Centos7 disk expansion


Others have detailed connections


Record the busy command steps sector — > physical partition — > physical volume (PV) – > volume group (VG) – > logical volume (LV) – > file system

##Check to see if space is available
[[email protected] ~]# df -h

#See if there are partitions available
fdisk -l

#If you don't, stop the server and allocate space outside

#Create partition
fdisk /dev/sda
Note P 8e (format of partition)

#Initialize the physical hard disk partition as a physical volume for LVM to use
 pvcreate /dev/sda3

#See if there is a new physical partition "/ dev / sdb3

#Adding the physical volume "/ dev / sdb3" to the volume group "CentOS" requires CentOS space greater than 1m
vgextend centos  /dev/sda3

#Assigning containers to primary partitions
 lvextend -L +12G /dev/centos/root

#Refresh synchronous disk capacity
 xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/centos-root

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