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  • About Chrome Lighthouse, a page auditing tool


    Chrome Lighthouse has been around for a while, but if I asked you to explain what it does, would you? I find that many Web developers, including beginners, have never heard of this tool, and those who have not tried it, are not cool at all. In this article, I’ll show you what Chrome Lighthouse […]

  • Simply slide a Markdown editor using Electron


    Markdown is an essential skill for every developer. In the process of writing Markdown, we always look for various editors, but each editor can only meet the needs of a certain aspect, but cannot meet the needs of daily writing. So I started to try it myself and use Electron to turn around a Markdown […]

  • SVN Update Error Please execute the ‘Cleanup’ command solution


    Problem – SVN Update Error: Please execute the ‘Cleanup’ command A detailed description When updating a file with SVN, you will encounter a failure (perhaps due to a forced interrupt during the last pull, etc.), prompt to cleanup, but when you cleanup, you will prompt that the folder is locked, and then you will release […]

  • Vue for the back end


    Installation environment There are many pictures in the article, which occupy a certain space. Have write the background of the brothers said, how to write vue, how to create a vue project, and then I thought about it, think to write a background students vue tutorial is also necessary, the article barely talked about CSS […]

  • For SpringMVC learning


    Learning web framework based on Spring combat One, the introduction Generally, before starting to learn a knowledge point, a small test project is built to help understand the problem. Therefore, I have built a basic simulation login platform, and input the password to jump to the page. Upload code on the yards cloud… . […]

  • Vscode is enough


    preface This document is used to record the use of vscode tips, continuously updated github:… More front-end resources are available at… shortcuts Search text Search for current file Windows: Ctrl + F Mac: Command + F Search all files Windows: Ctrl + Shift + F Mac: Command + Shift + F Open the […]

  • How to remotely debug nodejs applications running on the server with Visual Studio Code


    Suppose I have a nodejs application running on AWS – amazon Web Service. I want to use the local Visual Studio Code to debug the nodejs application on the server side remotely. The debug configuration for Visual Studio Code defines two types, attach and launch. The official documentation of Visual Studio Code explains these two […]

  • TypeScript and vuejs build webpack for the first time


    Decided to change TypeScript developmentGood TypeScript, vuejs, practice a combination of online search:… There just happened to be. We started with TypeScript. Below, I will write down all the procedures. If you have any questions, please leave a message and I will elaborate. Or add group discussion: click here directly add group, or: 478694438 […]

  • Weex step 3 – integration of font-awesome in weex


    In order to complete the development of an APP, icon is indispensable, which is slow to load and complicated to program. Can consider to use the fonts icon library, ali has a set of symbol library… , we can draw lessons from, but I prefer to use the font – awesome website ( So, […]

  • WebSocket series of binary data design and transmission


    An overview of the Through the first three blogs, we can understand how the data we need to pass before sending data through WebSocket becomes ArrayBuffer binary data. After we received the binary data, how we turned it into a common data type in JavaScript.This article, the fourth in the WebSocket series, will use a […]

  • Docker deployment Laravel application – basic application


    Versions. This article USES the basic mirror of PHP:php:7.3-apache Laravel version of this article is as follows:laravel:5.8.* 1. Prepare our Laravel application # run the mix command to package js, CSS, img files, and omit this step if you don’t use mix npm install npm run production Install the dependencies in composer. Lock composer install […]

  • Idea sets up the docker remote plug-in


    Introduction to the Docker operates containers through commands, and the use of idea plug-in can reduce repeated command input. Using the step Install plug-ins in Idea Open theIdea,Preferences | Plugins Enter the plug-in installation interface, enter docker in the search box to see docker integration, click the Install button on the right to Install, and […]