• Ubuntu crontab timing task


    Cron This command is installed and started by default Preparation: – Crontab’s service program under Ubuntu is cron, and the default log of cron service is not available. We must start it manually. – Command: sudo vim/etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf – Find the line cron. * and remove the comment, / var / log / cron. log – […]

  • Zhao Ying officially launched MoAir Object Recognition SDK Xiaobai Mobile Phone to complete machine learning


    From the 1960s, MIT Computer Professor organized the first Summer Project for undergraduate students, which went through the early 1950s to the 1990s, trying to use the method of creating three-dimensional models to do object recognition, and then through the 1990s, only considering the appearance-based techniques of the image itself, i.e. image extraction. Image description; […]

  • OkHttp Cache Usage Guide


    HTTP Cache In Http protocol, the control of caching is controlled by Cache-Control in the first part. By setting Cache-Control, different caching strategies can be realized. Cache-Control, like other header fields, uses the key: value structure, while value can have multiple values, separated by values (see HTTP for more details). Cache-Control is a common header […]

  • Using sigprocmask and sigpending to capture and process signals in the program body


    Recently trying to useepollWrite a similarlibeventThe library. So, how to add the observation of signal events in event loop like libevent?I checked the information. One possible way is to use it.sigprocmask()And related functions have been realized. But please note that this method is defective. Please look out to the officials.After further research, the individual does […]

  • IFLYOS | Helps developers to easily land personalized smart hardware


    IFLYOS is a cloud-based intelligent voice cloud operating system. The aim is to realize the barrier-free human-computer interaction, so that people and machines can communicate continuously, bidirectionally and naturally through natural voice interaction. The full-link OS combines voice wake-up, voiceprint recognition, speech recognition, semantic understanding, speech synthesis and other single-point capabilities. At this stage, it […]

  • Deployment of multiple virtual machines using automated scripts


    Preface When we need to configure a JDK environment for multiple virtual machines, we need to use this automated script. Some preparation Before starting to execute automation scripts, we need to ensure that virtual machines (mini1, mini2, mini3, mini4) can be networked and have access to the external network or our built internal mirrors. And […]

  • Detailed Explanation of Heat Dissipation Technology for Electronic Equipment


    With the vigorous development and application of 5G, AI, Internet of Things, smart city and big data and cloud computing technology, data center is the key resource for China to promote the development of the new generation of information technology industry. The development of the center will continue to grow strongly. CPU frequency is higher!Faster […]

  • Introduction and Use of httptest


    After the interface is written, it needs to be tested and provided in the golang standard library.httptestPackage to assist in testing. Because all interfaces need IP addresses or domain names to access.httptestService addresses are defined by default in packages const DefaultRemoteAddr = “” Important methods New Request NewRequestMethod is used to create an HTTP request […]

  • Adding Router Temperature to Homeassistant and Homekit via MQTT Protocol


    Preface Recently, I started a Feixin K3 router, but the chip of Botong is so hot that I want to know the temperature of the router at any time. So I implemented a set of programs to add the temperature of the router to Homeassistant and Homekit through MQTT. Get ready K3 router with root […]

  • Analysis of the Implementation Method of Nginx and Apache Coexistence under Linux Server


    This paper gives an example of how to realize the coexistence of Nginx and Apache on Linux server. Share for your reference, as follows: The same port cannot be monitored by two programs at the same time. So a new way of thinking is to solve the problem that some websites run under nginx and […]

  • Tornado Advancement – Start with Source Code (Reprint)


    Overview of tornado Preparations for epoll 3. Source code structure 4. tornado’s HTTP layer 5. tornado’s TCP layer 6. tornado’s ioloop analysis Tornado request 1 8. tornado request 2 Ps: Thank you, Jason_wang, for your blog address.

  • Distributed File Storage FastDFS


    I. Brief Introduction of Concepts FastDFSDeveloped by Yu Qing, senior architect of Taobao Development Platform Department, it is a lightweight, high-performance open source.distributed file systemDistributed File System, which is developed in pure C language, includes file storage, file synchronization, file access (upload, download), load balancing, online expansion, and storage of the same content only one […]