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  • Deployment project on development machine (I)


    Get ready The details of the deployment project can be seen here. The portal CentOS 7 deploys the laravel project Host IP: [highly available Architecture] series link: introduction to the architecture to be deployed Demonstration Deploying Deploy composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel Deploy # cd Deploy composer install Well, I just found that the laravel […]

  • Rethinking of “data center”


    Today, China and Taiwan have become a milestone in the transformation of the architecture. From the Internet to traditional enterprises, there must be China and Taiwan to talk about the architecture. Although a variety of middle platform concepts emerge in endlessly, “data middle platform” and “business middle platform” are regarded as the most pure middle […]

  • [highly available Architecture] publish projects to multiple servers with the help of envy tool (2)


    Preface In the previous article, we have successfully deployed the deploy project on the development machine. Next, we will continue to install enable on the development machine IP of two application servers [highly available Architecture] series link: introduction to the architecture to be deployed Demonstration Install envoy Install envoy globally. You can also […]

  • [hot pursuit] learn about cloud native


    Origin and development Pivot is the proponent of cloud native application, and has launched pivot cloud foundry cloud native application platform and spring open source java development framework, becoming the pioneer and pathfinder in cloud native application architecture. CNCF, the full name of cloud native Computing Foundation, was founded on July 21, 2015 (announced on […]

  • How to use spring cloud correctly? [upper]


    How to deliver software faster and release new features to users every week, every day or even every hour? How can new employees deploy code after they are hired? How to guarantee the quality at such a fast pace? Fast, the main challenge we face in application development, the faster we deliver, the more closely […]

  • How to use spring cloud correctly? [China]


    3. What common components does spring integrate? Since the release of version 1.0 in 2004, spring has evolved to version 5. X, which provides strong support for application development in different periods. Now we are facing new challenges such as microservices, Devops and cloud computing. What support will spring cloud, the new force of spring […]

  • 300 sets of updated data of Moke online practical class and employment class on December 5, 2019


    300 sets of updated data of Moke online practical class and employment class on December 5, 2019 Baidu online data link: Link: code: qnluIt’s more convenient to open Baidu online mobile app after copying this content     Micro cloud link:     If it fails, add wechat of the boss: itit11223344 […]

  • Learning reconstruction (5) – simplifying conditional expression


    1. Decompose conditionalScenario: you have a complex if then else statement. The independent functions are extracted from if, then and else.Example:if (date.before(SUMMER_START) || date.after(SUMMER_END)) {  charge = quantity * mWinterRate + mWinterServiceCharge;} else {  charge = quantity * mSummerRate;}Refactoring as follows:if (notSummer(date)) {  charge = winterCharge(quantity);} else {  charge = summerCharge(quantity);}private boolean notSummer(Date date) {  return date.before(SUMMER_START) || date.after(SUMMER_END);}private double […]

  • A comprehensive case study of distributed things


    7.1 system introduction 7.1.1. P2P introduction P2P finance is also called P2P credit. P2P is the abbreviation of peer-to-peer or person to person, which means: individual to individual. P2P finance refers to the small loan transaction between individuals. Generally, it needs the help of e-commerce professional network platform to help both parties establish the loan […]

  • Spring foundation — nine IOC bean declaration methods


      Spring introduction Spring is not a service for developing web project functions or businesses. It serves the development of the project, facilitates the decoupled call between different layers, facilitates the batch management of classes, and is the framework to improve the efficiency of software development and reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage.Spring’s […]

  • Springboot vue.js HTML cross domain forward backward separation Shiro permission integration code generator


    This code is spring boot vue.js before and after separation + cross domain Version (permission control to menu and button) Background frame:springboot2.1.2+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front end page: HTML + vue.js form jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction before and after separation, before and after separate deployment (pay special attention […]

  • Want to realize “online excel” of multi person collaboration? It’s not that easy


    This article was created and launched by the technical team of grape City Reprint please indicate the source: grapevine official website, grapevine provides professional development tools, solutions and services for developers, enabling developers.   Excel is a common tool in our office. It can handle most of our data. Friendly interactive interface, rich formula functions […]