• Does the backend always not write interface documents? Say you’re busy?


    Since the front-end and back-end are separated, the front-end and back-end docking through the interface has become a daily task. No one can do without anyone, and the process of docking the interface is inseparable from the interface document. In an ideal front and back-end balanced team, the process is generally as follows:1. Let’s discuss […]

  • Under different ECs, open k3s clusters under Ubuntu


    First of all, thank you for your article:H. build k3s cluster in cloudy environmentHowever, I try to always execute error reporting before CentOS 8.2 In addition, when installing glibc 2.17, an error will be reported that the make version is too low, so we directly give up CentOS and put it into the arms of […]

  • Kubesphere’s latest fix for Apache log4j 2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


    Apache log4j 2 is an open source logging tool, which is widely used in various frameworks. Recently, Apache log4j 2 was revealed to have a vulnerability. The vulnerability has been disclosed. This article provides kubesphere users with recommended fixes. This vulnerability is caused by the lookup function provided by log4j 2, which allows developers to […]

  • Kubecon 2021 | using ebpf instead of iptables to optimize the performance of service grid data plane


    author Liu Xu, a senior engineer of Tencent cloud, focuses on the native field of container cloud. He has many years of experience in large-scale kubernetes cluster management and micro service governance. He is now responsible for the architecture design and R & D of TCM data plane products of Tencent cloud service grid. introduction […]

  • Cloud computing = “Pandora”?


    author Wang Xiaowei: a certified practitioner of finops, he is keen to spread the theoretical and practical knowledge of finops and help cloud enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. The era of cloud computing has come Is the era of cloud computing really coming? Cloud computing has gone through 15 years since AWS first launched […]

  • Micro service road of pig toothed fish (I): how to take the key first step


    At the beginning of Choerodon’s vision, we hope to integrate Devops tool chain and micro service application framework based on container technology and develop an enterprise level PAAS platform to help enterprises realize agile application delivery and automatic operation management. At the same time, it also determines the requirements of the technology stack, that is, […]

  • Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal


    Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal Kubernetes on the public cloud is a sufficient solution for small and medium-sized applications with predictable expansion requirements. However, for organizations seeking more control and stable performance,Bare metal serverClouds are the way out.Container choreography tools facilitate software development by providing flexibility, portability, speed and easier expansion for distributed […]

  • How to build a successful microservice architecture


    As technology becomes more complex, many teams are evaluating how their architecture best supports future business. One architecture, microservices, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for forward-looking technology departments. Microservice architecture may be the key to unleashing business potential, but how? What does microservice mean? “Microservice” may sound like a buzzword, but this modern organizational […]

  • Deploying kubernetes in AWS high availability using kubekey


    Author: Li Yaozong introduce For production environments, we need to consider the high availability of kubernetes clusters. This article teaches you how to quickly deploy a highly available production environment on multiple AWS EC2 instances. To ensure high availability of kubernetes cluster services, the ha of Kube apiserver can be guaranteed in the following two […]