• Explain IOS project and targets configuration in detail


    Recently, I started to learn the development process and ideas of complete IOS project. In the actual project development process, we usually need to version control and manage the project code and data. Generally, SVN or GitHub is commonly used for code version control and project management. Xcode, the development tool of our IOS project, […]

  • IOS klgeneratespamcode


      Parameter description (required)The absolute path of the source folder (for example:/Users/kelei/Documents/work/git/projectName/source) -Modify project name [original name] > [new name] modify the project name. The program will be modifiedOriginal name – swift. H、Podfile、Original name – bridging-header. H、Source folder absolute path、Original name.xcodeprojandOriginal name.xcworkspaceThe name and content of.PodfileManual operation is required after modificationpod install -Modifyclassnameprefix [project file […]

  • For swiftui, this is enough


    Swiftui is a new way to build UI and a new coding style. In this paper, we share the new features of swift 5.1 syntax and the advantages of swiftui in an easy-to-understand language. We hope that it will be helpful to the students who love the mobile terminal and let us understand swiftui as […]

  • Xcode9 project uploaded to GitHub tutorial


    Recently, I learned the development process and ideas of a complete project through video. In order to simulate the actual development process more truly, we need to version control and manage the code and some materials of the project. Generally, SVN or GitHub is commonly used for code version control and project management. Xcode, the […]

  • Analysis of xcconfig of IOS


    background In Xcode, when many people cooperate, it is easy to conflict, especially in the configuration file of the project. If you just modify something in the build settings, you will find that there are several modifications in the project setting when you commit. At this time, xcconfig plays a powerful role. We can decouple […]

  • Explain the automatic sign of IOS to package on the device


    Xcode8 provides an automatically sign function, which provides a lot of convenience for developers. It’s very convenient to package the app to the real machine for testing. It doesn’t need to manually register, manually generate the certificate, generate the provision, and hand over the development 99To operate these. With this function, you don’t need it. […]

  • Summary of IOS tips, absolutely what you want (continuous update)


    Recently, I summarize some tips in IOS development, which can greatly facilitate our development. Group style top blank handling of uitableview //Group list header blank processing UIView *view = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 0, 0.1)]; self.tableView.tableHeaderView = view; In the plain style of uitableview, cancel the stagnation effect of the header – (void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView { […]

  • Http / HTTPS request of IOS


    Charles installation HTTP packet capture HTTPS packet capture 1. Charles installation Download and install Charles: 2. HTTP packet capture (1) View computer IP address (2) Set mobile HTTP proxy Connect the mobile phone to the computer, click Settings > WLAN > connected WiFi, and set the HTTP proxy:Server IP address: 8888 After setting […]

  • Xcode Info.plist Field details


    Info.plist Used to provide IOS with some important information about app, bundle or framework. It specifies, for example, how an application should be launched, how it is localized, the name of the application, the icon to display, and more. Info.plist The file is actually an XML file of Apple’s predefined schema. In order to build […]

  • Byte IOS development post interview real question (offered)


        preface The epidemic situation has been basically controlled, and the interview has begun gradually. The following IOS interview questions are for reference only. After all, the interview is uncontrollable, but the more you know, the greater the natural opportunity! Byte side content: 1. Self introduction 2. Introduce a project in your resume 3. […]

  • IOS wechat confirm and alert remove the instance code of the website address


    When WeChat official account is developed, the WeChat browser on the IOS side is opened. When the confirm and alert are triggered, the pop-up box will have the current URL information, and the Android terminal will not test. The solutions are as follows: “` window.alert = function(name){ var iframe = document.createElement(“IFRAME”);”none”; iframe.setAttribute(“src”, ‘data:text/plain,’); document.documentElement.appendChild(iframe); […]

  • IOS internal purchase and subscription


        About verification: //Sandbox static final string TestUrl =“ “;//Official static final string product =“ “; The content returned by requesting Apple address is conten-type = application/json The requested Apple content is string param = “{receive data \”: \ “+ Base64 +” \ “} returned by the client; {    “receipt”: {  […]