• Inner class


    Anonymous class Static decorated members and access package; /** * @author lucky_ice *Copyright:**** *Version: version 1.0 */ public class Animal { //Member variable int age; String name; //Member method public void eat() { System.out.println(“eat…”); } /** *Variables modified by static: static variables (class variables) *Methods modified by static: static methods (class methods) *Static variables […]

  • Java spring series configuration file operation + bean life cycle + injection of different data types + detailed explanation of injection principle + usage of different label bodies in configuration files


    Operation of configuration file of spring series Write at the front of the article:This article takes you to master the basic operation of spring configuration file and lead you to clarify the concept of dependency injection. This article covers a wide range of contents. If you have read it patiently, you should improve yourself The […]

  • org.thymeleaf.exceptions . templateinputexception: error resolving template reported an error


    The error that appears is what the title says: org.thymeleaf.exceptions . templateinputexception: error resolving template reports an error, which is the following code @GetMapping(“/”) public String index() { return “index”; } At the beginning of this error, I immediately Baidu, and then see the following several solutions 1. When the controller layer returns after processing […]

  • JMeter interface pressure test example


    JMeter interface pressure test example Apache JMeter™YesApacheOrganization development of an open source software, is a typical pureJavaThe developed applications can be developed on different platforms, such asWindows 、 LinuxOrmacOSSoftware testing is carried out on the system.  JMeterIt is mainly used for functional load testing of applications to measure software performance, and can also be used for other […]

  • Implementation of WPF custom screenshot


    //Record mouse press public static bool MouseBtnIsDown = false;//Starting coordinates of Screenshot public static Point StartPoint;//The length and width of the screenshot double width = 0; double height = 0; //Mouse down events public void grid_mouseleftdown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) {//Record press action MouseBtnIsDown = true;//Record the coordinates when the mouse is pressed Point p = […]

  • Python 3 + msedgedriver tests chrome handles with the new version of msedge


    Download the driver first Then unzip and add the extracted folder to the environment variable path Then install two packages: pip install msedge-selenium-tools selenium Then you can: from msedge.selenium_tools import Edge, EdgeOptions options = EdgeOptions() options.use_chromium = True options.binary_location = r”C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe” options.add_argument(“headless”) options.add_argument(“disable-gpu”) browser = Edge(options = options) browser.get(‘’) browser.save_screenshot(‘google.png’) print(‘done’) browser.quit() […]

  • Detailed explanation of Java Web cookie (persistence + principle explanation + sharing problem + setting Chinese + sending multiple cookies)


    Java Web cookie What is a cookie? According to Youdao Dictionary: What does the web have to do with cookies? This riddle will be revealed for you Conversation Technology The conversation technology in the web is similar to chatting between two people in life, but the conversation in the web refers to the interaction between […]

  • QT five kinds of standard dialog box use method, and the realization effect, one of them — file dialog


    QT five kinds of standard dialog box use method, and the realization effect, one of them — file dialog There are three static functions in common file dialog box Function name describe QFileDialog::getOpenFileName Open a single file QFileDialog::getOpenFileNames Open multiple files QFileDialog::getSaveFileName Save the file The first functionQFileDialog::getOpenFileNameFinally, a single file selection dialog box will […]

  • The TextBox control saves the last input


    This article is to refer to C ා how to let WinForm program input text box to retain the last input, again thank youWrite it again here, in order to save it, so that you can find it quickly next time1. Setting the configuration file for the txtbox control2、Select text to create a new one3. […]

  • Simple idea of set


    1、 The origin of set If we want to manipulate many objects, we need to store many objects. At this time, we will think that we have learned about arrays, so we can put custom objects into arrays. Why don’t we use arrays to store objects? Because the array length is fixed, and we are […]

  • JS basics review_ scroll bar


    // log function getScrollOffset() { if (window.pageXOffset) { return { x: window.pageXOffset, y: window.pageYOffset, } } else { return { x: document.body.scrollLeft + document.documentElement.scrollLeft, y: document.body.scrollTop + document.documentElement.scrollTop, } } } console.log(getScrollOffset()) // log //1440 is the standard width console.log(window.innerWidth) The size of the element // log let box = document.getElementById(‘box’) console.log ( box.getBoundingClientRect ()) […]

  • Python determines whether a string contains substrings


    Python determines whether a string contains substrings S =’1234 ask Volvo 434 ‘If s.find (‘volvo ‘)! = – 1:Print (‘existence ‘) else: Print (‘does not exist ‘)