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  • Using docker to build gitlab server


    Simply record the use of docker and the construction of gitlab Docker Foundation No sudo permission Install docker Basic command Docker installs MySQL and configuration Dockerfile common commands Making mirrors Publishing mirroring Container network Docker Compose Swarm mode cluster Officially set up gitlab System environment Install gitlab Configure the gitlab.rb file CPU full solution Docker […]

  • Test postures for functional development


    Test first! The so-called test first is to prepare the test first so as toIt can be tested as soon as the function is done。 Put forward the priority of testing, which also shows the importance of testing. This is the conclusion drawn from the experience of countless engineers. If we don’t test, or can’t […]

  • Coding tells you how to build a scrum team


    Original address: min Jie, coding There are three roles in scrum: Po (product owner), Scrum master and development team. While this may seem clear, it can be confusing how to deal with existing positions. Many teams ask if there is a need to change the job name when adopting scrum? The simplest answer is […]

  • Agile development model


    Catalog Agile Unified Process Process of AUP Methology of AUM domain model use case model actor use case abstract use case high level use case ASIM – expanded use case OIM scenario table sequence diagram DCD Agile Unified Process Process of AUP 1) Identifying requirements 2) Deriving use cases to satisfy the requirements 3) Allocating […]

  • Git practical skills: git stash


    We often encounter the following situations: BeingdevThe branch develops new functions, and when it’s half done, someone comes to give feedbackbug, let it be solved immediately, but when the new function is half finished, you don’t want to submit it, then you can use itgit stashThe command saves the current progress first. Then switch to […]

  • Ci practice of gitlab + Jenkins


    0x00 incident In order to update the application more efficiently, the practice of Ci is adopted. 0x01 process record 1. Jenkins settingsInstall plug-ins Gitlab Hook Plugin Build Authorization Token Root PluginConfigure Jenkins project Hook upBuild when a change is pushed to GitLab. GitLab webhook URL:, the later ULR will be used in gitlab; then click […]

  • [continuous integration] gitlab CI + docker for continuous integration


    Gitlab CI + docker for continuous integration I. Basic concepts of continuous integration (CI) Summary In the development of traditional software, the integration of code is usually done when everyone completes the work and the project is about to end, which often takes a lot of time and energy. Continuous integration is an approach that […]

  • VIM master, never use a mouse


    VIM steps out of the mouse In normal times, VIM is indispensable, but it can’t be avoided. In fact, it’s completely possible to omit the mouse. It’s not as difficult as you think. Look at my short lines and take you to omit the mouse. By the way, VIM has three modes. The basic mode […]

  • How to be an excellent agile team leader


    Original address: Prince min Jie, coding Google has done a series of investigation and research before, and summarized 9 behavior characteristics to help agile team leaders better promote team development. When many people are promoted to the role of team leader, they usually have a confused period of role transformation. During this period, you […]

  • Kanban’s past life and present life


    Original address: author: Dan radarCoding David Opps Kanban is a popular framework for agile software development. It requires real-time communication ability and full transparency of work. Work items are visualized on the Kanban and team members are allowed to view the status of each work at any time. Kanban is a very important function […]

  • Coding agile Kanban is newly launched to help the visual upgrade of R & D management


    In the process of serving the R & D team of the enterprise, we found that many teams encountered similar problems: Team members claim to have completed most of their tasks, but there are few requirements for actual delivery by the team? How to identify and deal with these delays when the process has been […]

  • My opinion on the core idea of micro service and agile development (scrum / Kanban)


    My opinion on the core idea of micro service and agile development (scrum / Kanban) There are many articles about “micro service” and “agile development” on the Internet, so the explanation and characteristics of these concepts will not be repeated here, but the understanding and application of their core ideas in personal practical work will […]