• How should I learn sap?


    More and more people are concerned about the official account. In the background, they ask me how to enter the SAP industry, how to learn SAP, most of them are friends who want to join SAP. As a person in the past, I have asked others about these questions, and I have gone through many […]

  • SAP IDoc generates sales order through Po output message


    Inscription: On the Internet, I saw a similar official account, called “PO&SO integration gradually guided by IDoc”. I feel that the whole configuration process is still missing some key configuration and the core logic of the whole function is missing. Let me give a full explanation of this opportunity.   Business description: This function is […]

  • Condense parameter


    “Remove the left and right spaces, and compress the middle space to one space Result = condense (‘abc def ‘). Result = condense (Val =’ ABC def ‘). “Delete all spaces condense result no gaps   “String is replaced according to the content of from. If from is empty, no replacement will be performed result […]

  • Sto process of return between affiliated companies of “SAP Technology” a project


    [SAP Technology] project a inter company return sto process   1) Create inter company return sto document. Inter company return sto 4500000572 as shown below,   2) , vl10b, create delivery order. As shown in the figure below, delivery No.: 80044918,   3) , vl02n, perform PGI on delivery order 80044918 (actually receipt and stock […]

  • Loading feature master data to automatically delete duplicate key values


    When extracting the attribute data of information object, an error is found. After checking, it is found that the data source has duplicate key values Originally, I wanted to delete duplicates in the start routine and found that DTP already has this function. Check [process duplicate key value] in DTP [update] After re execution, duplicate […]

  • ABAP implementation of geohash


    A few days ago, someone in the group asked ABAP if there was a geohash function to help SAP store store location and find nearby stores. Because I didn’t find it, I wrote one.   What is geohash Geohash is a public domain geocoding system, which encodes a geographic location into a series of letters […]

  • SAP Fundamentals


    The application layer of SAP R / 3 system consists of application server and message server. The application server components are as follows: Work process Dispatcher (dispatcher) Gateway server stayCan be set in SAPLoading balance login,When there are multiple installation instances for load balancing,SAP group login needsSAP message server, generalBy default, SAP system hasThe function […]



    DTP system dump     Refer to sapnote: 2398760 – message? Type? X dump in RSM? Datastate? Check – 1 – to – 12- RSM_DATASTATE_CHECK-6-  This can happen during compression in case the request to be compressed was not yet updated to all data targets. To solve this the instructions of the KBA below should be followed: 2398830 […]

  • SAP mm of “SAP Technology” clearly has a list of maintenance sources, or can’t issue PO?


    SAP mm clearly has a list of maintenance sources, or can’t issue PO?     In the afternoon, the user reported an error that failed to create the purchase order. The error was: material not included in source list desired source list requirement. As shown in the following figure:     In fact, the source […]

  • Cost accumulation of package sales invoice


    When the cost of components in the sales BOM needs to be accumulated to the header (parent part), use vtfl to set the cost accumulation of components corresponding to the item category Taq in the parent part line. All costs are accumulated on the parent item when invoicing.  

  • Json2abaptype: generate ABAP type definition according to JSON data structure


    A diagram shows the tools to be introduced in this article:   JSON is a common data format and is often used for interface development. ABAP developers usually use / ui2 / cl_jsonto convert JSON data to the corresponding ABAP type. Before conversion, you must define the corresponding ABAP type. For example, if you want […]

  • Query BPC dynamic table


    Today, basis said that there is a data table (/ 1cpmb / ablbcad) in the background with a data volume of more than 2 billion, which needs to be archived, but it is not clear which business model it is. There are two ways to query table names generated dynamically by BPC. (1) According to […]