• Solution to the problem of SSIS calling the third party Library


    Background: The company wants to make a program that calls Google API to upload files to Google drive and share them with others. SQL server agent has been used to process other tasks, so it is required to use similar technology to complete the function. After: 1. Using Google API to develop SSIS components After […]

  • Release of form after switching in C # WinForm and prevention of repeated generation


    Question 1: how to close the window after switching and release the information? In C # WinForm, two forms, form1 and form2, are executed when they switch to each other this.Hide(); Form2 form2 = new Form2(); form2.Show();    At this point, you will find that when form2 appears, form1 is hidden, but when you close […]

  • C # utilization ServiceStack.Redis Visit redis


    summary As a popular NoSQL database, redis is more and more widely used because of its high performance and high availability. In this paper, a simple small example is given to illustrate ServiceStack.Redis The application of dynamic library in redis is only for learning and sharing. If there are any shortcomings, please correct them. development […]

  • The test of. Net template engine jntemplate v2.0 needs both domestic and speed


    Jntemplate is a domestic text parsing engine (template engine). Recently, the version 2.0 has been reconstructed. The author selects several template engines on gihub to do a simple small comparative test to see how the quality of domestic products is! Environment Description: operating system:Windows 10.0.19041.746 CPU: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1231 v3 3.40GHz Memory:8G . net framework:  […]

  • . net webclient calls webservice


    Calling WebService by webclient (download the complete code at the end of the article) First code: object[] inObjects = new[] { “14630, 14631” }; HttpWebClient wc = new HttpWebClient(2300); var result1 = WebServiceClientHelper.InvokeWebService(“ESBService_TEST”, “http://localhost/ESBService/VitalSign.svc?wsdl”, “QueryVocabSet”, inObjects, wc); WriteLine(result1.ToString()); public class HttpWebClient : WebClient { /// ///Initialization needs to set the timeout in milliseconds /// ///In […]

  • WeihanLi.Npoi 1.14.0 Release Notes


    WeihanLi.Npoi 1.14.0 Release Notes Intro Over the weekend, I updated the project, started using nullable reference types, and removed themnet45Support for, support onlynetstandard2.0 Changes Remove net45 Support The base library is going to be removednet45Because of many basic APIs, thenetstandard2.0Yes, there are, butnet45No, for exampleArray.Empty/Task.CompletedResultSo a lot of time we need to work for themnet45Write […]

  • Unit test in. Net project


    Unit test in. Net project Intro “Programmers who can’t write unit tests are not qualified programmers, and programmers who don’t write unit tests are not good engineers.” ——A bad ape who wants to be a good programmer. So the question is, what is unit testing and how to do it. unit testing Definition of unit […]

  • Summary of instantiation order and method rewriting usage in class inheritance and polymorphism


    This paper summarizes the instantiation order when using class inheritance and polymorphism, as well as the usage and rules of new, virtual, abstract and override in method inheritance rewriting Inheritance relation: when instantiating an object, the scope of action type is from the initial base class to the class of the specific instance object (including […]

  • High performance data import scheme & table filter & one to many support filtering -. Net sqlsugar ORM


    1、 What are the difficulties of data import It can be said that 100% of developers will encounter this function, and it is very common, such as batch operation. Do you know which data is wrong? You don’t even know, the customer doesn’t know   1. Data classification You need to classify and summarize the […]

  • Database application development


    Today’s database experiment is to “master the general method of database application development”, and the development environment is vs (I use version 19 here) 1、 Preparation Operating environment: above win7 DBMS:MySQL 5.5 Development environment: vs19 (12 or above is OK) 2、 Establish engineering project Default template after new project using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; […]

  • An example of functional programming


    After the introduction of f#in the previous articles in this series, it’s time for a smaller example. For the original text of this example, see To convert Roman numerals into ordinary decimal digits, the complete code is as follows: module Roman = type Digit = I | V | X | L | C | […]

  • F # – unpacking / Deconstructing of functional programming


    original text I think this feature is relatively new. I haven’t seen it before. Let’s look at the code first type Dollar = Dollar of int let earn d:Dollar = d + 10 // Error Although there are only two lines of code, there are many things worth explaining. The first line, there are twoDollarBut […]