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  • Developed on M1 Mac NET MAUI (iOS)


    Get started on M1 Mac Net Maui development (IOS). . net multi platform application UI (. Net Maui) is a cross platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop applications using c# and XAML that can run on Android, IOS, MacOS, and windows from a single shared code base. 1. Install MacOS arm64 on M1 […]

  • Function and configuration of swagger


    In learning net core, I came into contact with swagger, learned and recorded Introducing swagger into pure api projects can generate visual API interface pages       Introduction package Nuget package:Swashbuckle. Aspnetcore (latest stable version) to configure 1. Configure the startup class configureservices method 1 public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) 2 { 3 // swagger […]

  • Masa blazor introduction is enough


    1. What is blazor? What are the advantages? ASP. Net core blazor introduction Blazor is a framework for generating interactive client Web UI using blazor: Use c# instead of JavaScript to create an informative interactive UI. Shared use Net. Render the UI as HTML and CSS to support many browsers, including mobile browsers. Integration with […]

  • Practice of automatic deployment process of dapr project in azure Devops


    Note: This paper mainly discusses NET6. 0 project runs the continuous integration process of dapr in k8s, but in fact, it is not the same process when dapr projects are deployed to k8s, but the yaml configuration file of k8s is different Process selection The continuous integration of projects based on dapr includes the following […]

  • Simple steps to achieve sliding verification code (back-end verification)


    LazySlideCaptcha introduce LazySlideCaptchaIs based on Sliding verification code module of net standard 2.1. The project also provides a demonstration based on vue2Front end assemblyandBackground clipping tool。 [code cloud address] | [GitHub address] Graphic verification code, please movelazy-captcha。 Online experience point here Quick start install Package Manager Install-Package Lazy.SlideCaptcha.Core .NET CLI dotnet add package Lazy.SlideCaptcha.Core Register […]

  • Efcore 6.0 entry. This is enough


    preface As a coder who has been working in the dotnet industry, many ORM frameworks have been involved in large and small projects in recent years, such as efcore, dapper, NHibernate, sqlsugar, etc. These ORM have their own advantages and disadvantages. People have different opinions on their choices. In fact, it’s good to meet the […]

  • Use the compile – time AOP framework based on Roslyn to solve this problem Net project


    Ideal code optimization In the daily cooperation of the team, there will naturally be many duplicate codes. According to the types of these codes, they may be handled in the following ways mode describe Possible problems in application Hard coding Most novices, or decaying projects, will do this and directly copy the previously implemented code […]

  • Agileconfig 1.6.0 release – support service registration and discovery


    Hello, everyone. I haven’t output blog posts for a long time. One reason is that I’m busy. Another reason is that I’m mainly focused on adding a new function to agileconfig: service registration and discovery.First, let’s talk about why this function is added. My own project uses consul to register and discover components for services. […]

  • Blazer area


    In MVC, we often use area to distinguish various modules. For example, in the background, we can write an admin area. In the blazor era, this is no longer recommended. Now the recommended method is to distinguish by URL. For example, admin can configure @ page / admin / article to achieve the same usage […]

  • . net using docker


    . net began to support docker many years ago, but due to domestic Net status quo, there is almost no docker support in the production process. Take advantage of some time to make trouble ~. Advance work 1. First install} docker desktop 2. Install Visual Studio Create project Create an asp Net core API (webapplication1) […]

  • Blazor life cycle


    Execution cycle 1. SetParametersAsync 2. Oninitializedasync (called twice) and oninitialized; 3. Onparameterssetasync or onparametersset; 4. Onafterrenderasync and onafterrender; 5. Shouldrender will be called for each component rendering;     Analysis of each cycle SetParametersAsync Each time setparametersasync is called, the parameterview contains the entire parameter value set. The default implementation of setparametersasync sets the value […]

  • Blazor modification error prompt


    In blazor, if there is an exception in the code, the following error will be generated Many friends in the group asked, this error prompt is in English, can it be changed into Chinese? This is certainly possible. In fact, this error description is defined in the project itself, and the specific content can be […]