Catlike Coding translation – move a sphere (player controlled)


<font size=2>Place a sphere with a trailing tail on the plane
Change sphere position based on player input
Control speed and acceleration
Constrain the sphere’s position and let it bounce off the edge</font>

This is the first tutorial in a series on controlling character movement. Specifically, we will control the movement of a sphere based on player input.
This tutorial was made with Unity 2019.2.9f1. Before following this tutorial, we assume that you have completed the Learning Basic tutorial.
Catlike Coding translation - move a sphere (player controlled)
<center><div ><font color=gray>a sphere stuck to a plane</font></color></div></center>

<font color=gray size=3>1</font> control position

Many games are about a character that needs to move around and use that character to achieve some goals. Action games let you control your character by pressing buttons or turning a joystick. Tapping the game lets you specify a target location, and the character will automatically move there. Programming games let you write instructions for your character to execute. And so on.
In this tutorial series, we’ll focus on how to control a character in a 3D game. Once we get the hang of this, we can make him more complicated in the future.

<font color=gray size=2>1.1</font> Setting the scene