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  • A solution to a missing download from the Dock on the Mac


    There is a download stack on the Dock of a Mac computer. When we click on it, by default, it shows the most recently downloaded items in a fan shape, which is very convenient for us to view the downloaded items. When I used the Mac, I was trying to drag something from the Dock, […]

  • How to turn on Safari developer mode on MAC?


    How do you open developer mode in the MAC browser how do you open developer mode in Safari 1. First open my browser (Safari), which is not in developer mode by default 2. Click on the top left cornerSafarichoosepreferences 3, check theDisplay the development menu in the menu bar, 4. When checked, you will see”The […]

  • How to query image attribute size information of MAC system?


    How to view the image size of MacBook Air and share it with you 1. Open the picture to be queried 2. Select a picture and click mouse 3. Selection“View display options” 4. Then pop up this box 5. “Show project introduction“Check” 6. The size of the pictures in this folder is shown. This method […]

  • How to move iTunes directory under Mac OS X


    It’s like flying after installing SSD. It only takes a few seconds to power on. It’s very fast to run large programs, compile code, copy files and other operations. The only trouble is that the 128G space of the system disk is too much for the huge lion system plus Xcode, abode CS5 and other […]

  • Three simple ways to connect Android devices to MAC


    MAC device is Apple’s desktop system, which is famous for its high cold. Unlike our usual windows system, MAC system has poor compatibility with software and hardware. For example, our common pea pod, APP treasure and 360 assistant can’t directly support Android phone to connect MAC system, and then it’s easy to connect IOS devices […]

  • Apple OS X 10.11.4 El capital beta1 release: perfect performance oriented


    Earlier today, apple officially released the firmware upgrade of IOS 9.3 beta 1 developer version, with the version number updated to 13e5181d. This update mainly added new functions such as multi-user support and screen color temperature adjustment. Earlier this morning, apple pushed the latest version of the system beta upgrade to various platforms, including IOS […]

  • How does Apple MacBook force the program to exit? Apple MacBook forced exit program method


    How does Apple MacBook force the program to exit? Apple MacBook is a Mac OS system. If you often use Windows system, you may press Ctrl + Alt + Del habitually.Open Task ManagerTo close the program, but the method of forced closing the program under Apple Mac is different, so how to use the function […]

  • How to share the screen in MAC


    Apple Mac has a sharing screen function, but many users have not tried this function, do not know how to use it. Today, Xiaobian brings you a picture and text tutorial of MAC screen sharing settings. Let’s have a look. 1. If two devices are in the same LAN, i.e. connected to the same WiFi, […]

  • What should I do when I look at TXT file display messy code under Apple Mac OS X system?


    This article will share with you how to solve the problem of easy scrambling when viewing TXT text files under OS X system. See below. 1. First of all, you need to find the TextEdit application.You can find it in the Lanuchpad add-onIt can also be usedSpotlight direct search. 2、After finding TextEditThe preference settings can […]

  • Mac Installation Guidelines and Summary of Common Development Tools


    Mac Installation Guidelines and Common Development Tools 1. Prepare a new Mac.1.1 enter the keyboard setting and set caps lock to Ctrl. Press Ctrl+a and Ctrl+e conveniently.1.2 Install Chinese input method, Baidu input method and Sogou input method. 2. office class Keynote,Numbers,PagesApple’s good software. All free, all installationOffice for Mac. 3. efficiency classEvernote NotesDropbox Powerful […]

  • What if the Mac wastebasket can’t be emptied?


    On our usual Windows system, there is a recycle bin for storing files that we delete. Similarly, on Apple’s Mac, there’s the same thing. It’s a waste basket. When we delete a file on the Mac, it goes into the wastebasket. To put it bluntly, the waste basket is actually a regret medicine. If you […]

  • How to solve the problem of applessd.sys error when Apple Mac installs win7


    It is believed that many users of Apple Mac encounter the problem of false alarm Apple SSD. sys when installing Win7 system, especially when installing Win7 false alarm Apple SSD. sys on the new Mac produced after 2013. So what about Mac installing Win7 error reporting AppleSSD. sys? The following edition will introduce the solution […]