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  • Xiaobai’s springboot path (x), global exception handling


    0, foreword In any system, we will not foolishly catch and handle exceptions in every place. In general, we will handle exceptions in one place in the whole system. Spring boot global exception handling is very simple;  Before the introduction, let’s make a digression. Now our development system is completely separated from the front end […]

  • Spring boot project source code activiti6 workflow vue.js HTML cross domain front and back separation websocket instant messaging


     Particular attention:Spring boot workflow separation before and after + cross domain Version (permission control to menu and button) Background frame:springboot2.1.2+ activiti6.0.0+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front end page: HTML + vue.js form jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction before and after separation, before and after separate deployment (pay special attention to […]

  • The first part of sub database and sub table


    The first part of sub database and sub table 1. overview 1.1. What are sub databases and sub tables 1.2. Method of sub warehouse and sub table 1.2.1. Vertical table 1.2.2. Vertical sub warehouse 1.2.3. Horizontal sub warehouse 1.2.4. Horizontal sub table Summary of 1.2.5 1.3. Problems caused by sub database and sub table 1.3.1. […]

  • Docker swarm practice summary


        I. Introduction Swarm is an official cluster management tool provided by dockerIts main function is to abstract several docker hosts as a whole, and manage all kinds of docker resources on these docker hosts through a single portal. Docker swarm includes two aspects: an enterprise level docker security cluster and a microservice application […]

  • Dubbo environment building – management console Dubbo admin realizes service monitoring


    scene Dubbo environment building – zookeeper Registration Center: After the zookeeper registration center is built on the top, a management console is built to realize service monitoring. Note: Blog: Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Go to Dubbo’s website and click GitHub   […]

  • Philosophy of software design: Chapter 11 two designs


    Catalog Designing software is difficult, so your initial idea of how to build a module or system is unlikely to produce the best design. If you consider multiple options for each major design decision, you get a better result:Two designs。 Suppose you are designing a class for GUI text editor to manage file text. The […]

  • The second part of sub database and sub table


    The second part of sub database and sub table 2. Quick start to sharding JDBC 2.1 requirement description 2.2. Environmental construction 2.2.1 environmental description 2.2.2 create database 2.2.3 dating Maven dependency 2.3 preparation procedure 2.3.1 fragment rule configuration 2.3.2 data operation 2.3.3 test 2.4. Process analysis 2.5 other integration methods   2. Quick start to […]

  • Section 3 of sub database and sub table


    Section 3 of sub database and sub table 3. Sharding JDBC execution principle 3.1 basic concepts 3.2. SQL parsing 3.3. SQL routing 3.4. SQL rewrite 3.6. Merging of results 3.7 summary   3. Sharding JDBC execution principle 3.1 basic concepts Before you know how sharding JDBC works, you need to understand the following concepts:Logic tableThe […]

  • Practice of Jenkins multi environment continuous integration architecture


           Automatic deployment is mainly to solve the problems of many projects, many environments, slow continuous integration, trouble in deployment operation, error prone manual operation, automatic operation and maintenance, etc. JenkinsIt’s open source.CI&CDSoftware leader, providing more than1000Plug-ins to support building, deployment, automation, to meet the needs of any project. target l  Support multi branch, […]

  • How to design a beautiful web API?


    Summary The application scenarios of Web API are very rich, such as: opening the functions or data of the existing system to partners or ecosphere; publishing the widgets that can be embedded into other web pages; building web applications that are separated from the front and back ends; developing mobile applications across different terminals; integrating […]

  • NET system


    What is nservicebus?Nservicebus is an open source communication framework for building enterprise level. Net systems. It has excellent performance in message publish / subscribe support, workflow integration and high scalability, so it is an ideal choice for many basic platforms of distributed system. It can help developers avoid many typical common problems when building enterprise. […]

  • Distributed architecture – redis from entry to proficient in complete cases with source code


    Guide reading The length is long, the dry goods are full, it takes time to read, all the words printed by hand are inevitably wrong, please understand. Cherish the original, reprint please note the source, thank you ~! Introduction to NoSQL and redis What is redis?   RedisIs usedC languageOne developedOpen SourceHigh performanceKey value pair(key-value)Memory database。 […]