• 019 peek is realized through the double linked list of rust


    introduce Video source… Details In this section, we implement peek of double linked list. Implement peek According to our previous experience in implementing single linked list, we can easily think of how to implement our peek function, as follows: pub fn peek_front(&self) -> Option<&T> { self.head.as_ref().map(|node| { &node.borrow().elem }) } Compile and report […]

  • 2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most and rust is the fastest growing


    Recently, slashdata, a developer research company, released the 20th edition of its developer country ranking, which said that JavaScript was still the most popular programming language and had the most developers in the first quarter of this year, but rust has become the fastest-growing programming language. 2021q1 programming language ranking: Javascript developers are the most […]

  • [rust] build a rust environment using MSVC tool chain and vscode


    This paper introduces the installation and configuration of rust development environment under windows. 1 install the tool chain for MSVC abi stayVs2019 C / C + + tool chainDownload the generation tool from the official website and check itVisual studio build toolDownload and install be careful:This tool does not install visual studio, but only the […]

  • 018 pop front through the implementation of linked list rust


    introduce Video source… Details pop front In the previous section, we implemented the new and push front methods for the double linked list. In this section, we implemented pop front. The code is as follows: pub fn pop_front(&mut self) -> Option<T> { self.head.take().map(|node| { match node.borrow_mut().next.take() { Some(next) => { next.borrow_mut().prev.take(); self.head = […]

  • On good articles and bad articles


    Introduction:Why do we write? For many technical students, writing is much more difficult than writing code. It is not a good experience to spend hours with the computer and find that they can’t write anything decent. Author Xu XiaobinSource|Alibaba cloud official account Writing motivation Why do we write? For many technical students, writing is much […]

  • 001 first experience of rust and webassembly


    0 Introduction Video…Relevant source… 1 why rust and web assembly? Low level control and high level ErgonomicsJavascript web applications are difficult to achieve and maintain reliable performance.Rust provides programmers with a low level of control and reliable performance. Smaller. WasmCode size is important because. Wasm must be downloaded over the network. Rust has […]

  • [rust] basic data type


    This article introduces the built-in data types provided by rust. Boolean type Boolean typeLogical values representing yes and No. It has two values:trueandfalseGenerally used in logical expressions, and, or, and not operations can be performed: fn main() { let x = true; let y: bool = ! x; // False, inverse operation let z = […]

  • 025 realize double ended queue by using stack of linked list rust


    introduce Video source… Details In this section, we use stack to implement double ended queue. Implementation stack The implementation of stack is basically similar to the implementation of single linked list at the beginning, as follows: pub struct Stack<T> { head: Link<T>, } type Link<T> = Option<Box<Node<T>>>; struct Node<T> { elem: T, next: […]

  • Use docker to manage the web assembly program written in rust


    Developers can deploy, manage and run lightweight web assembly applications in wasedge through docker tools such as dockerhub and cri-o. WasmEdgeByManaged by CNCF (cloud native Computing Foundation)The web assembly runtime is the execution sandbox for edge computing applications. Although web assembly was originally invented as the runtime of browser applications, its lightweight and high-performance sandbox […]

  • AI reasoning of real-time data stream with wasmedge and YoMo


    YoMoIt is a programming framework used to assist developers to facilitate the construction of geo distributed cloud system. YoMo’s communication layer is built on quic protocol, which brings high-speed data transmission. At the same time, YoMo has built-in “stream function” of streaming serverless, which greatly improves the development experience of distributed cloud system. The distributed […]

  • Compound Data Type of Rust


    summary Long time no updaterustRelated content, update a waveRustLet’s talk about the content of this articleRustComposite data types in. Composite Type Composite data typeIs a data type, which can be composed of original basic data types and other composite types to form a composite type action, also known as combination. This article introducesRustThere aretuple、array、struct、enumSeveral composite […]

  • What is the jamstack of the current fire?


    Author:Timothy McCallum, Miley Fu and Vivian Hu Jamstack is a technology stack for building modern Internet applications. It is widely used in edge cloud, serverless computing and big front end, and is also sought after by the capital market this year. What kind of magic does it have? This article will take you to understand […]