• How to load and preview local HTML file in flutter


    The steps are as follows To create an HTML file in assets, you need to access it as follows Here, create a files folder to hold these static HTML files In pubspec.yaml Configure access location in assets: – assets/images/ – assets/files/ In pubspec.yaml Add WebView_ Flutter plug-in dependencies webview_flutter: ^0.3.15+1 //Please see the official website […]

  • Tools for source code analysis of Android jar / Library


    catalog:Source code analysis of Android jar / Library  Bolts: effect:     It is used to chain execute cross thread code and transfer data Chestnut: Callable() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return true; } }, Task.UI_THREAD_EXECUTOR); Task.callInBackground(new Callable() { @Override public Boolean call() throws Exception { return false; } }); Task.callInBackground(new Callable() { […]

  • Specific use of object expression and object declaration in kotlin


    The main difference between kotlin‘s object expression and Java’s anonymous inner class is that an anonymous inner class can only specify one parent type, but an object expression can specify 0-n skin types. 1、 Object expression The syntax format of object expression is as follows: Object [: 0 ~ n parent types]{ //The body part […]

  • Source code analysis of Android jar / Library: rxjava2


    catalog:Source code analysis of Android jar / Library  RxJava2: effect:     By providing a pattern of observers and subscribers, we can optimize the logical process. It is suitable for complex and multi data transformation and long process. Chestnut: Define three object classes public class ResultInfo { public int code; public String msg; public String data; } […]

  • Detailed explanation of Android V1, V2, V3 signature (summary)


    Android signature mechanism What is Android signature Students who know about HTTPS communication know that there are at least two problems to be solved in message communication: one is to ensure the authenticity of the source of the message, and the other is to ensure that the message will not be tampered by a third […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 54


    plug-in unit MediumClapFlutter A Custom Floating Action Button (FAB) library like clapping effect on Medium flutter-alipay A flutter plugin to use alipay. WiFiFlutter Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA) flutter-statusbar-manager Flutter StatusBar Manager for iOS & Android flutter-plugin-scaffold A scaffold for writing flutter plugins flutter-plugin-record Flutter imitates wechat voice recording function and […]

  • Android uses meituan’s multi-channel packaging solution


    How decentralized is the andorid channel market? It’s more fragmented than Android. Are you still struggling with multi-channel packaging? Meituan provides a multi-channel packaging solution with fast speed. It’s a bit exaggerated. Yes, it’s exaggerated, but it’s really fast. It’s not enough to describe its speed without exaggeration. No more nonsense, first principles, then practical […]

  • Android development technology weekly issue


    Journalism Pixel 4A rendering exposure: may become a strong competitor of new iPhone se Google play store provides automatic installation for pre registered games and apps Android’s strongest single shot pixel 4A sample exposure: 12 million pixels easily beat 48 million Kotlin vocabulary | enumeration and R8 compiler Open source library JetpackMvvm A rapid development […]

  • Bullet shooting based on sceneform (drawing bullet trajectory)


    Bullet shooting based on sceneform (drawing bullet trajectory) The sceneform framework is very powerful. When I don’t understand sceneform, I feel that I need to know OpenGL in order to make 3D scenes, and the learning curve of OpenGL is very steep. After contacting this framework, I feel that Xiaobai can also get started quickly, […]

  • Android 11: beta project


    When we started planning Android 11, we didn’t expect that these changes would happen to all of us, almost everywhere in the world. These challenges require us to remain flexible and look for new ways to work together, especially with our developer community. To help us meet these challenges, we announced an update to our […]

  • Android attribute animation realizes the gradual disappearance of images from left to right


    DP / Dip represents independent pixels, DPI represents the number of pixels per inch of the screen. The conversion formula between PX and DP is: PX = DP * (DPI / 160) 1、 Renderings   2、 Source code AnimationActivity: package com.example.duoyi.clientaidl; import android.animation.Animator; import android.animation.ObjectAnimator; import; import; import android.os.Bundle; import; import; […]

  • Secondary development of UAV SDK based on Dajiang


    Secondary development of UAV SDK based on Dajiang In the near future, the company needs to develop a mobile app based on Dajiang UAV SDK to cooperate with the background to realize the management of UAVs. Of course, Dajiang itself also provides us with a management platform – Dajiang Sikong. Through the official app of […]