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  • Top ten project management (VI) human resource management


    Project human resource management mainly includes four sub processes: planning human resource management, establishing project team, building project team and managing project team: 1、 Planning Human Resource Management It is mainly to identify and record project roles, responsibilities, required skills and reporting relationships, and prepare staffing management plans. The main function of this process isEstablish […]

  • Code management tool – git basic introduction and common skills


    catalogue Git origin Basic concepts Branch, head and commit tree Git branch The difference and choice between git merge and git rebase Interaction with remote warehouse Problems and solutions of some actual development scenarios preface:This paper mainly introduces the principle, use and some skills of GIT. The purpose is to make readers understand git not […]

  • Top ten project management (IV) cost management


    Cost management isTry to control the actual cost of the project within the budget and ensure that the project is completed within the budget。 There are four main sub processes:Planning cost management、Estimated cost、Budget makingandControl cost。 The main types of costs are: The following describes these sub processes in detail: 1、 Planning cost management Planning the […]

  • Top ten project management (III) progress management


    Project schedule management refers to the management of the progress degree of each stage and the deadline for the final completion of the project in the process of project implementation. Its purpose is to ensure that the project can achieve the overall goal of the project on the premise of meeting its time constraints. that […]

  • Requirements analysis – pieces framework


    Pies framework is a model for system requirements analysis of it projects. The pieces framework can completely, accurately and quickly determine the requirements of the information system and identify the problems, opportunities and improvement objectives in the business. A checklist for identifying problems with an existing information system. Performance Throughput Response Time Information (and Data) […]

  • Basic knowledge of software engineering [First Edition]


    Basic concepts of software engineering Objectives and common models of software engineering The goal of software engineering is to improve the quality and productivity of software and finally realize the industrialized production of software Main links of software engineering Linear model of software engineering Linear model is also known as waterfall model, but it is […]

  • On code specification


       Code specification is easy to get a pile of Baidu on the Internet. In addition to the problem of copying articles all over the world, most of them only give the results. The reasons are not fully explained, or they are very tangled in uppercase and lowercase. A function can write a few lines […]

  • Git brief introduction and introduction


    Git Git:Distributed version control system, in addition to SVN (centralized version control system) Download address (alicloud image):CNPM Binaries Mirror ( Git Bash :Linux command line style (recommended) Git CMD:Window command line style Git UID :Graphical interface Tips: The following is a demonstration under the Linux style command line,In the Linux command line, the # sign […]

  • Design and implementation of c# project version number self defined position automatically increasing gadget


    I haven’t updated it for a long time since I graduated from school. I have a whim today. Come and update it, hee hee! Generally, when doing version upgrade, you should lock the version number for comparison, and then retrieve the available upgrade package information online. When using vs for component version management of c# […]

  • CI / CD tool selection: Jenkins or gitlab CI / CD?


    Over the past decade, great progress has been made in the fields of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). The rise of Devops testing has led to a rapid demand for CI / CD tools. Existing solutions are always improved over time, and a large number of new products or versions are entering the […]

  • Project failure reason


    Project failure reason Priority project managers always sum up experience from past projects. Today, let’s review:      Lack of commitment from senior management to the projectSometimes commitments change as the project progressesLack of organizational commitment to system development methodologyMany system development methodologies simply collect some “garbage”Take shortcuts to bypass system development methodology1) the project exceeds […]

  • Git calls the diff function of idea on the command line


    Under git diff command line, some people are happy and others are disgusted. Taking idea diff as an example, this paper introduces how to replace git’s diff tool IDEA diff As a graphical tool, IDEA also provides a few part of the command line interface, adding the bin directory in the IDEA installation directory to […]