• HTML table table table data to JSON format example code


    The JavaScript function for converting table data to JSON format is as follows Copy code The code is as follows: <script> var keysArr = new Array(“key0”, “key1″,”key2”); Function tabletojson (tableid) {/ / tableid is the table name of the table you want to convert. It is a string, such as “example”var rows = document.getElementById (tableid). […]

  • CSS implementation of div Concave Angle Style example code


    In normal development, we usually use the rounded corners to be convex, that is, the border radius attribute. If there is a concave angle, there are two ways to realize it. One is to use the background image directly, the other is to use CSS. The attributes used are background or background image combined with […]

  • Unveiling webpack plugin


    preface Plugins are a key part of the webpack ecosystem. It provides a powerful way for the community to extend and develop the compilation process of webpack. This article will try to explore the webpack plugin, how it works, and how to develop a plugin. 1、 The role of plugin For the role of plugin, […]

  • JS Baidu map road book — dynamic route


    JS Baidu map road book — dynamic route CanvasLayer body, html,#container {width: 100%;height: 100%;overflow: hidden; margin:0;font-family “Microsoft YaHei”;} //Baidu map API function var SMSS={MAP:{}}; var map = new BMap.Map(“container”); var point = new BMap.Point(113.290512, 23.161744); map.centerAndZoom(point, 15); map.enableScrollWheelZoom(); map.enableKeyboard(); map.enableDragging(); map.setMapStyleV2({styleJson: eval(“mapStyleBrown”)}); // var bmap = document.getElementById(‘map’); // var map = new BMap.Map(“map”); map.enableScrollWheelZoom (true); […]

  • Invalid solution when defining multiple class attributes in HTML


    In the process of writing HTML, we often define multiple values for the class attribute, but we often find that the values defined by ourselves are invalid!!! In the past, I directly rewritten this situation, or directly set the CSS property with ID. today, it seems that there is something wrong… I have to find […]

  • Example of asynchronous upload file in HTML


    Copy code The code is as follows: <form action=”/hehe” method=”post”> <input type=”text” value=”hehe”/> <input type=”submit” value=”upload”/> </form> Copy code The code is as follows: This is the most common and simplest form submission method in HTML, but this method must switch pages. Maybe sometimes we want to interact with the server on the same page, […]

  • A variety of transformations of font setting in common style font of CSS (detailed explanation of examples)


    CSS font attributes define the font series, size, bold, style (such as italics) and deformation (such as small capital letters) font family controls the font. Because the fonts installed in various computer systems are different, but there are basically three types of fonts: bold, song and Microsoft YaHei, the font family is usually written as […]

  • Brief introduction to react


    Introduction to reactjs React originated from an internal project of Facebook. Because the company was not satisfied with all the JavaScript MVC frameworks on the market, it decided to write its own set to set up instagram’s website. After making it, I found that it was very easy to use,It was opened in May 2013。 […]

  • Implementation of div not wrapping automatically and forcing not wrapping in HTML


    1. Using < nobr > tag to realize non newline Copy code The code is as follows: <div>Hello world!<nobr> Hello world!<nobr></div> 2. Label with nowrap element Copy code The code is as follows: <div nowrap>Hello world! Hello world! Hello world! Hello world!</div> 3 no line breaks are mandatory Copy code The code is as follows: […]

  • CSS3’s solution to the problem of Z-index not working


    Recently, when I wrote CSS3 and JS, I encountered many times that Z-index did not work 1. When using Z-index, the element is not positioned (except static positioning) 2. In the case of positioning, the Z-index of the element does not take effect because the sub element of the element comes from behind and covers […]

  • Vue project commonly used method encapsulation, continuous update…


    It can be used directly in Vue project 1. Common tools untils.js in /* *Whether the qualified mobile phone number is verified *True means qualified */ export function isPhone(phoneStr){ let myreg = /^[1][3,4,5,7,8,9][0-9]{9}$/; if (!myreg.test(phoneStr)) { return false; } else { return true; } } /* *Verify whether the ID card number is qualified *True […]

  • HTML link anchor tag and its role in SEO


    <a>Tags are mainly used to define links and bookmarks, also known as hyperlinks or anchor links. The most common uses are as follows: Set up the hyperlink’s attribute and jump to the link in the middle. <a href=””></a> Create a bookmark, use the name or ID attribute, add “ා” at the end of the hyperlink […]