• Project micro management 44 – innovation


    The fourth generation can be said to be an out and out reasoning fan. His mobile phone once collected a large number of reasoning and case solving stories.   In the process of reading, he usually reads the story in one breath, and then immerses himself in the process and logic of the protagonist’s reasoning, […]

  • How Java intercepts strings


    My last essay recorded the method of intercepting strings from Hana database. Then, for java development, the problem of intercepting strings will certainly be encountered in real development. There are three ways to intercept strings in Java. 1. Use Java String in Lang package Split() method A regular is passed in the split () method, […]

  • Class relationship (c + + implementation)


    ​1. summary In object-oriented programming, classes have six relationships: composition, aggregation, association, dependency, generalization and realization. Understanding the six relationships of classes is very important for object-oriented programming, and it is also the premise of understanding design patterns. This paper introduces the concept and explains it in combination with C + + code. Due to […]

  • OOP in JavaScript


    JS is a functional language, not a traditional object-oriented language, such as Java, so there are some unique object-oriented implementation methods in JS. There are many characteristics of objects, such as encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. because the OOP characteristics of JS are not obvious, only the implementation of inheritance in JS is described. As we […]

  • Introduction to reusable object model of analysis mode


    This is a book published by Martin Fowler more than 20 years ago before the enterprise application architecture model. The Chinese translation was published in April 2020 and translated by Zhong Jing, who is in the same company as Martin Fowler at ThoughtWorks. When I introduced architecture knowledge to my partners within the team, I […]

  • UML activity diagram


    Write down the use case modeling and UML activity diagram in this semester, and write down the notes of learning the use case diagram in this semester.I don’t have a clear description of activities in the online book, or I don’t feel the same in the online use case diagram. Activity diagram Activity diagram is […]

  • Remove duplicates from the sort array


      Title Description Give you an ordered array nums, please delete the repeated elements in place, make each element appear only once, and return the new length of the deleted array. Do not use additional array space. You must modify the input array in place and complete it with O (1) additional space. Author: leetcodeLink: […]

  • Schedule function module [from modeling to code implementation] UML + JavaFX


    Combined with UML and JavaFX, from modeling to implementing a sub functional module – schedule management. Novices on the road, the process from class diagram to code implementation is still very tortuous, but fortunately, they have gained a lot. Record your learning experience. Schedule function module Final results There is no encapsulated calendar control in […]

  • Isn’t object-oriented programming beautiful?


    “I am a remnant of the old era, and the new era has no ship to carry me.” If object-oriented programming is a person, I guess he will feel this way when he is constantly criticized today. To tell you the truth, I have been programming with object-oriented method for more than ten years. I […]

  • OO_ Unit1 summary


    1、 Program structure analysis First job 1. Design conception and self-evaluation   The difficulty of the first operation is not too high. We only need to analyze the expression simply combined by constant and power function. Each item can be regarded as a fixed form of coef * x * * index. The term class containing […]

  • Inner class


    Anonymous class Static decorated members and access package; /** * @author lucky_ice *Copyright:**** *Version: version 1.0 */ public class Animal { //Member variable int age; String name; //Member method public void eat() { System.out.println(“eat…”); } /** *Variables modified by static: static variables (class variables) *Methods modified by static: static methods (class methods) *Static variables […]

  • Java spring series configuration file operation + bean life cycle + injection of different data types + detailed explanation of injection principle + usage of different label bodies in configuration files


    Operation of configuration file of spring series Write at the front of the article:This article takes you to master the basic operation of spring configuration file and lead you to clarify the concept of dependency injection. This article covers a wide range of contents. If you have read it patiently, you should improve yourself The […]