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  • Performance optimization – compression and merging of resources


    Performance optimization of the front end Compression and merging of resources Optimization points: reduce the number of HTTP requests and resource size requests Using compression and consolidation There are online websites and compression tools (node is required) The web front-end is essentially a GUI software, which can be directly used for reference by other GUI […]

  • Open source project SMSs Development Guide (IV) – SSL / TLS encryption communication details (I)


    This paper introduces how to realize SSL / TLS based encrypted communication in Java, C + + and nodejs. It focuses on the analysis of the whole process from handshake to data sending / receiving in Java by using socketchannel and sslingine. This article also covers how to create a SSL enabled server using OpenSSL […]

  • Kafka Series 1: overview of Kafka


    Kafka Series 1: overview of Kafka Kafka is one of the most popular message middleware in the current distributed system. With its high throughput design, Kafka is loved by developers in the application scenarios of log collection system and message system.This article talks about some knowledge about Kafka. It mainly includes the following contents: Kafka […]

  • Cluster, load balancing, microservice, Distributed Concept


      Cluster multiple hosts to do the same thing For example, a web container uses only one host: This host is faulty. GG directly. When there is a large amount of database concurrency, this host has a heavy burden   Database cluster: use multiple hosts on which web containers are running. Some hosts fail, others […]

  • Wechat high concurrency snatches red packets and kills second


    Preface There is a small partner consulting wechat red packet architecture in the group, which is obviously unknown to me, but it’s OK to write a relatively high concurrency red packet robbing case. architecture design operation flow The boss sends red packets. At this time, the cache initializes the number of red packets, the amount […]

  • Modeling elements (2)


    This chapter continues with modeling elements 1: boundary Every object has a boundary, through which the outside world can only recognize and deal with objects. We get to know things through borders. The boundary determines the perspective, resulting in inconsistent description of the same transaction;     Boundary determines the level of abstraction: top-down, […]

  • Projects to build Devops mode


    In the field of back-end development, there are many kinds of development frameworks. When developing a project, you can choose a suitable development framework according to different needs and requirements. However, when it is necessary to develop a perfect engineering project, it is not enough to only develop a back-end development framework, but also to […]

  • Distributed coordination and synchronous distributed election


    Reasons for distributed elections In the distributed system, a master node is needed, which is used to coordinate and manage other nodes. At the same time, the existence of the primary node can ensure the consistency of the distributed cluster data. Distributed election algorithm 1. Bull algorithm Election principles:Prefer the node with larger ID as […]

  • Distributed consensus of distributed coordination and synchronization


    Preface The concept of distributed consensus In the case that multiple nodes can operate or record independently, the process of making all nodes reach a consensus for a certain state. Through the consensus mechanism, the data of multiple nodes in the distributed system can reach a consensus. Distributed consensus technology is actually the core of […]

  • Which microservice framework will you choose in 2020?


    Preface By 2020, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages for building web applications, although it has to face fierce competition from new languages such as go, Python and typescript. Within the Java world, the spring framework has become the de facto standard for microservice development. Through libraries such as spring boot […]

  • Actual combat case of expired wechat red packet snatching


    Preface For wechat red packet service, if the red packet is not collected within 24 hours after sending, it will automatically expire. architecture design operation flow The boss sends red packets. At this time, the cache initializes the number of red packets, the amount of red packets (unit points), and asynchronously stores them. Red packet […]

  • I don’t know the solid principle, and dare to say that I am engaged in development!


    Object oriented programming (OOP) brings new design ideas to the field of software development. In the process of object-oriented programming, many developers tend to put code with the same purpose / function together in a class, and strive to solve the current problems in the fastest way. However, this programming method will lead to program […]