• Basic configuration of MobLink background


    Android side configuration information App Links:It is automatically generated, and other contents can be configured manually. It should be noted that the closed-loop sharing of ShareSDK is common to the APPlinks configuration of MobLink. Please do not modify another configuration at will, which may cause the function to be unavailable; Fingerprint certificate (SHA256): Fill in […]

  • UIAlertController learning


    [toc] use Reference article UIAlertControllerStyleActionSheet style code example // UIAlertControllerStyleActionSheet style – (void)setupAlertController { Self. AlertController = [UIAlertController alertControllerWithTitle: @ “operation demo” message:nil preferredStyle:UIAlertControllerStyleActionSheet]; [self setupTransitionActionForAlertController:self.alertController]; [self setupCancelActionForAlertController:self.alertController]; } // default style action – (void)setupTransitionActionForAlertController:(UIAlertController *)alertController { UIAlertAction *action = [UIAlertAction actionWithTitle:@”Transition to the next page” style:UIAlertActionStyleDefault handler:^(UIAlertAction * _Nonnull action) { [self openNextVCWithNotNewNavVC]; }]; […]

  • How to get the authcode value on WeChat on the iOS side of ShareSDK


    From version 4.2.0, we have added an interface for getting codeIf the user just needs to get the code value, and then go to the server to get the user information for processing, if you don’t want to get the user information through our interface, you can call it like this, initialize it first /** […]

  • Four iPhone 14 prices are all exposed: this starting price is Apple’s conscience


    A series of previous revelations have shown that the price of the iPhone 14 series will be higher than that of the iPhone 13 series, but according to a recent report, the increase may be lower than expected. In fact, from new features to increased component costs, it can be predicted that the price of […]

  • KVO principle analysis


    introduce KVOfull nameKeyValueObserving, is a set of event notification mechanism provided by Apple. Allows an object to listen for changes to a specific property of another object and receive events when it changes. becauseKVOThe implementation mechanism of , so it will have an effect on the attribute, which is generally inherited fromNSObjectThe objects are supported […]

  • How to realize WeChat sharing link and login on iOS


    Download SDK 1.1 Log in to the official website1.2 Click here to download SDK1.3 Check the platform you need, such as WeChat platform, and then write the UI yourself, just check the following picture:After clicking Save Configuration, then clickdownloadJust Import SDK Drag the SDK obtained in step 1.3 directly into the project, as shown below:and […]

  • How to Share Screenshots with UI on iOS


    Download resource files 1.1 Need developers Click here to download the shared demo1.2 Required Click here to download SDK To import the SDK and related files, you need to import the downloaded SDK resource file and the 6 files required for UI screenshots, as shown below:Note: During the import process, you need to check the […]

  • About Github can’t open, can’t open, can’t access, can’t access solutions


    foreword Github is often exhausted. It is either slow to load or cannot be opened. This article shares a solution that can be solved without taking a ladder. Concrete operation Open terminal and enter sudo vi /etc/hosts Enter the local password At this point, the terminal opens the Host file and enters i enter edit […]

  • How to use dSYM to symbolize crash logs. Analyze online crash


    How to use dSYM to symbolize crash logs. Analyze online crash 1 Get the unparsed crash log. 2 Get the dSYM file 3 Symbolize using xcode’s symbolicatecrash tool 3.1 Find symbolicatecrash 3.2 Put crash, dSYM, symbolicatecrash in the same folder 3.3 Execute the command to generate a symbolic file 4 Frequently Asked Questions 4.1 Error: […]

  • [iOS Reverse] Jailbreak Detection of an Unknown App


    1. GoalsThis text is an introductory article, so don’t expect too much. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to start from the UI to locate what you want.2. Operating environmentmac systemfrida-ios-dump: smash the shellJailbroken iOS device: unpacking and frida debuggingIDA Pro: Static Analysis3. ProcessFind an entry pointAfter launching the app, the […]

  • The construction process and prospect of ICBC real-time big data platform


    This article is compiled from the sharing of Yuan Yi, head of the big data platform of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, at Flink Forward Asia 2021. The main contents include: The construction process of ICBC’s real-time big data platform ICBC’s real-time big data platform construction ideas Outlook FFA 2021 Live Replay & Speech […]

  • Live broadcast case analysis: the impact of mobile phone frequency reduction on the live broadcast sound experience


    background In a guest live broadcast re-insurance project, there were sound stuttering and popping problems in the live broadcast. After investigation, a conclusion was reached: the mobile phone was in a charging state during the live broadcast, and the mobile phone became hot, which led to frequency reduction. If there is a problem, it belongs […]