• C ා Excel data reading and writing ᦇ custom parsing and encapsulation class ᦇ support to set the title row position & collect data with Excel expression & Cell Mapping & Title Mapping & parameter data replacement of template file


    This blog park is driven by tasks, but the existing experience of document technology using nopi technology does not support the demanding requirements I need to deal with various complex needs, so I can only build wheels to encapsulate it. Because I need to deal with many types of data collection needs, I have the […]

  • Filtering out logs that the ABP framework does not need to record


    This article is one of a series of articles based on the. NETCORE and ABP framework on how to let Windows services perform quartz scheduled jobs. problem ABP. Windowsservice / demo. Myjob / 4.0.0 this project not only contains job service, but also a web site service automatically generated by ABP project. The logging of […]

  • C. efficiency of “as” and “is” (original CSDN 2017-10-07 11:49:18)


    The 11th long holiday is about to pass. This year, I didn’t go home. I was just watching the Chinese version of C language standard 5.0. I saw the is operator and as operator yesterday. These two symbols are also used in normal projects. I haven’t compared their efficiency. Take advantage of the free time […]

  • . net core webapi (I) simple creation and use


    According to the current development trend of software development, webapi is used more and more widely, no matter front-end and back-end separation or providing data services, and. Net core is also the future development trend of our. Net developers, so it is necessary to learn to use. Net core API. As a rookie of. Net, […]

  • New features of PowerShell 6,7


    What’s new in PowerShell 6, 7.1. Each feature has a version number. Only from this version can this feature be supported.2 welcome to find fault, let me perfect the post.Most of them are new features of PS6. PS7 is just beginning to develop, and there are only a few new features.       —————————————————————-┏┳━━━━━━━━━━━┓┃┃███████████┃┃┃███████████┃┣┫███████┏━┓█┃┃┃███████┃P┃█┃┃┃███████┃O┃█┃┃┃███████┃┃███┃┃█┃█┃┣┫███████┃E┃█┃┃┃███████┃R┃█┃┃┃███████┃S┃█┃┃┃███████┃H┃█┃┣┫███████┃E┃█┃┃┃███████┃┃███┃┃█┃█┃┃┃███████┃L┃█┃┃┃███████┗━┛█┃┣┫███████████┃┃┃███V6.0██████┃┃┃███████████┃┗┻━━━━━━━━━━━┛ […]

  • My xamarin development configuration


    I use vs2019 Step 1: open vs → tools → Android → Android SDK manager to install Android SDK platform 28 under Android 9.0-pie and Android emulator in Google APIs Intel x86 atom system image tool Step 2: create the project, open the project properties → Android options → advanced → supported architecture (I have […]

  • Print out all the Narcissus numbers between 100-999


    Title: print out all the “narcissus number” between 100-999. The so-called “narcissus number” refers to a three digit number whose cubic sum of each digit is equal to the number itself. For example, 153 is a “narcissus number”, because the third power of 153 = 1 + 5 + 3.1. Program analysis: use for loop […]

  • Beginner three-tier architecture


    1、 Overview: Generally speaking, the three-tier architecture divides the whole business application into three layers: the presentation layer (UI), the business logic layer (BLL), and the data access layer (DAL). The purpose of distinguishing levels is the idea of “high cohesion and low coupling”. It is a kind of general design idea. 1、Presentation layer(UI): Generally […]

  • C ා processing XML format data returned by the interface


    Using system.xml; / / introduce namespace //Data returned by analog interface string [email protected]” xmlns:xsi=”””” xmlns=”””” >        200     Authentication information matching   “; var xd = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();Xd.loadxml (STR); / / XML load XML string Xmlnamespacemanager nsmanager = new xmlnamespacemanager (XD. Nametable); / / create a namespace Manager Nsmanager. Addnamespace (“XSD”, “”); / / when […]

  • C call interface to return JSON


      Namespace required using System.Net; using System.Net.Security using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates; using System.Web.Script.Serialization; using Newtonsoft.Json; //To process remote X.509 certificate validation to prevent failure to establish trust for SSL / TLS secure channel errors public static class Util {   public static void SetCertificatePolicy()   {    ServicePointManager.ServerCertificateValidationCallback     += RemoteCertificateValidate;   }   private static bool RemoteCertificateValidate(   object sender, X509Certificate cert,   X509Chain […]

  • Dynamic analysis of JSON


     Recently, JSON needs to be parsed dynamically in projects, but there are many ways to parse JSON. How to parse it reasonably is the problem we need to consider? For example, jtoken and jobobject provided under newtonsoft.json.linq and jsonconvert provided under newtonsoft.json. JObject  Used to manipulate JSON objects JArray For manipulating JSON arrays JValue Represents […]

  • The difference between null = = A and a = = null


    In the project code, we often see some old drivers write like this in the if judgment: if (null = = a), and I write if (a = = null) because of my habit. What’s the difference between the two? In fact, there is no difference between the two, but the former deals with details. […]