• Linux user groups and permissions summary


    User groups In Linux, each user must belong to one group, and there are three groups under Linux, as follows: File owner User group In the other groups File owner: It is the creator of the file, who created the file, who is the owner of the file. User group: When a current Linux user […]

  • Nginx Tips: Php Uploading Progress Bar – 0000


    This article is a reminder to install Nginx+PHP under Linux and test the file upload progress module. Runtime Environment Operating system: Ubuntu 13.10 64bit (VMWare, hosted by Windows 7 Ultimate)CPU: 1 x 2 core(i5)Mem: 3048MHD: 100G Install Nginx Before installing Nginx, you need to know how to run Terminal in Unity. The following commands are […]

  • Nginx content cache and common parameters configuration detailed analysis


    Usage scenarios: The page of the project needs to load a lot of data, which is not always changing, and does not involve customization. The dynamic generation of data for each request is not as good as caching the results according to the request routing and parameters. Using Nginx cache will greatly improve the request […]

  • What are the symptoms of an attack?


    Recently, xiaobibian I met a lot of website customers reported that they were attacked by DDoS attack and CC attack, the attack for the development, operation and maintenance personnel, they also expressed very headache. At present, most websites use PHP, JAVA,.net, and database languages such as mysql and oracle. The person of IT industry knows […]

  • Install fileinfo extensions to PHP7.0 on CentOs


    Because the construction of the project is in a preliminary stage, it is inevitable that a series of problems occurred due to the immaturity of the environment. In the procedure of file operation, an error of lack of expansion was reported, which has been solved Have a look at the instructions given official,… Solving […]

  • SHELL(bash) scripting seven: source code analysis


    This article on bash source code (version:4.2.46(1)-release) make a brief analysis. The data structure Bash is written in C language, and only a few data structures are used in its source code:An array of,The tree,Singly linked list,Two-way linked listandHash table. Almost all bash structures are implemented with these basic structures. The main structure in the […]

  • The LINUX terminal command line shortens the display path to make your path more elegant


    Usually when we use the Linux terminal command line, we are often troubled by a problem, that is, the file path is too long, sometimes even more than one line, so it seems very awkward, but in fact, it only takes two steps to solve this problem: 1. Modify. Bashrc file (under user root directory)Vim […]

  • Sixty thousand people left at the same time, not crowded at all? I used this artifact


    Ali’s sister:At the 20th anniversary party, 60,000 ali people around the world “went home” to celebrate ali’s birthday in a special way. On the site of the annual meeting, every employee of alibaba has a white IoT bracelet, which consists of 102 LED lights and changes different colors according to the rhythm of music and […]

  • Focus on HTTP and AJAX


    Become the stack development engineer needs to master the technology stack How to become a junior full stack development engineer What is full stack development engineer? Full-stack development engineer: both front and rear end can be developed independently [the front-end] HTML(5)+ CSS(3) JAVASCRIPT(JQ,VUE,REACT) [the back-end] Java (JSP) Python Node PHP C#(.net->dot net) (ASP.NET) C … […]

  • Common shell scripts


    1. Disk monitoring sending script With the increase of data files, the disk may be full, so it is necessary to monitor the usage status of the disk in a folder. When the utilization rate reaches 70%, an alert will be issued and an email will be sent directly to the designated mailbox. The autosys […]

  • Read the coroutine code in Tornado again


    More than a year ago the to read this article, plus some jscoGive me the knowledge, have a deeper understanding. Front Knowledge yield and generator will be the front knowledge of this article. And you should also have some sense of epoll/kqueue and callback style. Let’s enjoy the source code of the implement of […]

  • Hadoop shallow study guide (HDFS, YARN, MapReduce)


    Big data Concept: big data 5 v characteristics: Volume: large amount Value: high Value, low Value density -sheldon: there’s a Variety. I have no Velocity Veracity: accuracy hadoop The main composition of GFS –> HDFSMapReduce –> MapReduceBigTable — > HBase The module Hadoop Common: The Common utilities that support The other Hadoop modules Hadoop Distributed […]