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  • Design of multiple login users in ABP


    scene In the “school management system”, students, parents, teachers, educational administration may log in and do some of their own operations. These users need different attributes. For example, students have student numbers, but teachers don’t. Application users When coding, you often need to get the information of the current login user, which is the application […]

  • core wechat payment (3) [query order apiv3]


    Official references   Order inquiry Theory and Practice The government provides two ways to query orders, one is based on the order number generated by the merchants themselves, and the other is based on the order number generated by wechat. And I use the first way. Call wechat paymentOrder inquiry, need to generate signature, according to […]

  • The interviewer asked: what is the solution to prevent duplicate requests?


    background In normal development, we often face the problem of preventing duplicate requests. When the server response to the request involves data modification or state change, it may cause great harm. The consequences of repeated requests are especially serious in the transaction system, after-sales rights protection and payment system. But most of the time, they […]

  • Redis quick start and Application


    brief introduction Redis is an open source key value storage, but it is not only a key value storage. In the words of the official website, redis is a data structure storage, which can be used as database, cache and message middleware. Compared with the traditional key value storage memcached, redis has the following characteristics: […]

  • One technology per day: wechat development – send template message


    summary Template messages are used only for official account sending important service notifications to users. They can only be used in service scenarios that meet their requirements, such as credit card notification, purchase success notice, etc. It does not support marketing messages such as advertisements and all other messages that may cause harassment to users. […]

  • Upgrade user experience through. Net nativeaot


    preface TypedocConverterIt’s a project that I started earlier because I helped to maintain the Monaco editor uwp, but because there are too many APIs in the Monaco editor, it’s not cost-effective to write the type binding of C #. This tool can directly generate the corresponding C # type binding code from the JSON file […]

  • . net 5 is deployed to run on docker


    1. Create a site Create an core web application and select enable docker support. Automatically create a dockerfile for us.     2. Write dockerfile file Dockerfile is a configuration file in file format. Users can use dockerfile to quickly build a custom image. It consists of one line of command statements and supports […]

  • Redis five data structures


    1、String This is the simplest redis type. If you only use this type, redis is like a persistent memcached server. 2、List Redis’s list is based on bidirectional linked list, which can support reverse search and traversal. Common cases: chat system, social network to get users’ latest posts, simple message queue, news paging list, blog comment […]

  • Hello, bulma( Blazor Component Library)


    Blazor official profile Blazor is a framework for generating interactive client Web UI using. Net Use C # instead of JavaScript to create information rich interactive UI. Share the server and client application logic written by. Net. Render the UI as HTML and CSS to support many browsers, including mobile browsers. Integration with new hosting […]

  • Implementation of JWT based login authentication with antdesign PRO +. Net core


    Many students said that agileconfig’s UI is really ugly. I think so. Originally, I used this project by myself. At the beginning, I didn’t even have UI. It was all manual modification of data in the database. Later, the UI was added, and the old bootstrap 3 was used as the basic style. The foreground […]

  • One technology per day: wechat development – Custom Menu


    summary Custom menus can help official account rich interface, allowing users to understand the official account number better and faster. Document definition Interface call request description HTTP request mode: Post (please use the HTTPS protocol) token=ACCESS_ TOKEN Examples of click and view requests { “button”:[ { “type”:”click”, “Name”: “songs of the day,”, “key”:”V1001_TODAY_MUSIC” }, […]

  • Building an identity server from scratch — single page application authentication


    In the last article, we introduced the authentication related content in core, and described the authentication and authorization process through the following figure:    Note: the flow chart has been modified. The code / ID is not directly obtained after the third party login_ token/access_ After login, you can access the protected resource (authorized […]