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  • Installing kubesphere


    1. What is kubesphere 1.1 official interpretation Kubesphere is a distributed operating system, which provides cloud native stack with kubernetes as the core. It aims to become a plug and play architecture for third-party applications to promote the development of its ecosystem. Kubesphere is also a multi tenant enterprise level container platform with full stack […]

  • Devops vs. agile: what do they have in common?


    Devops and agile are quite different, but they still have a lot in common, which is revealed in this article. There is a clear relationship between Devops and agile. Agile is methodology, Scrum is framework, and Devops falls under agile’s umbrella along with Kanban. Lean, large scale scrum, extreme programming, crystal, etc. For example, our […]

  • Python language development “simple web crawler implementation”


    1、 [basic terminology]Web crawler, also called spider, is a kind of Web robot used to browse the World Wide Web automatically. Its purpose is to compile network index. Web crawler (also known as web spider, web robot, in the FOAF community, more often known as web chaser), is a program or script that automatically grabs […]



    Xjr agile development framework is a set of agile development framework that integrates code generator + general permission management + workflow + instant messaging + Report Tool + Mobile App applet development. Drag and drop visual operation configuration, reduce development difficulty and shorten development cycle, improve work efficiency by more than 80%, provide source code, […]

  • An article to learn about Baidu brain cloud fox voice (with code)


    1、 About cloud Fox Cloud fox speech recognition software is based on Baidu AI Cloud, a software developed by the incoming fox. Note that since the core class code was written in 2017, the C ා SDK package used is not up-to-date. At present, the platform supported by cloud fox is Windows system platform, which […]

  • Jenkins container cannot execute docker command


    Let’s look at the problem first, Enter the Jenkins container and execute the docker command. It cannot be executed. An error is reported as follows   background Recently, I want to use gitlab + Jenkins to realize continuous deployment: trigger Jerkins to execute job through hook: build package and deploy, but there is an error […]

  • R & D energy efficiency improvement


    R & D issues What is good R & D Efficiency Data in R & D process Mining data value Objective matrix Accurate test to ensure quality About measurement Today, I come here first. I hope it can be used as a reference for cloud native, technology leadership, enterprise management, system architecture design and evaluation, […]

  • Ctrip best agile Practice Award


      Congratulations to the winning team and individuals, and we look forward to your continuous efforts to carry out agile practice to the end, and create greater value for Ctrip!     About this awardIn order to commend the outstanding achievements of Ctrip agile team, encourage them to pursue technical excellence and create greater value […]

  • Kubernetes Clusters


      1. Create a cluster Kubernetes cluster Kubernetes coordinates a highly available cluster of computers to work together as a single unit.With this abstraction, you can deploy containerized applications to a cluster in kubernetes without having to specifically bind them to a separate machine. To take advantage of this new deployment model, applications need to […]

  • Kubernetes pulls image from private image warehouse


    When we try to pull the image from the private warehouse, we may receive the following prompt: requested access to the resource is denied Error response from daemon: pull access denied for xxx repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied: requested access to the resource is denied This is because credentials are […]

  • Baidu brain easyedge end model generation deployment strategy


    Easyedge is an end computing model generation platform developed by Baidu based on paddy mobile, which can help deep learning developers quickly deploy their own models to the device end. Just upload the model, and the fastest 2 minutes can generate the end computing model and obtain the SDK. This paper introduces the calculation model […]

  • ACP knowledge summary


    As ACP is a systematic knowledge of agile development, the following is only a summary of my own learning knowledge. If you need complete examination and learning materials, you can use them in the comment area or in private chat.   Agile estimation and planning.png   ACP knowledge point brocade.png   Summary of agile project […]