• PI Zi Heng embedded: easily update segger j-link flash download algorithm file for i.mxrt design (i.mxrt600 as an example)


    Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. What ruffian Heng shares with you today isUpdate segger j-link flash download algorithm file for i.mxrt design。 Want to debug in Flash, basically cannot do without Flash download algorithm, after all, first code the Flash into the code, and then debug. Mainstream MCU development environment […]

  • Mqtt user name password ActiveMQ


    Add user name and password for mqtt connection There is no user name and password by default Modify configuration file Add user name password Add effect Restart mqtt No user name connection test added Add user name connection test The connection was successful

  • How to improve the overall performance of dual port SRAM


    SRAM is widely used in various digital devices because of its high-speed and static advantages. It is often used as a buffer between different components. It plays an important role in the computer architecture, that is, the cache embedded in the CPU. The processing speed of computer is increasing rapidly. In order to provide enough […]

  • “Pi Zi Heng embedded semimonthly” issue 11


    PI Zi Heng embedded bimonthly: issue 11 Here are some useful and interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The Lunar New Year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release an issue on time on each festival day. This journal is an open source project (GitHub: jayheng […]

  • Vmalloc function


    Kmalloc, vmalloc and malloc, the three commonly used API functions, have considerable components. They look very similar, but they are very particular in implementation. Kmalloc is based on the slab allocator. The slab buffer is built on a block of memory with continuous physical address, so the buffer object is also physical address continuous. If […]

  • SRAM by use


    Embedded static random access memory (SRAM) is an important part of modern soc; with the development of technology, the research on SRAM has never been terminated. Among them, dual port SRAM can provide higher communication efficiency and parallelism for the system. With the increase of system throughput, the application is more and more widely. In terms […]

  • Low power Bluetooth architecture


    The architecture of low-power Bluetooth is relatively simple, including controller, host and application layer from bottom to top.      The controller consists of physical layer, direct test mode, link layer and the lower part of host control interface (HCI). It can send and receive radio signals and translate these radio signals into packets with information. […]

  • Mg51 — day 1 preliminary start board, debug equipment, test whether each function module works normally


    Add related serial port (ch340 COM3) Full board data list   Communication with PC was established successfully Equipment list   Successfully installed driver, impulse, test components Addition T (temperature) witnessed the change of air conditioning room temperature K (keyboard) stands for key value Change the circuit, plug the jumper to switch the stepper motor circuit […]

  • Summary of UART key points


    [guide] MCU serial port development is the most widely used communication interface, but also one of the most simple communication interface, but do you understand some of the key points? Take a look at some of my summary of the serial port, of course, this summary can not be comprehensive, just sort out some common […]

  • Summary of I2C key points


    [guide] the previous paper summarizes some noteworthy points of MCU serial port, this paper combs some application points of I2C bus. This topic is a little big. In fact, many places of I2C have not been explained clearly, just to form a series with the previous article. If you have any supplementary messages, please leave […]

  • CRC verification experiment of Modbus


    CRC verification experiment of Modbus formulation Name : “CRC-16/MODBUS” Width : 16 Poly : 8005 Init : FFFF RefIn : True RefOut : True XorOut : 0000 Check : ? First, refer to the Modbus calibration program given by some manufacturers const unsigned char auchCRCHi[] = { From the above program, we can see that […]

  • In fact, i.mxrt105010201015 series ROM also provides flexspi driver API


    Hello, everyone. I’m a ruffian. I’m a real technical ruffian. What ruffian Heng introduced to you today isi. Use of flexspi driver API in mxrt1050 / 1020 / 1015 ROM。 Today, ruffian Heng went to the 4S store to do maintenance for his car. After waiting for two hours at a time, he wrote this […]