• An agile development practice of amateur project


    This time, a user login permission control module is added to the original apitemplate project to verify how to abstract and support future expansion when facing some simple problems. The user login authority control module looks very simple, but its spare time is always limited. So take advantage of this opportunity to practice a user […]

  • Redis cluster building ~ redis-x64-3.2.100


    Reference documents:   1. Configure redis service Download redis-x64-3.2.100 in ZIP format, unzip it to the root directory of disk D, and then copy 6 configuration files, namely 6279 ~ 6384Download Directory: The contents of the main configuration file are as follows: take [redis. Windows-service6379. Conf] as an example, the […]

  • DLL file generated by webapi


    1. Download the plug-in fiddler Get the code by Drag the left side into the right side and click “run code” to check whether it is feasible         2. Open vs and create a new console program         3. Paste the code in fiddler for modification and debugging […]

  • Foundation of rabbitmq message queue (2)


    As for the basic knowledge, the great gods have summarized it very well. Here is the link Reference article: Https:// (rabbitmq Series)

  • Solution for “Microsoft. Ace. OLEDB. 12.0” provider not registered on local machine “


    “The” “Microsoft. Ace. OLEDB. 12.0” “provider is not registered on the local computer, whether it is connected to an access database or a SQL Server database.” This problem has puzzled me for many years since office 2016. My software version: win10 (x64) system + office 2019 (x64) software + Visual Studio 2019 It’s finally settled […]

  • . net core webapi (III) deployment on Linux server


    Pigeon for a long time, finally have a time to continue to write, after the last one, and write (water) one, what are the shortcomings please point out, thank you. There are two necessary software, putty and PSCP, which I have uploaded to the blog park. Please click here for download. 1、 Prepare server First […]

  • C ා web API file online preview


    Recently, I am writing a mobile API interface. One of the requirements is that the interface returns the URL address of the attachment to let the mobile call to realize online preview of the file. General implementation idea: convert doc, xls and other text format files into PDF, and store the converted PDF file on […]

  • Interview trip of Xiao Pang Li


    #0 order All the past is the preface —Shakespeare   #1 causes Before October 1, it was found that sudden nausea often occurred in the middle of the night, accompanied by a stream of its irritant liquid flowing back to the throat, which made it hard to sleep well. After October 1, I found a […]

  • Winfrom get focus control


    [DllImport(“user32.dll”, CharSet = CharSet.Auto, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Winapi)] internal static extern IntPtr GetFocus(); ///Get the control that currently has focus private Control GetFocusedControl() { Control focusedControl = null; IntPtr focusedHandle = GetFocus(); if (focusedHandle != IntPtr.Zero) focusedControl = Control.FromChildHandle(focusedHandle); return focusedControl; } View Code Original link:  

  • C × keep two decimal places


    Keep two decimal places For simple reasons, you can look at the code block directly. using System; namespace HelloWorld { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { decimal decimals = 34.99999M; double doubles = 34.99999; float floats = 34.99999F; string strings = “34.99999”; Console. Writeline ($”decision type: {decisions: F2}”); Console. Writeline ($”double type: {double: […]

  • . net core to IIS HTTP error 500.30 – ANCM in process start failure


    1. IIS WebBuilder. Useiis() is not configured in the program; 2. The Autofac container injection error in startupproduction and the new version of CORS middleware have blocked the use of any origin, that is, the allowanyorgin setting will not take effect 3. You can try to view the output in the dotnet.dll control set at […]

  • C ා if else statement


    I. Introduction An IF statement can be followed by an optional else statement, which is executed when the Boolean expression is false. Two. Grammar If (judgment condition) { Code executed; } else { Code executed; } Description: Execution process:When the program executes to if, it first determines if the parenthesis of if is to determine […]