• Eslint forbidden in vue-cli3 project


    If a Vue project is created from scratch with the scaffold vue-cli3, then don’t choose eslint when creating it. It’s really not easy to use. It’s to make the novice code more standardized. In fact, it’s to make your code have dozens of irrelevant errors all at once, and then you need to slowly modify […]

  • How to use VW + REM for mobile terminal layout


    Are you still using REM elastic layout? Is it hard for you to put a large section of compressed JS code in the head of the HTML file? To understand the next VW it, can make your code more pure Brief introduction of REM layout scheme Rem is the length unit in CSS, 1rem = […]

  • Jerry technology weekly Vol.24 — technology weekly?


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.24 The best way to understand a wheel is to imitate it. Many frameworks have emerged, such as AI tools for JS developersDanfo.js; referenceqiankunMicro front end framework based on FPGAmicrocosmosAnother examplerecoil-cloneThis library, only a hundred lines of coderecoil. Blue is better than blue, which is the continuous power source to […]

  • How to match CSS to multiple classes


    CSS matches to multiple classes The following HTML tags Li and class have the open style. My requirement is to change the background color to white only when open and active exist at the same time <li id=”menu_ 268098 “title =” account information query “class =” open “>” <li id=”menu_ 270008″ class=”nav_ SEC “title =” […]

  • The solution of embedding flash file in HTML webpage code


    About my SWFObject v1.5 use process, toPart oneNow that the introduction in is over, I will lead SWFObject v2.1 to meet you. If I had known v2.1 earlier, I might not have been disturbed by the problem of “waiting for HTML DOM to load”. First of all, let’s briefly introduce the call example of v2.1 […]

  • Built in objects Math.random () three examples of random number method


    1. Get a random number between two numbers function getRandom(min,max){ return Math.random () * (max min) + min; / / returns a floating-point random value that is not an integer and less than between two arguments. } getRandom(3,10);   2. Get a random integer between two numbers function getRandom(min,max){ return Math.floor ( Math.random () * […]

  • Using CSS and Java to build instance code for managing dashboard layout


    What you’re going to create In this new tutorial, we will use CSS and JavaScript to create a responsive Management Dashboard layout. To build it, we’ll take some ideas from the WordPress dashboard, such as its collapsible sidebar menu. Throughout the tutorial, we will face many challenges, but these challenges will provide us with good […]

  • Webpage WB.ExecWB Control printing method call description and parameter introduction


    Webpage WB.ExecWB Control printing method Copy code The code is as follows: <table width=”100%” cellpadding=”1″ onmouseover=””;” > <tr> <td width=”100%” height=”25″ colspan=”3″><script language=”javascript”> function printsetup(){ //Print page setupwb.execwb(8,1); } function printpreview(){ //Print page previewwb.execwb(7,1); } function printit() { Are you sure you want to print? ‘)){wb.execwb(6,6) } } </script> <OBJECT classid=”CLSID:8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2″ height=0 id=wb name=wb width=3></OBJECT> […]

  • JS function


    1. Ordinary function Grammar: Function function name (){ Statement block } 2. Functions with parameters Grammar: Function function name (parameter list){ Statement block } 3. Function with return value Grammar: Function function name (parameter list){ Statement block; Return value; } Allow a variable to accept the return value after calling the function Var variable name […]

  • Three ways of HTML + CSS layout (Natural layout / flow layout / location layout)


    1. Natural layout The layout without any decoration is automatically left.2. Flow layout What’s mentioned above float:left What’s going on.3. Positioning layout Both relative positioning and absolute positioning are relative to the parent div tag.Relative — take the position of this element as the reference pointAbsolute — take the origin (upper left corner) of the […]

  • Using clip path attribute of CSS to display irregular graphics


    clip-path CSS properties use clipping to create the displayable area of an element. The part inside the area is displayed, and the part outside the area is hidden. example div { width: 200px; height: 200px; background: #6c00af; -webkit-clip-path: polygon( 28% 6%, 71% 15%, 100% 75%, 18% 39%, 63% 27%, 16% 22%, 65% 19% ); clip-path: […]

  • Write flip array with native JS


    Method 1 (user defined function) /*Steps: 1. Declare named function (formal parameter array) 2. Variable storage = new array 3. For sets the body of the loop 4. Counter down traversal 5. Return return value 6. Variable storage = call function (argument) 7. Console print variable output*/ function reverse(printArr) { var newArr = []; for […]