• Configuring PHP in the environment of hbuilder


    Installation of xampp After installing and configuring xampp, Download PHP plug-in in hbuilder, tools → plug-in installation     Create a project, take mobile app as an example, and specify the project path to the HtDocs directory of xmapp   Configure PHP server Turn on the view and change mode, and set the external […]

  • Laravel5.0 + framework mail sending function implementation method picture text and example details


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate the implementation of laravel5.0 + framework mail sending function. To share with you for your reference, as follows: I. background In recent years, I have contacted the most elegant PHP framework, laravel. I have learned about the email sending function, and I would like to share […]

  • Recommended collection of 10 practical WordPress tips tutorials


    1. Automatically insert text into the WordPress editorEdit the functions.php file of the current topic directory and paste the following code: Copy code The code is as follows: <?php add_filter( ‘default_content’, ‘my_editor_content’ ); function my_editor_content( $content ) { $content = “Mango Station – mango is not sold here, please find another place to buy it. […]

  • JQuery mobile and PHP jump


    When jQuery mobile submits the form to PHP, a blank page will appear, which needs to be refreshed manually to display the PHP page. Fix: add data ajax = “false” to the form element. Specific principle:

  • An example of sorting algorithm for two-dimensional array based on specified fields in PHP


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how to implement the two-dimensional array sorting algorithm according to the specified fields in PHP. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Problems encountered:Use two arrays in PHParray_merge()After the function is merged, you want to sort the new array according to the ‘post u […]

  • Sharing of 8 plug-ins that can effectively improve the function of WordPress CMS


    NextGen Gallery The best photo album plugin. Strong support, stable, updated frequently, free. WP’s built-in album function is OK, but NextGen gallery is a very simple alternation improvement Shadowbox JS Shadowbox JS is a clever jQuery plug-in that can handle pictures, videos and music files intuitively. It’s free to download, but if you want a […]

  • Full Permutation of PHP implementation strings


    Enter a string and print all the permutations of the characters in the string in dictionary order. For example, if you input the string a B C, all the strings ABC, a C B, BAC, B C A, cab and CBA that can be arranged by the characters a, B and C will be printed […]

  • Solutions to the disappearance of admin bar at the top of WordPress 3.1


    (as shown in the figure below), the official name is admin bar. In Chinese, we call it administration toolbar, also known as administration toolbar and shortcut link bar, which refers to the admin bar. Some time ago, after modifying the index.php file of the topic, I found that the admin bar was missing. Specifically, where […]

  • Getting started with PHP Basics


    Variables and scopes $globals [index]. Index holds the name of the variable. This array can be accessed inside a function or used directly to update global variables. Static scopeKeep a local variable from being deleted Parameter scope Echo and print Echo – can output one or more strings Print – only one string is allowed […]

  • Get mailbox notification by setting BugFree in PHP


    When the company uses BugFree to create a new bug assignment and send a CC to a colleague, there are always people who do not log in to BugFree in time to check the assigned one, so an email notification should be added to inform the assigned colleague in time. Baidu on a lot of […]

  • Introduction to thumbnail function of WordPress


    1. Add function Insert code in function.php add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’); After inserting, a featured image will appear in the lower right corner of the background editing page (some versions may be or thumbnails of the article) After clicking to set the featured image, you will get the same interface as inserting the image. However, if you look […]

  • PHP class / object functions


      PHP class / object functions are part of the core of PHP and can be used without installation. Function name describe __autoload Trying to load an undefined class class_alias Create an alias for a class class_exists Check if the class is defined get_called_class The name of the late static binding class get_class_methods Returns an […]