• Database objects


    Synonyms are aliases of database objects; sequences are used to generate unique and continuous sequence numbers; View is a virtual table based on one or more tables; index is an optional structure related to tables, which is used to improve the performance of SQL statement execution I. database object: Mode object: Database object is a […]

  • Complete process of Oracle client for windows local installation and configuration (graphic version)


    Because of the need of work, the data needs to be imported into the Oracle database on the remote server through the local Oracle client. There are many Oracle clients under CSDN, all of which belong to the thin version. They are lack of imp.exe file, which makes it impossible to import data. Therefore, the […]

  • Source code installation rlwrap 0.43 (for the convenience of using sqlplus under Linux)


    For the convenience of calling historical commands and backspace in sqlplus under Linux, install rlwrap. The latest version is 0.43. It seems that the author has not updated it Download address: After downloading, winscp is transferred to Linux, and then installed [[email protected] db]#ll|grep rlwrap -rw-r–r–. 1 root root 313139 Jul 30 08:50 rlwrap-0.43.tar.gz [[email protected] […]

  • Oracle12c graphical & silent installation steps


    1 installation planning Oracle is installed on the new disk, and the disk is attached to u01,d01andd02Is a symbolic connection, the actual directory is in theu01lower parameter value Oracle base /d01/app/oracle Software location /d01/app/oracle/product/12102/dbhome_1 DATAFILEDESTINATION /d02/oradata RECOVERYAREADESTINATION /d02/fast_recovery_area Global database name gorcl12c SID orcl12c 2 mount disk Fdisk – L – view the data disk […]

  • Oracle connection configuration interpretation


    After installing Oracle database software, DBCA needs to configure listener to connect to database. Here are some concepts that are difficult to understand, and some analysis and actual combat conclusions are recorded. From the connection end. 1. How to connect to the database Oracle’s connection string consists of several parts. Here, take sqlplus as an […]

  • Oracle import. DMP script


    I. change the sys / system password of the database administrator 1. Run to the root directory of Disk C 2. Input: set oracle_sid = your sid name 3. Input: sqlplus / nolog 4. Input: connect / as SYSDBA 5. Input: Altre user sys identified by sys 6. Input: Altre user system identified by system […]

  • Oracle recursive tree structure query function


    Oracle tree structure query is a kind of hierarchical recursive query, which is often used in SQL statements. In the actual development, the realization of organizational structure and its hierarchical implementation function are also often encountered. Summary: tree structure is usually composed of root node, parent node, child node and leaf node. In a simple […]

  • Oracle scheduled database backup


      [operating instructions] In the previous blog, I learned how to back up Oracle database. In the actual development process, the database should be backed up every other period of time, so we need a function to execute this code regularly. At the same time, the backed up files may be processed, such as compression. […]

  • PLSQL developer connecting to Oracle database configuration tutorial


    Tools to install: 1. Download and install Oracle: Download address: Detailed installation is not described in detail here. It should be noted that the downloaded two files need to be decompressed to the same directory and the path configuration of environment variables (try to use English character path):   II. Install 32-bit instant client […]

  • Oracle Basics


    1. View Oracle port Tnsnames. Ora in D: \ app \ administrator \ product \ 11.1.0 \ DB \ 1 \ network \ admin Here is my local information: # tnsnames.ora Network Configuration File: D:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora # Generated by Oracle configuration tools. ORCL = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = PC-201904130542)(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA […]

  • The method of installing Oracle 11g in RedHat 6.5


    I. installation environment Linux server: RedHat 6.5 64 bit Oracle version: Oracle 11gr2Remote Windows Server: xmanager installed Memory: 8G Storage space: 1T II. System settings before installation 1. Soft connect lib Library: Ln-S / lib / libc. So. 6 / lib / libc. So. 5 2. Modify the search path of Lib library VIM / […]

  • Oracle about basic operation of log file


    1. Query which set of log files the system uses:SELECT * FROM V$LOG; 2. Query the log file corresponding to the group being used:SELECT * FROM V$LOGFILE; 3. Force log switching:ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE; 4. Query history log:SELECT * FROM V$LOG_HISTORY; 5. Archive Mode of query log:SELECT DBID,NAME,CREATED,LOG_MODE FROM V$DATABASE; 6. Query the information of […]