• Introduction to Linux kernel 0.12 startup and debugging records (Ubuntu 1804, Bochs, GDB)


    PS: if you want to reprint, please indicate the source. I own the copyright. PS: This is only based on my own understanding, If it conflicts with your principles and ideas, please understand and do not spray. Pre description This article serves as a backup of my CSDN blog’s master site( BlogID=102) Environmental description Ubuntu […]

  • How to set CentOS time zone and modify time


    Log in to the system with root user Copy the corresponding time zone file and replace the time zone file of CentOS system; Or create a linked file Copy code The code is as follows: CP / usr / share / zoneinfo / $primary time zone / $secondary time zone / etc / Localtime Available […]

  • Method of setting firewall for server of Linux system


    Firewalls help filter access ports and block login attempts using brute force. I prefer to use CSF (config server firewall), a powerful firewall. It uses iptables, which is easy to manage, and provides a web interface for users who are not good at entering commands. To install CSF, log in to the server and switch […]

  • Several shell practical scripts (Collector’s Edition)


    1 remote copy of special file name SCP commands are often used to copy files between servers. The command format is: (1)scp filename [[email protected]]host:dir (2)scp [[email protected]]host:dir1/filenamedir2 Format (1) copy the local file filename to the dir directory of the remote server host; format (2) copy the file filename under the dir1 directory of the remote […]

  • Laxcus cluster operating system version 5.2 gathers the whole family bucket, and a set of codes sweep all domestic CPUs


    afterEight months,Laxcus cluster operating systemThe technical team worked hard, worked overtime on 996 and 007, and finally completed the code migration and compatibility adaptation of all domestic CPUs, realizing the first small goal of this year: load all domestic CPUs into the laxcus family bucket without loss. These domestic CPUs include godson, megacore, haiguang, Feiteng, […]

  • A simple way to view and turn off Linux system services


    The essence of server is to provide access functions for various services. Make the server run only the required services and close the unused services. This will not only free up some system resources, but also make the server more secure. For example, if you just run a simple server, you obviously don’t need an […]

  • Method of configuring agent for SVN client in CentOS


    I installed subversion using root via yum,: Yum – y install subversion After installation, there is a hidden folder under the Cd ~ directory. You can see. Subversion through LS – A. there is a servers file under this directory, in which you can configure the agent check code. You can configure all domains in […]

  • How to introduce alias into bash script


    For more interesting content, please pay attention to WeChat official account:Back end technology cabin Use of alias In daily development, in order to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, we will use alias (command alias) to define the abbreviation of the command. Like in~/.bash_profileAdd to: alias ll=’ls -lrt –color’ alias bdebug=”go build -gcflags ‘-N -l'” […]

  • Detailed steps for installing CentOS 6.5 on win7 (installing CentOS 6.5 on hard disk)


    1、 Software required during installation 1. Hard disk partition software pqmagic two   Ext2Fsd   Copy files to ext2 (or ext3) file system under windows. Because EXT2 file system cannot be recognized under windows, that is, ext2 partitions are hidden and invisible under windows, ext2fsd can set to display ext2 partitions, so that corresponding files […]

  • Advanced usage of shell programming variables


    catalogue Variable replacement Variable test string manipulation String length Substring character index Substring length Extract substring Small trial ox knife Command replacement Typed variable Expr of mathematical operation BC of mathematical operation Variable replacement grammar explain ${variable name # matching rule} Slave variablestartMatch the rules to meet theminimumData deletion for ${variable name ## matching rule} […]

  • Method of configuring SNMP on Linux system


    Configuring SNMP on Debian or Ubuntu To install SNMP agent (snmpd) on Debian based systems, run the following command:     Copy code The code is as follows: <a></a>[email protected]:~# apt-get install snmpd    Then, edit the configuration file as follows.     Copy code The code is as follows: <a></a> [email protected] :~# vim /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf</p> agentAddress udp:161#Define a […]

  • Use of shell commands in Django


    Shell tools Django’s manage tool provides shell commands to help us configure the running environment of the current project (such as connecting to the database), so that we can directly execute test Python statements in the terminal. Enter the shell with the following command python shell Import two model classes for later use from […]