Cattle! Alicloud ranks first in China’s financial cloud market


Recently, IDC, a global authoritative market research institution, released the report “China Financial cloud solution market tracking research, 2019h1”:Alibaba cloud ranks first in China’s financial cloud solution market and becomes the only manufacturer with market share exceeding double digits, with a year-on-year growth of more than 90%.

Cattle! Alicloud ranks first in China's financial cloud market

According to IDC statistics, Alibaba cloud’s market share in financial cloud solutions is 12.2%, ranking first, far ahead of the latter.

The report points out that the regulatory and operational pressures faced by financial businesses push the industrial innovation and upgrading backward, and cloud computing and distributed architecture become the only choice for financial institutions to independently control, optimize management and business agility.

“As the leader of information technology application in traditional industries, the financial industry is becoming the leader of cloud transformation after the Internet industry.” IDC believes that from the bottom it infrastructure to the top platform and application solutions, it is inevitable for Chinese enterprises to fully transform their cloud computing architecture.

Previously, China’s financial IT solution market has been dominated by domestic and foreign financial vertical industry solution providers, but today’s financial cloud vendors represented by Alibaba cloud are becoming the leading providers in China’s financial cloud solution market through the transformation or construction of the underlying distributed architecture, as well as the application scenarios driven by big data and AI.

From the first day of its establishment in September 2009, Alibaba cloud is a financial level technology and service provider, supporting the shepherd dog project, the initial prototype of e-commerce bank.

Unlike other companies, Alibaba’s business has the scale of the Internet, financial level accuracy, and enterprise level complexity. In the process of supporting such a unique business, Alibaba cloud has developed powerful technical capabilities.

Alibaba financial cloud also obtained China’s first cloud computing certificate with the level 4 guarantee from the Ministry of public security. The fourth level of equal protection indicates that Alibaba financial cloud has the ability to provide services for the core trading system of financial institutions.

Up to now, Alibaba cloud has tens of thousands of customers in the financial industry, leading the industry by a large margin:

E-commerce bank is the first bank in China whose core system is built on the cloud. With the help of Alibaba financial cloud, e-commerce banks have realized second level loan issuance, with only a few hundred people supporting the national business volume, the vast majority of whom are technicians;

Zhongan insurance is the first insurance company built on the cloud in China, and its core business systems are all running on Alibaba financial cloud. Thanks to the expandable flexibility of cloud computing, Zhongan insurance is able to cope with the explosive growth of its business in an asset light it mode. With flexible product design concept, Zhongan’s product online cycle can be shortened to two weeks;

Tianhong fund is the first fund company built on the cloud in China. With the product of “yu’ebao”, Tianhong fund has become the first fund with a scale of more than one trillion in the history of Chinese fund. With the help of Alibaba financial cloud, Tianhong fund can process 10 billion level data, calculate massive data in minutes and conduct efficient clearing.

The future will be the era of all in cloud. In the next 1 to 2 years, alibaba will be fully on the cloud and become “Alibaba on the cloud”. The technology of the whole group will become technology on the cloud, and core technologies and new products such as finance, nailing, and new retail will be exported through Alibaba cloud.

The next decade will be a critical period for the transformation of the entire digital economy, and for Alibaba cloud to become the infrastructure of the digital economy. Facing the future, Alibaba cloud has gradually changed from a simple cloud infrastructure provider to an intelligent cloud provider today: from big data, AI, IOT to collaborative office, as well as a cloud platform integrating software and hardware in the future.

Today’s performance is the minimum requirement for the future. Thanks for the trust of customers in the financial industry and the support of partners. Only the success of users and partners is Alibaba cloud’s success.

Alibaba cloud received the subsidy of RMB 1.1 billion in advance, and entered the iPhone 11 Pro extraction:…

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