Causes and solutions of failure of libreoffice output to NFS shared storage



A web application is deployed on multiple machines. In order to solve the problem that the files generated by machine a are invisible to machine B, an additional machine is found to create NFS shared storage. The machine where the application is installed is mounted on the shared storage, such as

df -h    493G   18G  451G   4% /home/foo/affix_share

All files can be saved to the shared machine


There is a scenario that does not work. In order to view excel doc online, you need to convert it to PDF, libreoffice to PDF and save it to shared storage failed

$ /usr/bin/libreoffice5.2  --invisible --convert-to pdf --outdir /home/foo/affix_share /tmp/9192d7ac-2189-4b9a-a0e0-811e3ca54809.xlsx

convert /tmp/9192d7ac-2189-4b9a-a0e0-811e3ca54809.xlsx -> /home/foo/affix_share/9192d7ac-2189-4b9a-a0e0-811e3ca54809.pdf using filter : calc_pdf_Export

Error: Please verify input parameters... (SfxBaseModel::impl_store <[file:///home/foo/affix_share/9192d7ac-2189-4b9a-a0e0-811e3ca54809.pdf](file:///home/foo/affix_share/9192d7ac-2189-4b9a-a0e0-811e3ca54809.pdf)\> failed: 0x11b)


View the system log of the machine where the NFS server is located(/var/log/messages)Found a lot of the following logs

May 25 22:33:12 iZ25yuv547qZ kernel: lockd: cannot monitor xxxx

May 26 15:01:47 iZ25yuv547qZ kernel: lockd: cannot monitor xxx

It turns out that NFS relies onrpc.statdNo startup caused

# service nfslock status

rpc.statd is stopped

Causes and solutions of failure of libreoffice output to NFS shared storage


Put rpc.statd Restart the NFS service at the same time

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