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  • Using JWT authentication in ASP. Net core 3.1


    Brief introduction of JWT certification There are a lot of JWT introductions on the Internet, which are not covered here. Let’s take a look at the structure of JWT. JWT is mainly composed of three parts, as follows: HEADER.PAYLOAD.SIGNATURE     HEADERThe metadata containing the token is mainly the encryption algorithm and the type of signature The […]

  • [5min +] how do you wear clothes like this? IEnumerable AND IEnumerator


    Series introduction brief introduction [five minute dotnet] is a blog series that uses your fragmented time to learn and enrich. Net knowledge. It contains all aspects that may be involved in the. Net system, such as the small details of C, aspnetcore, and. Net knowledge in microservices. scene You can take out your mobile phone […]

  • core web program hosted to Windows Service


    Preface We have also seen how to build windows services from. Net core 3.1 and worker services. Let’s take a look at how to host web applications into our services in this article Running web applications as services We need to compile our web application into exe file. In ASP. Net core, this is a […]

  • The pit where docker publishes the. Net core program


    Two problems in docker Publishing 1:Could not resolve CoreCLR path. For more details, enable tracing by setting COREHOST_TRACE environment variable to 1 2:Error:An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest(****.deps.json) was not package:’runtimepack.Microsoft.NetCore.App.Runtime.linux-64′,version:’3.1.0′ path ‘createdump’ Last week, when publishing the docker program, we accidentally chose the wrong deployment mode and the target runtime. After a […]

  • Hostingstartup of ASP. Net core 3. X modular development


    We hope to see a project (DLL) as a module / plug-in. A module often needs to do some initialization work when the application starts, such as adding some services to the IOC container to add its own data source for the application configuration object; we also hope to do some finishing work when the […]

  • .Net Core – AgileHttp


    With the New Year approaching in 2020, I wish. Net core better and better.After so many years of front-line development, I often deal with HTTP. For example, call the three-party web service, for example, when integrating wechat payment, the server initiates the prepayment payment. Especially now, distributed and microservices are popular, and the communication between […]

  • How the ASP. Net core 3. X General host carries the ASP. Net core


    I. Preface In the previous article “principle and use of ASP. Net core 3. X General host”, the general host in 3. X is pulled down. Just a friend wrote a case of. Net core 3.1 and workerservices building windows service, which can be used as a general host. This article mainly talks about how […]