Ceiwei commtone serial port debugging wizard 7.1 serial port debugging serial port tool


CEIWEI CommToneSerial port debugging Wizard

    It is a powerful serial port communication debugging software, with more than 100 standard CRC verification functions embedded, and supports high and low byte preamble conversion of verification results; Support batch protocol debugging, and support file, hexadecimal, Unicode string sending and display; Support unlimited cyclic transmission, and cyclic transmission of data; Support high-precision transmission time delay. Using commtone can effectively improve the efficiency of engineers debugging equipment serial communication.

Support Windows system versions: WinXP, Win2003, winvista, win7, win2008, win8, win2012, win2016, win10, 32 / 64 bit system.

Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.




CommToneAdvantages of serial port debugging wizard software

  1. Commtone start seconds on! Without any plug-ins, there is no need to install any third-party dependent libraries;

  2. Simple debugging flexibility! Powerful CRC verification function, which eliminates engineers from calculating CRC redundancy verification;

  3. Professionalism of batch debugging! Batch debugging can professionally define the equipment serial port communication protocol package, set the batch debugging project protocol, debug according to the defined process, and save it into the project engineering file, which can be cyclic debugging or cyclic debugging according to the number of times;

  4. Powerful data caching function! The data list technology supports 1 million level data cache display, and supports data output TXT, CSV and HTML.

CommToneSerial port debugging wizard softwareSuitable for users
      1. Equipment software and hardware engineer, software tester;
      2. Communication software engineer and communication tester.


   Support member mobile phone number registration and login, no longer restrict the use of computer, any computer account login, please check for detailsMember management”,

The member account function is applicable to commmonitor serial port monitoring, usbmonitor monitoring, commtone serial port debugging

All ceiwei software such as virtual serial port can be logged in and used on any computer; But only one computer can be online at the same time with the same account.

For more information, please consult wechat / QQ: 348677065.



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