• ES6 “Generator” in depth


    ES6. Generator Generator in simple terms. My impression of generators is that the syntax is difficult to understand and there are no real scenarios. Why study? Maybe some advanced business will be needed in the future, and in case the interviewer asks, I need to be able to say something that makes me look good. […]

  • 141. Circular linked list


    The title Given a list, determine if there are rings in the list. To represent a ring in a given list, we use the integer pos to indicate where the end of the list is connected to the list (the index starts at 0). If pos is -1, there are no rings in the list. […]

  • Vue best practices


    Vue best practices Vue best practices are a set of specification recommendations that are based on the Vue official style guide and experience from past Vue actual project development. The purpose of this project is to make every Vue developer familiar with and master the project code as soon as possible, in order to help […]

  • [follow us to learn Golang] Go language full platform installation


    The first step in learning Go is, of course, to install the Go environment. After all, we can’t do anything without it.But before installing the environment let’s look at the environment variables that Go involves.Here are some of the more commonly used Go locale variables. GOROOT The default installation path of Go is ‘c:/ Go […]

  • Live software source development price gap as much as ten times


    When many entrepreneurs want to find an outsourcing service provider to do the development of APP and small programs, they often meet the same development needs. Some of them report 50,000 yuan, some 150,000 yuan, some 5,000 yuan, and some hundreds of thousands of yuan. I don’t know why.Many clients who ask us to do […]

  • Inheritance of Django templates


    Template inheritance The {%block <name>%} and {% endblock %} fields can be inheritedThe following is a dd. HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> <style> h1{ color: blue; } </style> </head> <body> {% block name %} 1 < / h1 > < h1 > template {% endblock %} {% block lemon %} Template […]

  • Design mode 8——– filter mode


    Filter mode The Filter Pattern or Criteria Pattern is a design Pattern that allows developers to Filter a set of objects using different Criteria and join them in a decoupled manner through logical operations. This type of design pattern is a structural pattern that combines multiple standards to produce a single standard. implementation We will […]

  • Exception monitoring -Sentry service deployment tutorial


    Background:Our iteration in the design of a complete system or business online, in addition to the need to focus on the business data, system operation state, often need to monitor system business exceptions, edge to avoid some of the scenes there is no judgment in development or testing in place, resulting in abnormal online business […]

  • Talk about handlerMapping and handlerAdapter design ideas in Spring MVC


    Start with the most important method doDispatch source in the Spring MVC core class DispatcherServlet protected void doDispatch(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception { HttpServletRequest processedRequest = request; HandlerExecutionChain mappedHandler = null; boolean multipartRequestParsed = false; WebAsyncManager asyncManager = WebAsyncUtils.getAsyncManager(request); try { ModelAndView mv = null; Exception dispatchException = null; try { processedRequest = checkMultipart(request); […]

  • How do you develop cross-framework components?


    Author: Daybrush Crazy geek Original:… Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden Cross Framework Component (CFC)Is an efficient structure based on a single generic module that supports a variety of frameworks. Cross-frame componentWith the help ofcross-platformMethods.cross-platformIs a structure that allows you to use a single source code on a variety of platforms (operating systems, devices), […]

  • Front screen synchronization debugging artifact browserSync


    Application scenarios When we need to debug the same page on PC, android phone, iphone, ipad, all-in-one machine and other different devices, each swipe and click operation should be performed on each device, so that repetitive work can be automatically realized by using brown-sync The preparation of the instruments 1.nodejs2. Install NPM (generally node is […]

  • 7.ORM and SQLAlchemy (3) – flask-migrate database migration


    In the previous article, we added two modelsQuestionsandCommentsAnd for theUsersincreasedavatar_pathThis field is then updated to the database with this code: with app.test_request_context(): db.drop_all() db.create_all() Because when useddb.create_all()After that, use it directly againdb.create_all(), the changes to the model will not be updated to the databasedb.drop_all()Delete all the tables in the database first, thendb.create_all()At a time. Sounds […]