• A tutorial on drawing particle motion with canvas formula in HTML5


    Recently, I want to make a web page and put some demos I made in the process of learning HTML5 into a collection. However, if I just make a web page and arrange all demos one by one, I think it’s too ugly. Just think, since you have learned canvas, let’s toss the browser and […]

  • Using HTML5 to achieve the application effect of eraser tutorial


    This effect is just used in the recent project, which is a bit like a scratch card. On the mobile device, scrape off one picture and display another picture. The renderings are as follows: Demo please stamp right:DEMO  This is too laggy on the Internet. Originally, I wanted to find a demo online to find […]

  • Tutorial on making digital clock with HTML5


    This is the digital clock. I thought it was a good idea at that time, but I didn’t bother. Until yesterday, my colleague saw this case on the Internet. He thought it was cool, so he ran over to me and asked me how to realize it. Then I thought about the implementation method and […]

  • Use HTML5 canvas to make a simple airplane game


    Before, I saw a game of playing airplanes in dannette’s demo, and then I picked up his pictures and audio…. I wrote a new one with the mood of playing. For entertainment only…… I didn’t use the framework. All JS were written by myself…… So you can be a simple tutorial. It may be helpful […]

  • On using cache to optimize the performance of HTML5 canvas program


    When you play more canvas, you will automatically start to consider performance issues. How to optimize the canvas animation? [use cache] Using cache means pre rendering with off screen canvas. The principle is very simple, that is, draw it into an off screen canvas first, and then draw the off screen canvas into the main […]

  • Tutorial on making fireworks effect with HTML5


    It’s new year’s day. All I think about is setting off fireworks…. So canvas wrote what is too laggy, and the clicks will also produce fireworks. But don’t create too much pyrotechnics. A fireworks particle is 30 to 200. When the number of particles on the page reaches a certain level, the page will be […]

  • Making a simple billiard game tutorial with HTML5


    In other words, this is just a simple demo. I don’t think much about gameplay and game rules. If you are interested in refining, you can refine the rules, game switches, add a sound, refine the goal detection, be more rigorous, and even check the hitting strength and the real friction force on the desktop […]

  • Make a simple elastic ball game with HTML5


    I’ve studied canvas for more than a week. I think canvas is really fun. People who study canvas probably have the same idea as me. They learn canvas with the attitude of writing games. So kinematics, collision detection and some simple algorithms are the foundation of god horse. I’ve never played games before. I’m really […]

  • A tutorial on making video puzzles with HTML5


    A few days ago, my colleague showed me a special effect, which is a jigsaw puzzle. The difference is that the jigsaw puzzle is animation. He asked me to make a demo, so he made it for a while. It’s really not difficult. It’s easy to do with canvas. So this blog is not suitable […]

  • Introduce you to websocket in HTML5


    Understand the websocket of HTML5 In the HTML5 specification, my favorite web technology is the websocket API, which is rapidly becoming popular. Websocket provides a popular technology to replace the Ajax technology we have been using for the past few years. This new API provides a way to effectively push messages from the client to […]

  • For example, explain in detail how to submit forms in JSON format in HTML5


    Submitting form data in JSON coding format is another great contribution of HTML5 to the development and evolution of web. In the past, our HTML form data was transmitted on the server through key value. This form of transmission lacks management of data organization, and the form is very primitive. The new method of submitting […]

  • Introduction to an API for displaying battery status in HTML5


    The share of mobile devices in the network traffic is growing greatly, and its contribution to the network traffic is so huge that we have created some APIs and design concepts for mobile devices. A very typical example is the W3C battery status API, which allows an application to know the battery status information of […]