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  • Programming display/implicit declaration


    According to declarationIs a statement in a program that lists a set of variable names and specifies the type of those variables.Such as C, C++, Java Copy the codeThe code is as follows: // displays the declared variable count, which is of type int and may take up a different amount of space from language […]

  • How to solve the problem of frequent occurrence of computer?


    A friend said that recently the computer frequent occurrence of the phenomenon, like the crash, and then two or three seconds will be all right, the recent occurrence of a relatively frequent. How to solve such problems? Below small make up for everyone to introduce, not a friend can refer to this article, look at […]

  • How do I add checkboxes to a VisualStudio page?


    If you want to make a check box in VisualStudio, how to add a check box, let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Visual Studio 2017 official version (with offline installation package) official website simplified Chinese version Software size: 15GB Update time: 2017-03-14 1. Open an existing web page with Visual Studio, […]

  • A binding is an association between two things


    Binding/constraintBinding refers to the association between two things. Like the name and what it stands for. The association between attributes and entities, or between symbols and operations. Early books were translated as constraints, and most later books were called bindings. Subsequent ones are called bindings. The time when the binding occurs is calledThe binding time […]

  • What’s the problem with computers always rebooting themselves? How to solve it?


    The computer of a lot of friends always restart, restart fault won’t happen for no reason, restart before you did what operation? What hardware was upgraded? This is something you should look back on and often discover the reason for the reboot. There are many reasons to restart your computer, but the main ones are […]

  • How does Eclipse associate source code? Eclipse associated source code tutorial


    How do you implement the associated source code in Eclipse? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Eclipse Classic 4.4.2 official Chinese version Software size: 155MB Update time: 2015-10-19 First, open Eclipse   2. Click [in the top navigation bar]Window【 in 】Perferences】 3. Choose [Java】-【Installed JRE】 4. Select the installed JRE environment […]

  • Several screen capture methods on computer


    If you want to capture a picture, you must know several screen capture methods. Here are a few screen capture methods on your computer. Let’s have a look. The first method: Press CTR + Alt + a directly to take a quick screenshot Press: Shift + Command + 3 directly Use QQ screen capture, as […]

  • Website performance improvement experience


    DB: 1. The database can properly design some redundant fields to reduce the joint query2. Frequently queried fields should be indexed3. The query content should be as simple as possible. For example, set $this – > recursive = – 1 for the query in CakePHP, and specify fields.4. The database uses a separate server, and […]

  • How to adjust the screen rotation of win7 / win8 / win10


    Screen rotation adjustment method of win7 / win8 / win10 Please don’t panic when you are using a small computer. It’s just a matter of accidentally touching the shortcut key of the rotating screen (desktop). Right click the mouse on the computer screen to find the graphic option — rotation. Here you can choose whether […]

  • How does visual studio code use global search shortcuts?


    There is a global search function in Visual Studio code. You can press Ctrl + F to search this page and Ctrl + Shift + F to search globally. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Visual studio code new logo Version (cross platform code editor) 1.17 official free installation of Chinese […]

  • How to deal with the recycle bin on the desktop


    Not long ago, after Xiaobian’s computer was powered on, only one Recycle Bin was displayed on the desktop, and the error prompt “C: \ windows \ system32 \ config \ systemprofile \ desktop is not available” appeared. Later, after Xiaobian’s research, it was found that the path configuration of the desktop was wrong, which was […]

  • 301 redirection code collection (IIS, ASP, PHP, ASP. Net, APACHE)


    1. 301 settings under IIS Internet Information Service Manager – > virtual directory – > redirect to URL, enter the target URL to be redirected, and select “permanent redirection of resources”. In IIS, you can also install the ISAPI rewrite component to realize the function of mod’u rewrite in Apache. For details, see ISAPI rewrite […]