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  • Certified scrum master (CSM)


    Certified scrum master (CSM) A. Before certification Before learning certified scrum master (CSM), you need to understand: What is CSM What is the difference between CSM certification and other agile certification common problem CSM training syllabus 1. What is CSM What is certified scrum master (CSM) 2. Scrum international agile certification Comparison of agile certification […]

  • Blog move – the fourth move


    It’s on the front. Relocation records Record the moving process of my blog. My blog has experienced before: wordpress github page Bitcron – mechanism is very good (the finished blog is automatically saved to Dropbox and published, but the search engine’s collection is not very good.) The relocation will be initially completed on April 10, […]

  • Solve the problem that apt get doesn’t work in docker


    Today, use the Ubuntu image in docker to build the container and run itapt-get install vimInstall a vim and test the following results: Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package vim I checkedetc/apt/Source. List, all normal together! I found the answer onlineuseapt-get updateTo synchronize/etc/apt/sources.listand/etc/apt/sources.list.dThe index of […]

  • How to build an excellent remote agile team (9 steps)


    How are things going?Terrible. My team was worried, we felt isolated, and it was difficult for me to bring us back together.It sounds challenging.It is. It’s true. I just don’t know what I know about the cooperation between other teams.Well, how does the rest of the team feel?I think we all feel the same, depressed […]

  • Hook operation of GIT


    1、 Git hook Like other version control systems, GIT can trigger custom scripts when certain important actions occur. There are two sets of hooks: client hooks and server hooks. Client side hooks are called by operations such as submit and merge, while server-side hooks act on networking operations such as receiving pushed commits. Hooks are […]

  • Certified scrum master CSM


    Program Overview This course is taught by Jiang Xinbao, Bob Jiang, the only one in China who has been certified by CST and double certified by less friendly scrum trainer, who has rich experience in front-line combat. Agile change center is China’s first consulting firm focusing on organizational agility and leadership We see the development […]

  • The most complete agile certification comparison (CSM / pmi-acp / Exin)


    Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about agile certification comparison. Later, some bloggers asked if there was an update. Today, I took the time to sort out the latest situation. This article tries to describe each agile certification (and organization) objectively as far as possible. If there is something wrong, please leave a message. […]

  • Coding agile practical combat series lesson 1: clean up the source — why agile


    With the continuous development and evolution of digital wave and software technology, agile product development and new value delivery and team co creation methods emerge as the times require under the background of changing and unknown times. Coding invites Founder & CEO of uperformLi GuobiaoThe teacher brought it to you——Agile series of practical combat course […]

  • Agile and OKR practice (how to make OKR and agile plan coexist)


    Rigid detailed long-term planning (tracking progress against expended budgets) is rapidly becoming a faded nostalgic memory of the past in agile organizations, replaced by forecasts and non static roadmaps. By meeting regularly in front of these visualizations, you will be able to learn, share, and trigger important conversations, resolve dependencies, and invite the behavior of […]

  • Six necessary skills for freelancers


    How to define freelance Freelance = free + professional Freelance is a compound word, many people will first look at the importance of freedom, here I want to emphasize the occupation.Career is your product (as an individual), which is the basis of your survival. For example, if someone is a programmer, your product (output) is […]

  • Installation of gitlab runner


    Address: Simply download one of the binaries for your system: Download installation package Linux x86-64 sudo curl -L –output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner Linux x86 sudo curl -L –output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner Linux arm sudo curl -L –output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner Linux arm64 sudo curl -L –output /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner You can download a binary for every available version […]

  • Google OKR Guide


    This is a mini brochure about OKR called Google OKR playbook Website publishing. The site is run by the John Doerr team, who introduced OKR to Google in 1999. This article is only for your reference, although the article is longer, but it is worth reading, welcome to collect. At the end of the […]