• Mbprogresshud source code (I)


    This post records the learning process of mbprogresshud source code. Starting from the official demo project, we can learn its code structure step by step, learn the technology it uses, and experience the author’s programming ideas. I. structure Let’s first look at the structure of mbprogresshud and see the definition of its class.1. Mbprogresshud is […]

  • IOS components rely on sharing tips to avoid conflicts


    Reasons for the problem This article takes the ybimagebrowser [1] component as an example. Ybimagebrowser relies on sdwebimage. When using cocoapods to integrate into the project, there may be some dependency conflicts. Recently, the community raised multiple issues and saw high concerns in insights – > Traffic – > popular content, so it can’t be […]

  • [Objective-C] the dynamics of Objective-C


    The dynamic of Objective-C is mainly reflected in the following three aspects (1) dynamic type: determines the type of object at runtime. (2) dynamic binding: the method to determine the object at runtime. (3) dynamic load: load the required resources or code modules at runtime. I. dynamic type Dynamic type refers to the dynamic nature […]

  • Detailed explanation of Mac OS password free login to CentOS


    MacOS password free access to CentOS Environmental Science The operating environment of this paper is as follows: CentOs 7 MacOs10.12.6 Generate secret key First, generate the secret key on the local machine, open the terminal, and input: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C [email protected] The back mailbox is free Then press enter all the time. After execution, […]

  • Introduction to Fastlane


    What is Fastlane Git address: Fastlane Document address:Fastlane Document Fastlane is a complete set of client cicd tools. Fastlane can build an automatic publishing service very quickly and simply, and supports Android, IOS and Mac OS. The bottom layer of Fastlane command execution is not implemented by itself, but by calling other plug-ins or tools. […]

  • Setting the terminal code of jailbreak IOS correctly — the processing of command line Chinese


    This article is aimed at the jailbreak iPhone. If you don’t watch the iPhone without jailbreak, you won’t be able to use it. The jailbreak iPhone, of course, is designed to do all sorts of interesting things like computers.But usually the jailbreak iPhone can’t deal with Chinese in the command line, such as the Chinese […]

  • IOS about some gesture conflicts (Scrollview nested tableview)


    In short, there is a conflict between a parent trying to add a gesture and a child trying to click an event in development, and the situation where uiscrollview nested uiscrollview and uiscrollview nested uitableview; Clicking clash If you add a click gesture gestap to the existing xktestview based on uiview, and then add a […]

  • Detailed explanation of react native custom components and output methods


    brief introduction If you read this article, you need to have a certain understanding of the development of reactnative. This article says that the components provided in reactnative can not meet the requirements, or native is used for more mature components to output, then you need to use custom components Through this article, we can […]

  • What’s missing in [IOS]


    I. afnetworking post pure string Modify location afurlrequestserialization Before modification NSString * AFQueryStringFromParameters(NSDictionary *parameters) { NSMutableArray *mutablePairs = [NSMutableArray array]; for (AFQueryStringPair *pair in AFQueryStringPairsFromDictionary(parameters)) { [mutablePairs addObject:[pair URLEncodedStringValue]]; } return [mutablePairs componentsJoinedByString:@”&”]; } After modification NSString * AFQueryStringFromParameters(NSDictionary *parameters) { if ([parameters isKindOfClass:[NSString class]]) return (NSString *)parameters; NSMutableArray *mutablePairs = [NSMutableArray array]; for (AFQueryStringPair […]

  • Several basic usage records of runtime in IOS


    Introduction to runtime This is not a one-time introduction to the details of runtime implementation, but an article on how to use the runtime API provided by Objective-C for development! Objective – C has a lot of dynamic features, which play a role in running programs Objctive-c runtime is a runtime library implemented by C […]

  • Data persistence


    1. Plist file That is, the property list file. The full name is property list. The extension of this file is. Plist. Therefore, it is usually called plist file. It is a kind of file used to store serialized objects. It is used to store data that is often used in programs and the amount […]

  • The stumbling phenomenon caused by using GCD in IOS app and its solution


    Recently, we have investigated various kinds of Caton phenomena and solutions in IOS apps. The probability of IOS app becoming stuck may exceed most people’s imagination, especially for flagship apps of large companies. On the one hand, due to the continuous accumulation of business functions, the lack of coordination among various product teams, everyone is […]