Causes and Solutions of Win10 Laptop Failure to Find WiFi Caused by Wireless Channel Settings


Causes and Solutions for Win10 Laptops Not Finding WiFi Caused by Wireless Channel Settings?I don’t know if the user’s friends have ever met the situation that WiFi can’t be connected suddenly when they use the laptop computer of win10 system. Xiaobian once encountered it. After checking, it was found that the reason why the laptop can’t be connected was the problem of wireless channel setting. “Default selection of wireless channel in router WiFi setting” The choice is “automatic”, the problem should appear here. How to solve this problem? In the following edition, there are two reasons for speculation and solutions. Friends who need to know can read this article.

Reason 1: Automatic selection of wireless channel interference is serious

It may be that there are too many WiFi hotspots in the surrounding environment, so the probability of wireless channel collision and interference increases, and routers fail to intelligently “automatically” select the channel with the least interference, resulting in abnormal wireless network connections.

So installed WiFi Analytical APP on its mobile phone. After running, it found that the number of channels with the highest rating was 8 through the “channel rating” function. As shown in the picture:

Then the wireless channel set by the router WiFi is changed to 8.

As a result, the Win10 laptop was successfully found and connected to WiFi.

Reason 2: Wireless network card and router have inconsistent wireless channel settings

The developpaer editor later discovered that the wireless channel settings of routers ranged from 1 to 13. As shown in the picture:

But the wireless channel range set by this Win10 notebook’s wireless network card is 1 to 11. As shown in the picture:

Open the Device Manager, expand the Network Adapter, right-click on the wireless network card, and select Properties. As shown in the picture:

Switch to the Advanced tab in the Open Wireless Network Card Properties window. As shown in the picture:

Select “Country Region (2.4 GHz)” in the list of attributes, and the value on the right is the wireless channel.

If the wireless channel range setting is inconsistent, it may occur. When the router automatically chooses the wireless channel for 12 or 13, it is beyond the scope of the notebook wireless channel, so of course, it will be foolish to find the north.

Therefore, now the wireless channel value of the notebook wireless network card is changed to # 1 (1-13), which is consistent with the router, so there should be no problem.


Above is the reason why Win10 notebooks can not find WiFi because of wireless channel settings brought by Xiaobian. Hope to help you. Small partners can come to developpaer website when they are free. There are many other information on our website waiting for small partners to excavate.

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