• Revisit the core of OO


    The core of case interpretation is object-oriented. All cases are based on C ා, involving the most frequently concerned issues in our practice: 1. Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism; 2. Abstract class and interface; 3. Delegation, event. 1、 Three characteristics of object-oriented: encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism Each object contains all the information it can operate on […]

  • Encapsulation, polymorphism


    preface: Three features of Python: inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. 1. Package:Encapsulate a lot of data into ⼀ objects. Encapsulate fixed function code into ⼀ code blocks, functions, objects, Package into modules. This belongs to the idea of encapsulation. For example, if you write a very B function, this can also be called encapsulation. In the […]

  • The processing of batch conversion of CSV file by Excel implemented by Python using pandas


    —Resume content start— Recently, colleagues need to change a batch of files to CSV format when processing file import, but intuitively modifying the suffix does not work, and xlsx and XLS files cannot be directly changed to CVS files, so they found a way and implemented Python conversion. The code is as follows Files need […]

  • Members of class


    1、 Members of the sub category As we mentioned before, the class is roughly divided into two areas, as shown in the following figure: Each area can be divided into: class A: company_ Name = ‘old boy education’ ා static variable (static field) Wei IPhone = ‘1353333xxxx’ ා private static variable (private static field) def […]

  • Reflection, double down method


    1、 Reflex The concept of reflection was first proposed by Smith in 1982. It mainly refers to the ability of a program to access, detect and modify its own state or behavior (introspection). The introduction of this concept soon led to the research on application reflection in the field of computer science. It was first […]

  • Object oriented (is object-oriented really difficult, you just don’t clear your mind)


    Is object-oriented really difficult? In fact, I don’t think so. It’s just that when we study, we are not really aware of his internal strength. So start to get to the point,As we all know, the three concepts of object-oriented are encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. In the encapsulation, the construction method and method overloading can […]

  • Programming paradigm — object paradigm, this is not the original recipe


    Programming paradigm | object paradigm, this is not the original recipe Programming paradigmEveryone should be familiar with it. You can say a few at will, such as: procedural, functional, object-oriented preface Before the formal start of the text, I want you to think about a few questions: 1. What is object-oriented programming? 2. What are […]

  • Object oriented explanation


    preface Before the formal start of the text, I want you to think about a few questions: 1. What is object-oriented? 2. What are the characteristics of object-oriented? 3. What are the inheritance methods of object-oriented? OK, after reading these three questions, let’s start with the content of the text. text 1、 Object oriented JS […]

  • Elegant use of features in WinForm / WPF / console to encapsulate webapi


    Elegant use of features in WinForm / WPF / console to encapsulate webapi explain As a server in the C / s end, it is convenient and fast to establish HTTP requests. 1. Class library used Newtonsoft.dll 2. Package httplistener Httpapi class public class HttpApi { private static List HttpListenerList = new List(); /// ///Initialize […]

  • Java Foundation: three characteristics of object-oriented


    Object-oriented has three characteristics: inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. (1) Inheritance: inheritance is a hierarchical model of linking classes, and it allows and encourages class reuse. It provides a way to explicitly express commonality. A new class of an object can be derived from an existing class. This process is called class inheritance. The new class […]

  • Bamboo Wolf


    Why do interface tests In the daily development process, some people do the front-end development, and some people are responsible for the back-end development. The interface is to connect the front end and the back end. Because the speed of front-end development and back-end development may be different, for example, the back-end development is finished, […]

  • How to understand classes?


    “Class” is an important concept in object-oriented, with which we can discuss encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. What is a class? First look at the picture below. Now when you see this picture, make a sentence according to the content expressed in the picture. Thinking….. OK, remember the sentences you think of, and then look at […]