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  • Interviewer: how about shardingsphere


    List of articles catalog 1、 Introduction to shardingsphere 2、 Sharding JDBC 2.1 sharding JDBC horizontal table splitting 2.2 implementation of JDBC 2.3 sharding JDBC operation common table 2.4 sharding JDBC implements read-write separation 3、 Sharding proxy Before learning, first understand the concept of sub database and sub table 1、 Introduction to shardingsphere In the design […]

  • Springboot flowable integration framework project source code vue.js Cross domain separation


    Particular attention:This code is spring boot workflow before and after separation + cross domain Version (authority control to menu and button) Background framework:springboot2.3.0+ Flowable6.5.0+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front page: HTML+ vue.js Formal jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction is separated before and after, and the front and back platforms are […]

  • Microservice – how to limit and fuse service current


    1、 Service avalanche Microservice architecture is to divide a single application into various small and connected services, and each service completes a single business function. Compared with the traditional monomer services, microservices have the advantages of isolation, technology heterogeneity, scalability and simplified deployment. Usually, an application is composed of multiple microservices, and the data interaction […]

  • User service of spring cloud Alibaba


    Project technology selection Spring Boot Spring MVC Mybatis + general mapper (official website information) Spring Cloud Alibaba Project structure POM file 4.0.0 org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-parent 2.1.9.RELEASE com.laiya user-center 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT user-center Demo project for Spring Boot 1.8 org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-web spring-cloud-starter-alibaba-nacos-discovery spring-cloud-starter-openfeign io.github.openfeign feign-httpclient mysql mysql-connector-java org.mybatis.spring.boot mybatis-spring-boot-starter 2.1.2 org.projectlombok lombok true org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-thymeleaf org.springframework.boot spring-boot-starter-websocket […]

  • Knowledge and skills of isto concept in service grid


    1、 Background Recently, the architecture group has developed the service mesh platform based on isto, taking this opportunity to learn and record the relevant background knowledge for the convenience of looking back. Effect of the first edition: 2、 Isto Official Manual: Stio is an open source project jointly developed by Google / IBM / […]

  • DRF — source code analysis of DRF authentication function


    1、 DRF authentication function source code analysis 1 APIView—》dispatch—》 self.initial (request, *args, **kwargs)–》 self.perform_ authentication(request)—》 Request.user —>self._ Authenticate (self): method of request class — > self.authenticators When is the request class property passed in when the request object is instantiated? When dispatching self.get_ authenticators()–》return [auth() for auth in self.authentication_ If authentication is written in the […]

  • DRF — DRF user defined authentication class, user defined authority function and use


      #Note: authentication > authority > frequency the first step of authentication is that if the authentication is not passed, the authority will not be obtained, and if the authority is not passed, the frequency will not be reached 1User defined authentication class 1 use -Define a class that inherits baseauthentication class LoginAuth(BaseAuthentication): def authenticate(self, […]

  • DRF — database user information query interface


    One –>Execute data migration command PS: other words can be added to the model layer. As long as they are not field words, they will not be treated as fields from django.db import models class Student(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=32) sex = models.SmallIntegerField (choices = ((1, ‘male’), (2, ‘female’), (3, ‘unknown’)), default = 1) # […]

  • DRF — DRF filtering, sorting function,


    1Built in and third partydjango-filterFiltering function 1 filter: filter query results 2 use of built-in filters -Configure in view class filter_backends =[SearchFilter,] search_ Fields = (‘name ‘,’age’), a field in the table model, which indicates that the query name or age field has something to look up, which can be fuzzy -When inquiring : […]

  • Java microservices distributed spring cloud vue.js Flowable process engine


    1. Code generator:[positive and negative two-way] (single table, main table, detail list, tree table, sharp tool for rapid development)Freemaker template technology, 0 code does not need to be written, generating a complete module with page, table building SQL script, processing class, service and other complete modules2. Multiple data sources:(support to connect numerous databases at the […]

  • Basic concept and essence of Architecture


    CSDN saw a blog about architecture design, which is concise and rich in content. According to the original text, plus their own understanding and summary. I recommend it to you. Click on the original to see the source. Link to the original text: What is architecture and the nature of architecture In the software industry, […]

  • Microservice practice — integration of service discovery and registration component Eureka under spring cloud


    Talk about service discovery registration Many services and fast iteration are the obvious characteristics of microservices. Then, in the fast small version iteration business, if the update service is released in the traditional way, it is very troublesome and tiring to manually modify the calling relationship between some services. A typical scenario may be that […]