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  • JavaScript — memory management and garbage collection


    catalogue JavaScript memory management Why does memory need to be managed? Memory management concepts Memory management in JavaScript JavaScript memory life cycle JavaScript garbage collection JavaScript garbage collection concept Reference and accessibility examples of JavaScript What are reachable objects? What are garbage collection objects? Understand garbage collection mechanism – GC GC algorithm commonly used by […]

  • Online HTML to JS / JSON tool


    Online HTML to JS / JSON tool Online HTML to JS / JSON tool This tool supports the HTML to JS / JSON tool, and converts HTML strings into JS variable form or JSON array form, which is generally used for JS string splicing.

  • Use of version management tool git (III) – git branch


    Almost all version control systems support branching in some form. Using branches means that you can separate your work from the development main line so as not to affect the development main line. In many version control systems, this is a slightly inefficient process — often a complete copy of the source directory needs to […]

  • 7.4 deploy WordPress through service in swarm cluster


    Create an overlay driven network docker network create -d overlay wordpress [[email protected] ~]$ docker network ls NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE q3rp3i79eud7 wordpress overlay swarm Create MySQL container docker service create –name mysql –env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root –env MYSQL_DATABASE=wordpress –network wordpress –mount type=volume,source=mysql-data,destination=/var/lib/mysql mysql Create WordPress docker service create –name wordpress -p 80:80 –env WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD=root –env WORDPRESS_DB_HOST=mysql […]

  • Charles’ strongest skills


    brief introduction Charles is a commonly used network packet interception tool on the PC side. When doing mobile development, we often need to intercept network packets for analysis in order to debug the network communication protocol with the server side. In addition to debugging ports in mobile development, Charles can also be used to analyze […]

  • Git clone accelerated mirroring tool wogit


    Git clone accelerated mirroring tool wogit Wogit is a git clone image acceleration command line tool to solve the problem of slow clone in GitHub warehouse. Through encapsulation and transparent transmission, wogit is consistent with git in terms of use except for several new parameters of image options. It can not only be used for […]

  • Re learn JavaScript scope and closure


    1、 Understand the scope, scope chain and internal principles of JavaScript 1.1 scope JavaScript has a set of well-designed rules to store variables, and these variables can be easily found later. This set of rules is calledScope。 The scope is the code execution environment, the global execution environment is the global scope, and the function […]

  • Online HTML entity to string tool


    Online HTML entity to string tool Online HTML entity to string tool This tool supports converting HTML entities into strings or strings into HTML character entities to realize HTML string escape.

  • 7.5 routing mesh for communication between cluster services


    Create overlay network docker network create -d overlay swarm-overlay Create whoamI container Jwilder / whoamI image supports obtaining the host’s hostname through HTTP request docker service create –name whoami -p 8000:8000 –network swarm-overlay -d jwilder/whoami Create busybox container docker service create –name busybox –network swarm-overlay -d busybox /bin/sh -c “while true;do sleep 3600;done” View services […]

  • A security warning repair & Analysis of GitHub project dependency


    I write this article because I think I can supplement the marginal knowledge in the process of solving problems & the method of learning open source projects. Let’s take a look at your GitHub project. If there is a safety warning, you can refer to the idea of this article to practice together~ summary Repair […]

  • IntelliJ idea common shortcut keys


    One of the reasons why idea is difficult for novices may be that there are many and complex shortcut key combinations, but it is also very complete. Basically all functions can be completed through shortcut keys. It can be said that if you master the use of all shortcut keys of idea, you can completely […]

  • Front end memory monitoring – using performance tools


    catalogue Why should memory management be monitored?? Performance tool usage process Memory problem Phenomenon and essence of memory problems Criteria for defining memory problems Several ways to monitor memory Browser Task Manager Timeline sequence diagram record Heap snapshot lookup separates DOM (memory leak can be observed) How many states does DOM exist? example How to […]