• Introduction to basic knowledge of Oracle 12C PDB maintenance


    Let’s start with the basic usagePress 11g first conn / as sysdba; create user test identifed by test; Ora-65096: invalid public user name or role name Check the official documents and learn that “if you want to create a general-purpose user, you must start with C or C”. At this time, you will have questions, […]

  • Oracle listener password setting method (listener)


    Is the monitor safe? Sure! By default, any user does not need to use any password to operate or close the Oracle listener through the lsnrctl tool. As a result, any new session will not be able to establish a connection. In Oracle 9i, Oracle listener allows anyone to use lsnrctl to remotely initiate the […]

  • How to use java source to call external programs in Oracle


    demand Oracle calls a third-party external program. Oracle uses sqluldr2 to export a large number of data quickly, and then uses WinRAR to compress and send mail. Source code java source create or replace and compile java source named jv_run_extpro as import*; import java.lang.*; import java.util.*; import java.sql.*; import oracle.sql.*; publicclass jv_run_extpro { publicstaticvoid […]

  • SQL plus command in Oracle


    1. Introduction: Oracle SQL * Plus is a client tool to interact with Oracle. In sqlplus, you can run sqlplus command and sqlplus statement. The DML, DDL and DCL statements we usually refer to are all sqlplus statements. After they are executed, they can be saved in a memory area called SQL buffer, and only […]



    Situation of the problem: Three node 12C RAC expands storage, two nodes restart at the same time, and one node 1 ONLINE INTERMEDIATE rac2 FAILED OVER   The reason may be caused by the simultaneous start-up of VIP resources. Restart the cluster monitoring and solve the problem srvctl stop listener -l LISTENER srvctl start […]

  • Detailed explanation and example of Oracle temporary table


    In Oracle 8i or above, you can create two types of temporary tables: 1。 Session specific temporary tables CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY <TABLE_NAME> ( <column specification> ) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS;  2。 Transaction specific temporary tables CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY <TABLE_NAME> ( <column specification> ) ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS; CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE MyTempTable   Although the created […]

  • Oracle data pumps expdq, impdq


    Using data pump technology to realize logical backup Overview of data pump Data pump (data pump) is a high-speed data transmission technology between databases, databases and operating systems (launched by 10g). Overview of logical backup Logical backup is to export database objects (such as users, tables, stored procedures, etc.) using export and other tools Physical […]

  • A fast method for Oracle to import text files in batch (SQL LDR Implementation)


    preface Recently, we need to import more than 30 million pieces of POI data into Oracle database. The speed of simple insertion and import is too slow. It took about 20 minutes to import more than 30 million pieces of data using sqlldr, and the speed is OK. Now I’d like to share with you. […]

  • Ora-02298: unable to validate (constrain) prompt. No resolution found for parent keyword


    –Error ora-02298 when importing table data with PL / SQL: unable to verify( PNET.POST_ CLOB_ FK) – parent key not found –An error was found when foreign key constraint was enabled alter table DM_VOLREV enable constraint VR_VOLID_FK; /*Cause analysis: In table a you want to insert, there is a foreign key connected to the primary […]

  • Usage of maxsetsize and maxpecesize in RMAN


    MAXSETSIZEFollowMAXPIECESIZEusage difference:maxpiecesizeIt sets the size of the backup piece after the backup is completed. It has no effect on the overall size of the backup, such as aGThe backup completion file of,maxpiecesizeSet to100MIn the end, it will become10individual100MBackup file for.MaxsetsizeSetting limit is the overall size, I think this function is more chicken ribs, generally as […]

  • PL / SQL does not install Oracle connection, Oracle instantclient installation


    ================================ Copyright sweet potato 2020-01-07   Step 1: Download instantclient (instantclient-basic-win32- Zip) Download address: The attachment is too big to transmit. If the file is invalid, please do it yourself.   Step 2: 1. Unzip the ﹣ file to D: ﹣ soft ﹣ Oracle ﹣ instantclient_ 11_ 2 (self defined) 2. In […]

  • The perfect solution of Oracle database server ‘TNS listener’ remote data poisoning vulnerability (cve-2012-1675)


    Environment: Windows 2008 R2 + Oracle After applying the latest bundle patch, the scan still reports the vulnerability of Oracle database server ‘TNS listener’ remote data poisoning vulnerability (cve–2012–1675) 1. Identify solutions Application solutions 3. Verify the repair •4.Reference 1. Determine the solution Solutions given by the safety manufacturer: Link: Follow this link […]