• The difference between memory and hard disk


    Many computer Xiaobai still have questions, that is, what is the difference between memory and hard disk? Why is the same 300 yuan, buy memory can only buy 8GB capacity, and hard disk can buy more than 250GB. Memory is also called internal memory. You can understand it as a transfer station for the exchange of […]

  • Functions commonly used in makefile


    Makefile defines a series of rules to specify which source files in the project need to be compiled first and whichsourceFile post compilation, whichsourceFiles need to be recompiled or even more complex operations.Once written, only one make command is needed, and the whole project automatically compiles according to the rules written in Makefile, which greatly […]

  • Home appliance electric control MCU


    As for the motor control scheme, DSP, MCU and FPGA have their own advantages and characteristics. Because of its strong data processing ability and fast operation speed, DSP is suitable for high-end and complex motor system control, but it depends on the maturity and stability of software algorithm, and has high requirements for developers. FPGA […]

  • EEPROM and flash cannot replace SRAM in most applications


    With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, various memories have been introduced one after another, and the performance has been continuously improved. As we all know, the data in the ordinary SRAM disappears immediately after the power supply is powered off. After power on again, the data in the memory is a random number. This […]

  • Memory on SOC


    SOC has application based memory. These memories are semiconductor memory blocks for calculation. Semiconductor memory usually refers to metal oxide semiconductor memory cells fabricated on a single silicon wafer. Memory types include: Volatile memory: memory that will lose data after power failure. They require a constant power supply to store information. Volatile memory is faster and […]



    SRAM can save the data stored in it without refreshing the circuit. SRAM has high performance and low power consumption. SRAM is mainly used for L2 cache. It uses transistors to store data. However, SRAM also has its disadvantages, low integration. DRAM memory with the same capacity can be designed as a small volume, but […]

  • MCU is the brain that controls electronic products


    Nowadays, many electrical appliances in our life use MCU. For example, mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, medical equipment, intelligent voice equipment, energy-saving control, alarm control, etc. So what has MCU done in these appliances?  Single chip microcomputer is the key to the action of these electrical appliances and the key to command the operation […]

  • Everspin MRAM FAQ


    Everspin technologies, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of MRAM and STT-MRAM. Its market and application fields involve data persistence and integrity, and low latency and security are very important. Everspin MRAM products are widely used in data center, cloud storage, energy, industry, automobile and transportation markets, laying the strongest and […]

  • Replace cypress nvSRAM with MRAM


    This chapter is about cypress 4Mbit (256K x 16) nvSRAM andMRAMThe differences of pins and packages in the package selection of 44 pin tsop-ii (thin small package type II) and 48 ball pad FBGA (small spacing ball grid array) are described in detail.  Replacement 44 tsop-ii package selection Figure 1 shows an example of replacing […]

  • Virtual machine Ubuntu 18 raspberry Pie 4 Qt5 14.2 cross compilation


    The compilation process mainly refers to《Cross compile Qt5 for raspberry Pie 4 14.2 (with eglfs support), you can follow the tutorial step by step. In the whole process, there are two places to pay attention to.        1. Sudo RPI update will fail to download through the command due to network problems. The […]

  • Introduction to FSMC peripherals of stm32


    01. FSMC features Flexible static memory controller (FSMC) is a flexible static memory controller. FSMC can be connected to asynchronous or synchronous memory or 16 bit PC memory card. Its main purposes are: Convert AHB data communication transactions to appropriate external device protocols Meet the access timing requirements of external devices All external memories share […]

  • STM32 driving LCD actual combat


    I wrote it some time ago《STM32 driving LCD principle》And《Introduction to FSMC peripherals of stm32》In two articles, this paper will make a practical application of STM32 driven LCD. LCD is the lmt028dn of Shenzhen topmicro Technology Development Co., Ltd., with a resolution of 320 * 240, a size of 2.8 inches and a color of 65K. […]