• Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment


    Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment catalog Beihang OO (2020) unit 3 blog assignment Summary of JML language theoretical basis Declaration of specification variables Common expressions Method specification Type specification Application tool chain Openjml verification Parsing and Type-checking Extended Static Checking Runtime Assertion Checking Jmlunitng test (for mygroup class) Job structure analysis Operation bug […]

  • Service registration, discovery, heartbeat


    Using akka to achieve service registration, discovery and heartbeat Message class: package org.examplecase class RegisterWorkerInfo(id: String, cpu: Int, ram: Int);case class WorkerInfo(val id: String, val cpu: Int, val ram: Int) { var lastheartbeat: Long = System.currentTimeMillis ();};case object RegisteredWorkerInfo;case object SendHeartBeat;case object StartTimeOutWorker;case object RemoveTimeOutWorker; Case class heartbeanpackage (ID: String); server master: package org.exampleimport java.util.concurrent […]

  • BUAA_ OO_ Unit 3


    1、 On JML ​ JML(Java Modeling Language)As a formal language, it can be constrainedJavaThe state and behavior of classes and methods in the code form specifications. By abstracting a series of concrete code implementations into explicit behavior interfaces, a contractual programming mode can be formed,JMLWithout considering the actual data structure and algorithm, the designer can […]

  • Java review, java knowledge points and Java interview questions (1)


    J2SE(Java 2 Platform Standard Edition) J2ME(Java 2 Platform Micro Edtion) J2EE(Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition)   Java language features: open source cross platform (JVM), object-oriented, etc   JRE and JDK JRE (JVM and jjava Class Library) JDK contains JDK, as well as other development tools   Java source code — > javac compilation — > […]

  • Interview surprise Season 1, season 2, season 3


    Season 1 compulsory Season 2 distributed Id_ from=333.788.videocard.1 Season 3 special

  • Unit 3 work summary


      1. Preface This should be the last homework summary of this semester. Generally speaking, the rhythm of homework is almost mastered, and the efficiency of homework is also higher. Although the same as the previous homework, the assignment will use new knowledge, but compared to the previous, more understand how to use tools and materials. […]

  • Beihang OO (2020) unit 4 blog assignment and course summary blog


    Beihang OO (2020) unit 4 blog assignment and course summary blog catalog Beihang OO (2020) unit 4 blog assignment and course summary blog The structure design of this unit Evolution of architecture design and OO method understanding Evolution of test understanding and practice in four units Course harvest Some suggestions on the course Experience of […]

  • BUAA_ OO_ Unit 4


    1、 UML parser design Let’s take a look at the topic first: Unit 4 implementation of aJDK 8With effectiveness checkUML(Unified Modeling Language)Class diagram, sequence diagram, state diagram analyzerMyUmlInteractionIn fact, we want to build a digraph model,UMLCan also be linked to the elements of the same level ​ Input:The above threeUMLThe edge set (non entity element) […]

  • 6.1 logical operators


    Logical operator 1. & & short circuit and Expression 1 & expression 2 01. The expression 1 is true and the expression 2 is also true. The overall return is true 02. If the expression 1 is false, the expression 2 will not be executed and the whole return is false 03. As long as […]

  • Buaaoo unit 4 & course summary


    Unit 4: StarUML file analysis This unit uses graph model to analyze UML. UML files can be abstracted as logical structures of graphs, subgraphs and edges. In the implementation, the nodes of the graph include class, interface and attribute, and the subgraph includes state diagram, sequence diagram, etc. The method of traversing UML elements three […]

  • My understanding of C ා polymorphism


    Object oriented three elements: encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.Encapsulation and inheritance are easy to understand, but it is a little difficult to understand polymorphism. Today, we will talk about the understanding of polymorphism.We should often see interview questions: please talk about the understanding of polymorphism.In fact, polymorphism is very simpleCalling the same method produces different results。There […]

  • Python data driven tool: DDT


    background Python unittest does not have its own data-driven function. So if you use unittest and want to use data-driven, you can use DDT to do it. DDT is an abbreviation for “data driven tests.”. Data: usage method dd.ddt: Decoration class, that is, the class inherited from testcase. Decoration test method. A parameter […]