• How to crack devexpress 16.2


    How to crack and sinicize deveexpress 16.2? Deveexpress is a well-known tool software of interface control suite. Devoxpress provides a series of dotnet interface controls for the interface control suite. The development space of devexpress is very practical and efficient. It not only has friendly interface and simple operation, but also has rich functions and […]

  • How to solve the problem of computer desktop icon abnormal icon unknown or incomplete display?


    Computer desktop icon display is abnormal, the icon is unknown, or becomes a third-party software icon, or can see the icon can not see the pattern, how to solve it? Here is the simplest solution. Please see the following for details: Software name: 360 security guard windows 10 special edition v10.0.0.1016 preemptive experience version Software […]

  • Git download, installation and environment configuration detailed tutorial


    1、 Download and install Git Baidu git official website, download the link, according to their own computer system to download the corresponding installation package, To download the latest version, click on the red box or the basket Click the download package to install the software Click Next until install appears. Click Install. After the installation, […]

  • Regular expression analysis of PHP matching multiple lines


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: <table> <tr><td>aaaa</td></tr> <tr><td>bbbb</td></tr> <tr><td>cccc</td></tr> <tr><td>dddd</td></tr> </table> How to match text like this with PHP regular expressions??My first thought:Pattern: “/ < tr > [. N] *? < \ / TR >” (this is wrong)Idea: “can match any non newline character, use the” [. [n] “combination, so that it can match […]

  • Regular expression sharing for checking primes


    This regular expression is shown as follows: Regular expressions for checking prime numbers or not To use this positive regular expression, you need to convert the natural number into multiple 1 strings. For example, 2 should be written as “11”, 3 should be written as “111”, 17 should be written as “11111111111”. This kind of […]

  • Visual studio low version project move to high version prompt version mismatch?


    If the projects in the lower version of visual studio want to run in the higher version, there is an error. This is caused by the version mismatch. We only need to set the following. The error is as follows: error MSB8020: The build tools for Visual Studio 2010 (Platform Toolset = ‘v100’) cannot be […]

  • Summary of the best resolution of 21.5-inch display


    The 21.5-inch display resolution is divided into two types according to the default ratio of the market, that is, the widescreen 16:10 and widescreen 16:9. The best resolution is 1680 * 1050 for 16:10 and 1920 * 1080 for 16:9. Each pixel of liquid crystal display can only display a group of digital signals, and […]

  • 10 minutes to teach you how to configure multiple git SSH connections locally


    preface Have you changed your computer recently? Remember how to configure multiple git SSH connections locally? Generally, companies use their own intranet deployed gitlab server for code management. Developers use the company’s user name and company’s mailbox. In personal open source projects, our code is hosted in GitHub. At this time, we need two or […]

  • How to use Sisulizer 4


    What is the usage of Sisulizer 4? Sisulizer is a professional and practical Chinese software tool. When we download foreign software, we find that there are Chinese versions. How do we make these Chinese versions? The Chinese version is not the same as the Chinese version. The Chinese version is translated from the official software […]

  • Implementation of drawing UML diagram in vscode


    vscode-drawio Vscode drawio is a vscode plug-in, which supports drawing flow chart, mind map and UML diagram in vscode GitHub address: install In the vscode plug-in window, search for vscode drawio and install it use Open the file with. Drawio extension in vscode, and the drawio edit page will be loaded automatically, similar to […]

  • The best resolution of 24 inch monitor


    The best resolution of a 24 inch display is 1920×1080 (16:9 LCD, 16:10 24 inch is 1920×1200). It is recommended to use the best resolution (generally, the maximum resolution supported by LCD is OK. The premise is that the driver of graphics card must be installed correctly before setting. )。 If the building owner thinks […]

  • How to use dwin dgus


    dwin Dgus is a powerful dgus screen development and configuration software developed by Beijing Diwen Technology Co., Ltd. It provides users with application modules such as project management, font generation, image conversion, serial port download, ICO generation tool and font setting. When multiple buttons and VP addresses of the same type need to be configured […]