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  • Step by step Vue + element front end application development (32) — Mobile SMS dynamic code login processing


    In some systems, sometimes users forget their password and can realize the system login function by sending dynamic verification code to their mobile phone. This essay introduces how to combine the processing of SMS sending and caching module of back-end ABP framework to realize SMS dynamic code login processing. The general login methods are divided […]

  • Step by step Vue + element front end application development (33) — mail parameter configuration and template mail sending processing


    In system processing, it is sometimes necessary to send e-mail to notify users, such as e-mail confirmation of new users, password retrieval, and routine subscription messages, notifications and other content processing, which can be processed by e-mail. This essay introduces how to realize the mail parameter configuration management of the system and send mail based […]

  • Tail tooth coat


    Five reading modes Five reading methods depend on  IConfiguration  and  IConfigurationRoot  object 1、 Primary writing //Case insensitive   string connectionString = _ configuration[“ConnectionString”]; 2、 Binding configuration model var config = new Config01(); _configuration.Bind(config); 3、 Partial binding //Websetting is a sub object of config. Var websetting = new websetting(); _configuration.GetSection(“WebSetting”).Bind(webSetting); 4、 Register services for configuration options […]

  • Jsonconsole in core 5.0


    Jsonconsole in core 5.0 Intro New log in core 5.0JsonConsole, or output log toConsole, but it will be appliedJsonOne of the formatsFormatterFormat the log into JSON and output it to the console Sample Let’s take a look at an example. Take a small project of mine as an example to demonstrate that the […]

  • ASP. Net core 3.1 getting started with real-time application signalr


    Reference article: Microsoft official document: -3.1 and   series Introduction to core signalr What is signalr? core signalr is an open source library that simplifies the ability to add real-time web functionality to applications.  Real time Web capabilities enable server-side code to immediately push content to the client. For signalr: Applications […]

  • Pagoda panel mounting paper case CMS


    Installing nginx To run paper-based CMS on Linux, nginx needs to be used as the reverse proxy to reverse proxy all requests to the paper-based CMS program for processing. First, install nginx in the software store on the pagoda panel:   Select the version to install, select Install 1.18 here, and then click submit to […]

  • Portal


    The configuration method of aspnet core multi environment is based on the startup class. WebBuilder. Usestartup() / / explicitly register and target startup.cs webBuilder.UseStartup(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().FullName); // Multi environment writing method: select the class based on the agreed name according to the environment variables There are two other methods, which are not described in detail here. It […]

  • Changes in Ocelot Middleware


    Changes in Ocelot Middleware Intro When we used Ocelot, we customized some middleware to meet our customized needs. Recently, a little partner in the blog asked me how to use it. He used version 16.0. The difference between versions 16.0 and 17.0 is not very large. Let’s take version 17.0 as an example to see […]

  • core developer’s Guide


    1 Introduction core developer’s Guide RoadmapIt points out the direction for the learning of our core developers. According to the roadmap, I have sorted out some reading notes, learning experiences and other article materials in the learning process, hoping to make common progress with you. The codes used in this article are: 2 […]

  • Release selenium chromedriver.exe from memory


    background I set up a c# code to run selenium chromedriver.exe. At the end of the run, I have browser. Close () to close the instance( Browser = webdriver. Chrome ()) I believe it should release chromedriver.exe from memory (I’m on Windows 7). However, after each run, there is still an instance of chromedriver.exe in […]

  • The. Net core handles webapi JSON and returns annoying null and empty


    preface In project development, annoying nulls will be encountered in both the foreground and background. If the fields in the database table allow null values, the corresponding field type in the code entity class is nullable < >, such as int?, DateTime?, The values returned from the serialization of null value fields are null. The […]

  • core uploads files to a shared folder


    reference upload files to shared folders Create shared folder reference: 1、 Configure relevant parameters of uploaded files and read parameters 1. Configure appsettings.json { “FileUploadInfo”: { “UploadPath”: “\\\\\\File”, “DownloadPath”: “”, “UserName”: “ShareUser”, “Password”: “Password” } } 2. Read configuration data 2.1 create a new entity class   /// ///File upload configuration item /// public […]