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  • K8s deploying redis cluster


    Kubernetes deploys single node redis: Redis introduction Redis stands for promote dictionary server, which is an open source in memory data storage, usually used as database, cache or message broker. It can store and manipulate advanced data types, such as lists, maps, collections and sorted collections. Because redis accepts a variety of key formats, it […]

  • Istio: implementing AB testing and path cutting in VS


    The content of this article The main purpose is to summarize the relevant rules of match in VS and how to realize path cutting in istio (current version 1.8.2) Experiment demo main.go package main import ( “” “net/http” ) func main() { //1. Create route r := gin.Default() //2. Binding routing rules and executing functions […]

  • Some problems related to kiali’s service degradation and concealment


    Record two questions 1. Service inkialiOfApplicationsandWorkloadsShow as degraded2. After the service has been deletedkialiOfGraphThe display still exists preface After istio is deployed to the pre sent cluster, goproject is usedThe test shows that the service is degraded (yellow) andIn the process of repeated testing, the old service has been deleted and still displayed on the […]

  • Does the team still need scrum master? -After the team matures (transfer)


    This article is reproduced from the official account of WeChat, “the North Ming tangerine”. The author: Guan Tingting. When can we get rid of this As team members become more familiar with the scrum process, the work of Scrum master gradually decreases. Many people have a question: do mature scrum teams still need a scrum […]

  • Detailed introduction to eight responsibilities of Scrum master


    Eight responsibilities of Scrum master according toScrum Guide ,Scrum MasterResponsible for ensuring team understands and practices scrum. Scrum master does this by making scrum teams follow scrum’s theories, practices, and rules. Scrum master is the service-oriented leader of Scrum team. Scrum master helps those who are outside the scrum team to know their interactions with […]

  • Team and leadership health check | physical examination form


    In this blog post, I want to share a powerful tool, leadership health check. This will help your management team to become stronger and reveal improvement opportunities for an active service leadership team to better empower the agile team you support. First, let’s start from scratch. In the agile coach’s toolbox, one of my favorite […]

  • Jenkins build and rollback task


    Take the golang build project as an example. New task Enter a task name Choice: build a free style software project Optional: you can also copy created tasks Confirm submission to configure Edit the task you just created again describe To describe your project, you can write the following information. entry name Deployed IP address […]

  • Git user manual


    Git user manual Set the password to be entered only once git config –global credential.helper cache git config –global credential.helper store Git configuration Weight warehouse > Global > system of GIT configuration file Pro /. Git / config ᦇ warehouse configuration Core configuration [core] excludesfile = /Users/roach/.gitignore_ Global # includes a separate configuration file collocation […]

  • Review of offline Salon of coding Devops 1: Devops code quality


    November 22, sponsored by codingDevops technology salon series “quality” special sessionIt ended successfully in Shanghai. At the event, four technology celebrities from Tencent and other well-known enterprises shared their practical experience in R & D quality and efficiency, and discussed with the audience how to take effective measures to ensure and improve software quality. This […]

  • Tencent cloud techo developer conference starts!


    The second National Congress of the Communist Party of ChinaTencent cloud techo Developer ConferenceHere we go! Tencent techo developer conference is an annual event for developers and technology enthusiasts around the world initiated by Tencent cloud. As a non-commercial conference focusing on cutting-edge technology research, techo conference has been committed to the ability growth and […]

  • Techo hands on lab registration starts~


    2020 Beijing techo Developer Conference hands on lab is coming! Coding invites you to participate in the Devops special session of hands-on laboratory initiated by Tencent cloud techo conference,Daniu engineer guides the teaching on site and helps to complete the whole process experience task of Devops. You will effectively practice the whole process of agile […]

  • From scratch to build a development environment in line with their own needs


    From scratch to build a development environment in line with their own needs In the long-term continuous update of this article, keep consistent with the actual development environment, welcome to pay attention to the exchange and discussion! preface This article, on the one hand, summarizes itself, on the other hand, gives some ideas to Xiao […]