• (89) WinForm custom control – Custom scroll bar (treeview, panel, DataGridView, listbox, listview, textbox)


    Official website premise Has been in the industry for 7,8 years, has always wanted to do a set of beautiful custom controls, so there is a series of articles. GitHub: Code cloud: winform_ custom_ control.git If you think the writing is OK, please click a star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins […]

  • Complete entry record of. Net core microservices (end) — Ocelot and swagger


    Tips: This article has been added to the reading list of series articles. You can click to see more related articles. preface In the last article, docker composition and container network was completed- compose.yml Finally, the whole complex environment can be run in docker by using an up instruction of docker compose. This article briefly […]

  • How to use unity timestamp


    Although timestamping is a relatively small function in game development? However, the lack of this function will lead to difficulties in development. In order to help you develop, let’s introduce how to use the timestamp. Let’s have a look. Convert timestamp to time publicstatic string getTime(string_time) { stringtimeStamp = _time; DateTime dtStart = TimeZone.CurrentTimeZone.ToLocalTime(newDateTime(1970, 1, […]

  • ASP.NET The example code of switching between Chinese and English in core MVC


    Hello. We haven’t updated it for a long time. Today, I’d like to introduce a recently developed function, that is, Chinese English switching. This is not a big one. Let’s talk about the principle. In the. Net core framework, we provide a global class called localization, which is the official document address delivery gate. In […]

  • According to the reflection, websever is called dynamically


    [WebMethod] public string index(string Action,string Message) { try{ WebClient(); Stream stream = web.OpenRead(“http://localhost/test/WebService.asmx?WSDL”);ServiceDescription.Read (stream);ServiceDescriptionImporter();C odeGenerationOptions.GenerateNewAsync ; CodeCompileUnit(); unit.Namespaces.Add(nmspace); ServiceDescriptionImportWarnings warning = importer.Import(nmspace, unit); CodeDomProvider provider = CodeDomProvider.CreateProvider(“CSharp”); CompilerParameters parameter = new CompilerParameters(); parameter.GenerateExecutable = false; parameter.GenerateInMemory = true; parameter.ReferencedAssemblies.Add(“System.dll”); parameter.ReferencedAssemblies.Add(“System.XML.dll”); parameter.ReferencedAssemblies.Add(“System.Web.Services.dll”); parameter.ReferencedAssemblies.Add(“System.Data.dll”); CompilerResults result =provider.CompileAssemblyFromDom (parameter, unit);result.Errors.HasErrors) { Assembly asm =result.CompiledAssembly ;); object o =Activator.CreateInstance […]

  • Use dot and graphvizonline to visualize your ASP.NETCore3 . 0 endpoint 01


    This is the first in a series of articles: visualizing with graphvizonline ASP.NETCore3 . 0 endpoint. . Part 1 – use dot to visualize your ASP.NETCore3 . 0 endpoints (this article) Part 2 – direction ASP.NET Core application add endpoint graph Part 3 – create a custom dfagraphwriter using impromptu interface to facilitate reflection Author: […]

  • C ා using WebBrowser to realize HTML to picture function


    On the. Net platform, there are many ways to convert a piece of HTML text into an image: HTML renderer, selectpdf Aspose.Html Etc. In the WinForm program, eachSystem.Windows.Forms.ControlEach of the derived types of contains aDrawToBitmapMethod that draws the control onto a picture. WebBrowser has the function of displaying HTML, and because it derives from control […]

  • C ා call SendMessage to refresh taskbar icon (icon does not disappear at the end of force)


    This paper refers to C + + rewriting (misunderstanding of the coordinates in this article will lead to invalid function) The coordinates in the mobile mouse of SendMessage are based on the coordinates in the handle, not the screen coordinates. If the width of the taskbar is 300 and the height is fixed at […]

  • Explain in detail how to obtain the attribute information of C ා class data changes


    1、 Preface# In the usual development, when users modify data, there is no good way to record the specific changes. We can only use the method of serializing the class into JSON strings and then inserting them into the log. At this time, it is very difficult for us to know which field values the […]

  • Methods of using exceptionfilter filter filter in. Net core


    There are various filters in. Net core, which are authoritionfilter, resourcefilter, exceptionfilter, actionfilter and resultfilter. You can think of them as an extension package of AOP that comes with. Net core. Let’s look at one of them today: exceptionfilter (for global exception handling) First, create a new. Net core MVC project Create a new controller: […]

  • One second minesweeping


    You can directly use CE to modify the total number of mines. The following is the memory address of the total number of mines directly modified through C ා /// PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS -> (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED | SYNCHRONIZE | 0xFFF) public const int PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS = (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED| (SYNCHRONIZE | 4095)); /// STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED -> (0x000F0000L) public const int STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED = […]

  • Do you really know datetime in C?


    Datetime is a great fusion of the world.   Date and time are very important in our development. Datetime is used to express and process date and time in C ා. This paper is a summary of using datetime for many years, including the overall application of datetime object, and how to deal with different […]