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  • Analysis of authorization service design


    design idea Let’s talk about how it was designed       Design description As a microservice, permission service can be regarded as only one authorization center. In this authorization center, it mainly provides the verification of the business logic of users required by other services. For example, when you audit, you need to […]

  • Event bus based on rabbitmq


    In this era of hot micro service, if you don’t know a little bit of micro service related technology, there is no way to blow off the cattle. So it is necessary to understand and learn. So I recently looked at the knowledge related to microservices.Microservices involve a wide range of knowledge. I’m just going […]

  • Use the EF core migration function to create a database

    Time:2020-9-18 The above is the operation document of Microsoft. According to the operation, I encountered the following problem   OK, search engine oriented programming, but it’s useless. After looking at the document carefully, he found that he had to add the following package     OK, perfect solution      

  • ” ASP.NET Core development practice “- learning notes


    ” ASP.NET Core development ========== ========== ==========Dino EspositoZhao Litong[publishing] Tsinghua University Press[edition] 1st edition, July 2019[print number] the second printing in December 2019[price] 79.80 yuan========== ========== ========== [foreword] (PVI) ASP.NET Core is ASP.NET One technology that developers need to understand is another full stack solution available for web development on multiple platforms. [chapter 01] (P006) […]

  • Add an endpoint graph to your ASP.NET In the core application


    In this article, I’ll show you how to use itDfaGraphWriterService in ASP.NET Visualize your endpoint routing in core 3.0 applications. In the previous article, I showed you how to generate a directed graph (as shown in my last article), which can be visualized using graphvizonline. Finally, I described the points in the application life cycle […]

  • Using azure Devops pipeline to implement Ci of. Net core program


    Last time, azure application insights was introduced to realize the monitoring function of. Net core program. This time, let’s take a look at the azure Devops pipeline feature. Azure Devops pipeline is a component of azure Devops, which is also permanently free for 12-month trial accounts. Continuous integration Ci Continuous integration refers to integrating code […]

  • . net core using swagger


    Why use swagger Swagger is an API document management framework 1. You can add comments to the code, and automatically generate API documents without writing again. The friendly interface makes the API documents easier to understand. 2. One stop service. You only need to access the address of the swagger, you can see all the […]

  • . net core webapi uses JWT to verify signatures


    1、 Why use JWT 1. Cross language use. 2. There is no need to save anything on the server side, just save the token on the client side. 3. Simple implementation. 4. Unified authentication mode. If the mobile terminal also needs to be verified, JWT also supports it without modification. Otherwise, there is one set […]

  • Upgrade because you like it, mystaging-3.0 continues


    Why do I maintain mystagging At present, I am the only one in the maintenance of the project, when the right to learn exchange. Why should I continue to maintain it? After a thousand words, or because I like it, I decided to upgrade mystaging because of its simplicity and ease of use. At present, […]

  • Easy to create custom dfagraphwriter with impromptu interface reflection Library


    In this article, I created a customDfaGraphWriterThe implementation laid the foundation.DfaGraphWriterIs public, so you can use it in your application as shown in the previous article, but itUsedAll classes are marked asinternal。 This makes it a problem to create your own version. To solve this problem, I used an open source reflection libraryImpromptuInterfaceTo create a […]

  • MVC + efcore project practice – warehouse management system 6 – data source management – use view component to complete the card list


    Last time we completed the menu configuration and development milestone delineation. According to the plan, we will first develop the data source management in data warehouse management (corresponding menu is: data warehouse management / data source). The first supported data source is SQL Server database. 1、 Data source management function task decomposition We decompose this […]

  • Net 5 preview7 released


    Today, 5.0 preview 7 was released. This is the penultimate preview version (before moving to RC). At this point, most of the functionality should be very close to completion. Single file and arm64 intrinsics are the two functions that took the longest time to complete. Of course, preview 8 is already on track. See […]