Centos Terminal Displays Alphabetic Overlapping


After installing Linux on VMware virtual machine, the Chinese display was adjusted, but later I didn’t know what happened. Many letters displayed on the terminal were overlapping.

Baidu also found a lot of Solutions


Terminal input: vi/etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf

Edit: Modify the font of the penultimate fourth line to WenQuan YiZen Hei (Note: Linux is case sensitive)

As follows: <string>WenQuan YiZen Hei</string>

I tried the above method, but it didn’t solve the problem after refreshing the font cache.
There’s another way.

Then I open my terminal.
















It’s strange that I didn’t find this font, but I tried other methods later.

Still calm down to analyze what the problem is, why others can solve my problem is not enough.

Start looking for clues

In the first method, you modify the font to WenQuan YiZen Hei

The second method is also about WenQuanYi.

Then I compared the fonts in my virtual machine.

Originally, this little thing was hidden in this place. I used Chinese, so the system translated it directly.

Find the font and choose the same width. As for the size of the font, you can choose the right size.

So far the truth has come to light.

Look With Your Heart