• Example of. Net sending mail


    Preface This article mainly introduced to you about. Net to send mail related content, share it for your reference and study, the next few words, let’s have a look at the detailed introduction. Be careful:You need to find “POP3 / SMTP service” and start it, and then generate the authorization code, which is the password […]

  • Complete steps of deploying MVC project to local IIS


    Preface By default, developing a web site in visual studio will run in iisexpress. What if you want to deploy the web site to a local IIS server? Several key points to configure IIS: 1. URL rewriting module, which used to be the function of ISAPI filter, seems to be revised later, and all of […]

  • Application method of partial view in MVC


    Summary:  In the development experience of web form, user control is frequently used, which can reduce repetitive code and facilitate page modularization. This concept has also been introduced into MVC, “partial view“. What is segment view and when should we use it? As a developer familiar with MVC model, they naturally want […]

  • Vs2012 realizes simple login interface


    The example of this article shares the specific code of vs2012 to realize the login interface for your reference. The specific content is as follows This is the code of the first interface: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Data.SqlClient; Namespace login […]

  • Design of QT creator login dialog box under vs2012


    Recently, I read QT tutorial and software to learn QT. The programming of this book is carried out on QT creator, and I prefer to develop on vs2012. Therefore, according to my experience in the experiment, I take notes on some problems and solutions of QT programming in vs2012, and I use qt5.3 version. First, […]

  • Explain how to use aspnetcore API and consumer under Windows


    1. Concept: what is consumer Consul is a whole composed of multiple components, which functions as Eureka and zookeeper, and is used for service discovery and governance. Features of consul: 1. Service discovery: consumer can provide registered services to users, or actively discover services. In the client interface of consumer, users can get service information, […]

  • How to deploy ASP. Net core in combination with consumer under CentOS 7.4


    In the last part, we talked about the concept of consumer and how to use it under win: The steps are as follows: 1. Install VM 2. Download and install CentOS 7.4 Download address: This is the installation example: VM virtual machine installation CentOS example 3. Configure the network environment (ensure the […]

  • Several ways of serializing and deserializing JSON in. Net


    I. what is JSON JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification developed by European Computer Association) and uses a text format completely independent of programming language to store and represent data. The simple and clear hierarchy makes JSON an ideal data exchange […]

  • Setting up cross domain access in MVC


    1. What is cross domain request JS forbids sending an Ajax request to a website that is not the current domain name. Even if the data is successfully responded, your JS will still report an error. This is the same origin policy limitation of JS. It is not the programming problem of our website that […]

  • The method of AutoCAD. Net forbidding entity to be deleted


    In this paper, we share the specific code of AutoCAD. Net forbidding the deletion of entities for your reference. The specific content is as follows Forbidding elements from being deleted by users can be implemented through objectoverride. The following codes: 1. Command adderaseoverrule to create two elements and prohibit them from being deleted.2. Command removeeraseoverrule […]

  • JWT + MVC timestamp to prevent replay attack


    Time stamp function The client is requesting from the server interface. If the request information is encrypted and intercepted by the third party, the request package can be used for repeated request operations. If the server does not carry out anti replay attack, the server pressure will increase, and the use of timestamp can solve […]

  • A detailed explanation of the method of making security settings for web site under core


    Preface This article mainly introduces the content about core making security settings for the website, and shares it for your reference and study. I won’t say much next, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction The setting method is as follows First, let’s look at the request header file of the stack overflow […]