• Get last opened directory


    The path is simply saved to the CSV file, and is directly obtained next time. Call method: try { dialog.SelectedPath = FolderPathHelper.GetLastPath (“9009”, “menu 1″); } catch (Exception ex) { Log ($”failed to get path:{ ex.ToString ()}”); #if DEBUG throw ex; #endif } try { FolderPathHelper.SavePath (“9009”, “menu 1”, “C: \”); } catch (Exception ex) […]

  • C ා image format conversion


    In daily work, we often need pictures of different formats (jpg, PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO), and sometimes we need to convert the image formats. In this paper, with a simple example, we briefly describe the common methods of image format conversion, which is only for learning and sharing. If there are any shortcomings, please correct […]

  • Leetcode: part of weekly competition


    Ha ha, I’m addicted to the whole work todayI reviewed the problems that I felt I could do in the last two weeks, but I didn’tI feel that there are several deficiencies, and I hope that they can be gradually changed in the future1. The basic knowledge is not solid, and sometimes I will fall […]

  • C ා. Net code to prevent SQL injection class


    C ා. Net whole site to prevent SQL injection class code, need friends can refer to Let’s not talk about gossip. Code it, This is a web project. First, I create the sqlchecker class to verify the filtering of all requests from the front end to the background using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using […]

  • Creation and installation of windows services / Linux Daemons


    Introduction In the Microsoft technology stack, it is well known that there is a kind of project to support Windows service, and currently only supports windows series systems. The creation, debugging and installation of the project are relatively complex compared with the new contact friends. This paper introduces a simple and clear component, which can […]

  • Thread class of multithreading Series 2


    In the last article, we talked about the basis of multithreading. In this article, we will learn the thread class in C ා. The thread class is an API introduced in. Net Framework version 1.0. If the concept of thread is not clearPlease read my last article:Multithreading series (1), multithreading Foundation In this article, the […]

  • Thread pool of multithreading series (3)


    What is thread pool? In the. Netframework 1.0 era, thread has many API functions, and there is no control over the number of threads. In the. Netframework 2.0 era, ThreadPool was introduced. If the cost of creating and destroying an object is high, and the object can make these threads repeatedly, the thread pool needs […]

  • C ා thread isbackground foreground and background threads


    Thread distinguishes foreground and background thread property isbackground 1. Creating a thread is the foreground thread by default, that is, isbackground = true 2. The end of the main thread will be associated with the foreground thread, which will prevent the end of the main process and wait for the completion of the foreground thread. […]

  • Capture process output using C ා


    Capture process output using C ා Intro Most of the time, we may need to execute a command to get an output, and the typical one is that we need to use theFFMpegA series of operations such as video coding, compression and watermarking were implementedFFMpegCoreThe implementation principle of this class library is to start another […]

  • The method of installing dotnet SDK on UOS domestic system


    This paper tells you how to install dotnet SDK on UOS domestic system The UOS used is UOS 20 x64. This system version is based on Debian 10 and can be installed by Debian 10 Enter the UOS system, click the icon in the lower left corner, which is equivalent to the windows start button, […]

  • Dotnet uses xamarin forms to create GTK application with XAML interface on UOS domestic system


    In the previous blogs, we have been told how to deploy GTK applications. At this time, the applications are very weak, and they are only at the drag control level. Although we can write very powerful applications like WinForms, in order to improve the development efficiency, we started to use XAML artifact to write interface. […]

  • Dotnet installs MonoDevelop development tool on UOS domestic system


    This article tells you how to install MonoDevelop development tools on UOS. The UOS used in this paper is UOS 20 x64, which is based on Debian 10. The default MonoDevelop development tool does not provide UOS version, but provides Debian 10 version Manual installation of MonoDevelop is not reliable, this article recommends that you […]