• Installing and using Memcache on Linux server


    The server side mainly installs the server side of Memcache, and the latest version is memcached-1.3.0.Download: addition, Memcache uses the library libevent for socket processing, so it also needs to install libevent. The latest version of libevent is libevent-1.3. (if you have installed libevent on your system, you don’t need to install it.)Official website: […]

  • Linux add path to path environment variable


    Linux add path to path environment variable 1、 Path environment variable The path variable is the place where the Linux system stores the search path of the executable file, which is equivalent to the path variable of the windows system. Because I haven’t used it in other operating systems, I don’t know the details. Similar […]

  • Full analysis of SED command in Linux


    1、 About sedSed: stream editor stream editor is also known as line editor, which only edit one line at a time. Sed works in “schema space” and does not operate on source files. No harm to source files. 2、 Sed usage formatThe common formats of the SED command are as follows:(1)Sed [options] ‘script’ input_file…(2)Sed [options] […]

  • Connecting to CentOS 6.6 server with xshell


    1、 If you are installing the CentOS system as a server in the VMware Workstation virtual machine, follow the steps below to view the IP address: Enter the CentOS system, right-click on the CentOS desktop and select “open in terminal”, execute [Su root] to switch to root user, and then execute [ifconfig], You can see […]

  • Implementation of login / switch root authority by using root user in Ubuntu


    The default root user of the Ubuntu system cannot log in, and the password is empty. If you want to use the root user to log in, you must first set the password for the root user. Open the terminal, enter: sudo passwd root, and then press enter. At this time, you will be prompted […]

  • Creating logical volume in Linux


    Create partition [[email protected] lohr]# fdisk /dev/sdb Welcome to fdisk (util Linux 2.23.2). The changes stay in memory until you decide to write them to disk.Think twice before using the write command. Device does not contain a recognized partition tableUse the disk identifier 0xa7a34d5d to create a new DOS disk label. Command (enter m for help): […]

  • Method of building chroot’s bind DNS server on CentOS


    Bind, also known as named, is the most widely used DNS server program on the Internet. This article will show you how to run bind in chroot prison so that it can’t access other parts of the file system except prison. For example, in this article, I will change the running root of bind to […]

  • The basic command arrangement of user management in Linux system


    Let’s get to know the privilege management of Linux. What we recognize is not your user name and password, but your uid and GID. To put it bluntly, it’s your user ID and group ID Copy code The code is as follows: >cat /etc/passwd</p> <p>root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bashdaemon:x:1:1:daemon:/usr/sbin:/bin/sh The top 0 is the user ID, and the group […]

  • The difference between VI and vim and the detailed explanation of command


    VI has three modes: insert mode, command mode and low line mode. Insert mode:In this mode, you can enter characters and press ESC to return to command mode. Command mode:You can move the cursor, delete characters, etc. Low row mode:It can save files, exit VI, set VI, search and other functions (low line mode can […]

  • CentOS desktop version switch login root account graphic tutorial


    1、 Enter CentOS 6.6 system, click System – about this computer to view the current system version, 2、 Move the mouse to the top right corner of the desktop, click the user name (my user name: qiangge), and then click switch user, 3、 When the switch user interface appears, select other, 4、 Then enter the […]

  • Docker deploying nginx


    Environment Description: Linux CentOS environment Operation preparation: Docker installed Start: 1. Pull image docker pull nginx 2. Prepare one nginx.conf Upload the file to / root / nginx / folder. If not, post a configuration at the end for use,Note that the encoding format of the file must be UTF-8, otherwise it will fail to […]

  • Examples to explain the Linux system server DNS related configuration


    The running environment is RedHat 9.0, IP address is, and the domain name is 1. Install the software package required by DNSCheck whether the bind software is installed, and input it in the terminal Copy code The code is as follows: [[email protected] root]# rpm -qa|grep bind redhat-config-bind-1.9.0-13bind-9.2.1-16bind-utils-9.2.1-16ypbind-1.11-4  If the above words appear, it […]