• Detailed procedure for running zkeacms on CentOS


    Zkeacms core is developed based on. Net core and can run across platforms on windows, Linux and MAC. Next, let’s see how to run zkeacms on CentOS. Installing the. Net core runtime Run the following command to install the. Net core runtime sudo yum install libunwind libicu curl -sSL -o dotnet.tar.gz sudo mkdir -p […]

  • Amazing ASP.NET Core 2.0


    preface The change and development speed of core is fast. When you find that you have not mastered core 1.0, 2.0 is about to be released. At present, 2.0 is in Preview 1, which means that the function has been basically determined. Students who have not studied core can start from 2.0 […]

  • core gracefully saves user secrets in the development environment


    preface In the process of application development, sometimes it is necessary to save some confidential information in the code, such as encryption key, string, user name and password. The usual way is to save it to a configuration file. In the past, we will save it to web.config, but in core, this method may […]

  • NopCommerce based development framework with source code


    . net developers should know that this famous high-quality B2C open source project, NopCommerce, is developed based on entityframework and MVC, has a transparent and well structured solution, and combines the best features of open source and commercial software. Official website address:, Chinese website:。 After downloading, the front and rear ends are shown as follows. […]

  • Rapid construction of MVC admin home page


    preface Background developers generally don’t like to adjust the style. They can’t get out of the style for half a day. They also need to consider the compatibility of various browsers. It’s hard and thankless. Fortunately, there are a lot of resource sharing in the Internet era, so we can avoid starting from scratch. Now […]

  • Webapi2 file image upload and download function


    ASP. Net framework webapi2 file upload and download front-end interface is implemented in Ajax 1、 Project structure 1.App_ Start is configured with cross domain access to avoid that the request cannot be submitted due to cross domain problems. The specific cross domain configuration method is as follows. Please skip it if you know. Cross domain […]

  • Detailed explanation of mass e-mail function realized by


    This paper describes the mass e-mail function realized by ASP. Net. Share with you for your reference, as follows: Some time ago, a group email function was needed in the website developed for teachers, and there were some problems with the group email function of we7 when I studied CMS system. So I went online […]

  • Method of realizing provincial and municipal two-level linkage function with jQuery + ASP. Net


    This paper describes the method of realizing provincial and municipal two-level linkage function with jQuery + ASP. Net. Share with you for your reference, as follows: Page HTML: <%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeFile=”ddlAjax.aspx.cs” Inherits=”ThreeAjaxDrop_ddlAjax” %> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”> <html xmlns=””> <head runat=”server”> < title > dropdownlist three-level linkage < / […]

  • MVC + bootstrap + Draper uses pagedlist.mvc to support multi query criteria paging


    A few days ago, I did a small project and used MVC + bootstrap. In the past, paging was done by asynchronously loading MVC partial views, because this is a small project, just a little casually. For general list pages, query conditions are indispensable. Let’s share the experience of Draper + pagedlist.mvc in supporting multi […]

  • WPF realizes simple running lamp effect


    In recent projects, the effect of the running lantern will be used. What is different from the Internet is that most of the Internet are continuous, while what we require is discontinuous. In other words, four items are displayed on the interface (the number of items displayed is variable). If there are seven items to […]

  • ASP. Net core MVC project implements multilingual instances (Globalization / localization)


    Just recently, I’m implementing a multilingual function for a razor MVC project, which is called globalization, localization and whatever. The final effect is to switch the language of the whole station with one click, and only need to write a set of pages when developing. Let’s get to the point First, we need to create […]

  • Precautions for using mvcpager paging control


    Learning MVC for the first time, I made a single page application, which needs to display multiple pages without refresh and update. Found the mvcpager control, very easy to use, and encountered many problems in the process of using Ajax. Slowly debug and consult Mr. Yang (author of mvcpaegr), and Yu has solved it. First, […]