• HttpListener implements small web servers


    HttpListener implements web servers For small servers, simple, convenient, no deployment required. The total amount of code is no more than 50 lines. static void Main(string[] args) { // create HTTP listener using (var httpListener = new HttpListener()) { // listening path httpListener.Prefixes.Add(“http://localhost:8820/”); // set anonymous access httpListener.AuthenticationSchemes = AuthenticationSchemes.Anonymous; // start listening httpListener.Start(); Console.WriteLine(” […]

  • Using river to build a specflow + xUnit + selenium automatic function test environment for web pages


    Run rider, create test solution, select xUnit, and click create to create ​   Import package: because I use Chrome browser (download the corresponding browser driver first), I import selenium.webdriver.chromeddriver package. When importing such package, the reader can keep the same with the browser he uses.    Note: do not import packages with beta fields after […]

  • Java code implementation of sorting algorithm (2) — bubble sorting


    Content: Bubble sort Bubble sort Algorithm idea: The principle of bubble sorting is to compare adjacent elements from left to right. Each round of comparison finds the largest or the smallest in the sequence. This number will come out from the far right of the sequence. Code implementation: /** * */ package com.cherish.SortingAlgorithm; /** * […]

  • Fly across the sea as soon as possible


    First,Web Service  1, definition It can receive requests from other systems on the Internet. It is a lightweight and independent communication technology. It can make different applications running on different machines exchange data or integrate with each other without the help of additional and special third-party software or hardware. Therefore, it is a platform independent, […]

  • General steps of win service programming and installation


    General steps of win service programming and installation   The advantages of windows service are: 1. It can run automatically. 2. No user interaction is required. 3. Run in the background. This article will introduce the general steps and precautions of writing common service programs. Design service program example: Create a service program, main function: automatically […]

  • Using cefsharp to embed Google kernel in. Net


    Cefsharp can easily embed HTML in. Net without worrying about the compatibility between WPF and WinForm controls. Most of cefsharp’s code is C, which can be used in VB or other. Net platform languages. In recent days, the company needs to useWebBrowser,Several controls are considered, such as1. WebBrowser in WinForm2. WebBrowser in WPF3.WebKit.Net     4.CefSharp […]

  • Cookies under multiple domain names appear in the project


    When we view the cookies of a project, we sometimes see the cookies under multiple domain names, as shown in the following figure:       One common reason is because we refer to resources in another project. The following picture:         Important: one of the browser’s default mechanisms: if we refer to the resources […]

  • C# Interview Basic Knowledge Points: Value Type and Reference Type (1) (Fill in the Pit)


    Catalog Preface C# Value Type and Reference Type Base Classes (Common Points) Value types inherit base classes (differences) Application type inheritance Technical manager’s questions Can value types and reference types be compared with Equals? How to assign the value of an array a to array B and then modify it without affecting the original array? […]

  • Linq-related learning notes


    Language-Integrated Query Write a demo, see specifically🌰 The lambda expression is related to a little delegate delegate delegation, but it’s easy to understand. And yield, which is not very clear. namespace LINQDemo { public class Employee { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } }   using […]

  • NET Attribute


    NET Attribute From Fish Attribute: A declarative tag used to transfer behavior information of various elements in a program (such as classes, methods, structures, enumerations, components, etc.) at runtime. You can add declarative information to a program by using properties. A declarative label is described by placing square brackets ([]) in front of the elements […]

  • Elasticsearch Core Technology and Practice-Learning Notes


    Learning resources: Elasticsearch Chinese Community Daily Elastic search website Purchased a video course on geek timeElasticsearch Core Technology and PracticeIn the first video lesson, the lecturer Ruan Yiming mentioned a learning suggestion – setting goals.My goal is to write a blog to record the gains and problems of the learning process. As a. […]

  • Elasticsearch Core Technology and Practice-Brief Introduction


    Ruan Yiming, a lecturer, introduced that the Pronto team of eBay manages hundreds of Elastic search clusters within ebay, with more than 4000 data nodes. Services supported in the production environment include order search, commodity recommendation, log management, risk control, IT operation and maintenance, security monitoring, etc. What Elastic search can do First of all, […]