• Xiaobai’s confession


    When you find that the world can be described by code, you really understand the world. If you don’t work hard, you can’t get success. I hope that my little white programmer can really become a proper code master, not for anything else, just for a better future. This work adoptsCC agreementThe author and the […]

  • Python Beginners – calculate the maximum prime number less than 100


    for n in range(100,1,-1): for i in range(2,n): if n%i==0: break else: print(n,end=’ ‘)  

  • Win10 installs tesserocr to configure Python to recognize alphanumeric captcha with tesserocr


    Link: code: t3bq Win10 install tesserocr First, you need to download testeract, which provides the underlying support for tesserocr. Specific download official path: , select the corresponding system version. You can select a stable version without dev to download, such as tesseract-ocr-setup-3.05.02-20180621.exe. Then install it all the way. You can only remember to […]

  • WOx stock plug-in developed with Python


    Let’s use a picture to show the effect,   WOx is a launcher under the windows platform, it provides an input box, users can input content in the input box, trigger a variety of functions. The common functions include searching files (integrating everything), searching web pages, translating, executing system commands, etc. Similar to Alfred in […]

  • The first Python Programming challenge on the Internet (end)


    Date of establishment: March 28, 2020Update Date: April 22, 2020 (end)Personal collection Tool.pywebsite: please quote or change this article at will, just mark the source and the author. The author does not guarantee that the content is absolutely correct. Please be responsible for any consequences Title: the first Python Programming challenge on the web Find […]

  • Python next function


    The python 3. X built-in function next can retrieve the next element or data from the iterator, and can be used for iterator traversal. When using it, please note that the stopiteration exception will be triggered!   1、 Introduction to next function The grammar is as follows: next(iterator[,default])     Iterator – iterator; Default – […]

  • Python using recurrent neural network to solve the problem of text classification


    This paper describes the method of Python using recurrent neural network to solve the problem of text classification. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Concept 1.1. Cyclic neural network Recurrent neural network (RNN) is a kind of recurrent neural network, which takes sequence data as input, recurses in the evolution direction of […]

  • Python crawler to cool dog music


    Series articles: Simple implementation of Baidu translation by Python crawler Python crawler to cool dog music Simple crawling of bleeding skin Simple crawling of little skin on MC skin station of Python crawler Python crawler to send the weather forecast of the day to learnku friends Python crawler automatically switches the daytime / nighttime mode […]

  • How to use Python crawler BS4 parser correctly


      The reason why BS4 library can quickly locate the elements we want is that it can parse the HTML file in a way, and different parsers have different effects. The following will be introduced one by one. The choice of BS4 parser The ultimate goal of web crawler is to filter and select network […]

  • Detailed explanation of Python date conversion and calculation


    Date conversion and calculation For dates, sometimes it is necessary to perform a conversion of different time units, or to accept a date in string format and convert it into a datetime object. Sometimes you need to calculate the range of dates, as well as the dates of a particular day of the week. The […]

  • Open thread to crawl Ali complaint information in black cat


    For learning only, please moderately open the thread 1、 Code import requests from requests_html import HTMLSession import time from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor import json pool = ThreadPoolExecutor(30) big_list = [] pool_name_list =[] session = HTMLSession() def dewu_company(x): try: Print (f ‘page {x + 1}’) params = { ‘couid’: ‘1878960481’, ‘type’: ‘1’, ‘page_size’: f'{(x + 1) […]

  • Common operation details of Python using pandas Library


    This article describes the common operations of Python using pandas library. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Overview PandasIt is the core data analysis support library of python, which provides fast, flexible and clear data structure, and aims to deal with relational and marked data simply and intuitively. Pandas is commonly used […]