing Umeng push


1. After integration, the test mode can be pushed successfully, and the production environment cannot be pushed successfully.
For certificate problem, delete repeatedly to create upload, or fail.

Baidu view reason: found that only test mode can push, and need to add token to push, quite troublesome.

For the push development mode, you need to provide a device token, otherwise you can directly notify all,
It’s not news

func application(_ application: UIApplication, didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken deviceToken: Data) {
     //   print(deviceToken)
         print( deviceToken.map  {string (Format: "% 02.2hx", arguments: [$0])}. Joined(), "push devicetoken")

Register push device and print device certificate

In other words, an ad hoc package is needed to test the friendly push of the production environment

Because of a certificate problem

Select release as the direct option option. Generally, the correct certificate cannot be entered

Set the option to release

of no avail

Because the certificate is automatically signed
Certificate problem encountered in accessing Umeng push

Unless manually signed,

Self configuration description file

Package and upload app store,

There’s another autograph

This time, it came into effect, and it was equivalent to a re signature

2. When the app is active, it cannot receive the banner of push notice

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