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  • . NETCORE project Linux deployment summary


    Linux deployment documentation 1. Common instructions Find [/ root directory. Current directory] – name [file name] – find file path PS aux | grep [program name] – query startup status PS – EF | grep [program name] – query startup status Ls — view all files in the directory Kill – 9 PID — delete […]

  • The. NETCORE test unit uses Autofac dependency injection


    1. Create a test project using xUnit test project, create a dependencyinjection folder, and add Di in it_ Test.cs file public class DI_Test { public IContainer DICollections() {// get project path var basePath = Microsoft.DotNet.PlatformAbstractions.ApplicationEnvironment.ApplicationBasePath;        //Log           ILoggerFactory loggerFactory = new LoggerFactory(); IServiceCollection services = new ServiceCollection(); //Read configuration file IConfiguration configuration = new ConfigurationBuilder().AddJsonFile($”{basePath}appsettings.json”, false, […]

  • Explore the SIMD intrinsic function vector in the. Net platform


    summary Vector is a sequential container. In fact, it is similar to array, but it is superior to array. Generally speaking, arrays cannot be expanded dynamically, so when the program is running, it is either a waste of memory or out of bounds. Vector just makes up for this defect. Its feature is that it […]

  • Full stop full stop


    Question: self referencing loop detected for property ‘value’ with type ‘xxx’. Path ‘ Scenario: when using release in the. Net core environment, an error occurs when calling the appsettings.json file. The error content is as follows. The source code is as follows:     Startup:services.Configure(_configuration.GetSection(“xxx”));     public class TestClass : IOptions     {       public TestClass Value => this;       public […]

  • Introduction to bootstrap blazor component library


    Project introduction Demo system address: Blazor is a framework for generating interactive client Web UI using. Net: Use c# instead of JavaScript to create rich interactive UI. Share server-side and client-side application logic written in. Net. Render the UI as HTML and CSS to support many browsers, including mobile browsers. Using. Net for client-side web […]

  • Interpretation of core 5-kestrel source code


    The last section talked about the configuration and use of kestrel server. I believe many students have a preliminary understanding of kestrel server. Then some students may want to have a deeper understanding of how kestrel server monitors and receives HTTP requests. Today, let’s take a look at the source code of kestrel server. I […]

  • How do I port Java projects to. Net 5.0


    With  IP location Library  The author‘s “childhood dream” has come true again. In order to distribute this hard won database, the author found  ip2region  project The project provides a file format of offline IP location database with small volume and fast query speed, and provides query clients supported by multiple languages. However, the author of […]

  • Identityserver4 series | authorization code mode


    1、 Foreword In the last article aboutSimplified modeIn, it is requested in the form of browser through the clientIdentityServerThe service obtains the access token and requests to obtain the protected resource. However, because the token is carried in the URL, the security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we can consider other ways to solve this problem. […]

  • [the JSON value could not be converted to system. Nullable] error after core 3. X


    [the JSON value could not be converted to system. Nullable] error occurred in core after 2.1 — > 3.1 The solution is as follows:The above error occurs because fromASP.NET Core 3.0At first, it is used by defaultMicrosoft’s built-in JSON serialization and deserialization class library: system. Text. JSON, in this type of LibraryThere is no […]

  • Deploying the. Net core webapi application in IIS


    Environmental description This article demonstrates how to deploy net core, write webapi and deploy it as an IIS site. The demonstration environment is as follows: Visual Studio 2019(v16.8)  download .Net Core 3.1 download A device with IIS installed, in theory Note:. Net core 3.0 project development requires vs2019 (v16.3 and above) support Project creation The […]

  • Principle analysis of obtaining CLR index by prometheus-net.dotnetruntime


    prometheus-net.DotNetRuntimeintroduce Intro As mentioned in the previous article on integrating Prometheus,prometheus-net.DotNetRuntimeSome CLR data can be obtained, such as GC, ThreadPool, content, JIT and other indicators, which can help us solve many problems to a great extent, such as whether GC often occurs during application execution, whether GC waiting time is too long, whether there is […]

  • Ineuos industrial interconnection platform, the combination of web configuration (ineuview) primitives and data points and the generation of new graphic elements for reuse, so as to realize the drag service


    order        record one       Overview… 1 two       Platform Demo… 2 three       Application process… 2 one    summary Ineuview view modeling web configuration platform realizes the combination of primitives and data points and generates new primitives. Drag new combined primitives to realize the reuse of business primitives and rapid development of business systems. […]