• How does scratch make a little game to win a running race through mental arithmetic?


    Scratch 3.0 can make a lot of competitions. For example, we can run a race by answering questions. If the answer is correct, we will take a step forward. In this way, how can we make this game? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Scratch 3.0 offline Edition (children programming software) […]

  • Implementation of GIT rebase – I merging multiple commit


    brief introduction In the daily development, code changes are frequent. Sometimes you want to merge the previous submission into one submission. Here, you can use the GIT rebase – I command to complete it. Of course, the GIT rebase command is not only used for merge and commit, but also has many uses, such as […]

  • How is there no sound after the computer is turned on?


    Do you know what to do when you turn on your computer and occasionally find that there is no sound? The following small series for you to introduce solutions, will not friends can refer to this article, I hope to help you! Download a software Download if you don’t have “computer manager”, you may as […]

  • Explain the match function of JS regular expression


    Function: use regular expression pattern to perform a search on a string and return the result containing the search as an array Function format: stringObj.match (rgexp) stringobj is a required string, and rgexp is a required regular expression option Return value: if it can match, it will return the result array; if it can’t match, […]

  • The cause and solution of the error “your computer has encountered a problem”


    Failure cause analysis: This situation is generally due to system anomalies, software or hardware failure. For such problems, we can first see whether the system can enter the system normally after restart, and then proceed to the next step. resolvent: 1. Such a prompt sometimes appears with the blue screen, which often occurs in win8 […]

  • Specific use of IntelliJ idea global search and replacement


    When making a project, sometimes the global search and replacement will be carried out in the whole project or under the specified folder, which is a very convenient function. The usage is as follows: Software name: IntelliJ idea 2020.2.2 flagship edition official Chinese official version (with installation tutorial) Software size: 664MB Update time: 2020-09-22Download now […]

  • Implementation of GIT branch merge conflict resolution


    Two days ago, a git historical map was sent to the group, as follows: According to the submission history, we can see that all branch merges in the figure adopt merge mode. For specific operation of merge, please read the following article. According to the requirements of the project, if git submission history is required […]

  • The usage of replace function in JS regular expression


    Regular expression replace() function:This function replaces the substring in the string that matches the regular expression with the specified string.The return value is a new string after replacement.This article only introduces the regular expression related operations. For other replacement operations, please refer to the article “replace() method of JavaScript string object”.Grammatical structure: stringObject.replace(regexp,replacement) The parameter […]

  • Solution to monitor going to sleep black screen


    At some time, when we turn on our computer, our monitor will pop up to show the error of “monitor going to sleep”, and the screen will be black, so we can’t enter the boot interface. Let’s talk about how to deal with the black screen of monitor going to sleep. Method / step After […]

  • Idea + git merge branch to resolve conflicts and detailed steps


    Git branch details reference: Branch management composition 1.1. Master trunk In version management, the code base should have only one trunk. This trunk is consistent with the current production. It is available, stable and can be released directly. No development operation can be carried out on the trunk. The name of GIT trunk is called […]

  • Explain the exec method of JS regular expression


    Function Description: this function obtains the content of the first regular expression in the string through a match detection of the specified string, and stores the matching content and sub matching results in the returned array The basic methods are as follows objReg.exec (string) Objreg, the name of the regexp object String, the string to […]

  • How to do if the computer always prompts funkoala64.dll error after boot?


    Originally, my computer is in good condition, but these days, after the computer starts up, there are always startup errors, and an interface rundll window appears: “there is a problem when I start C + + users / public / fundata / funkoala64.dll”. What should I do? Small editor through their own methods to deal […]