• Using Oracle tracking files


    1、 What is a tracking file? The trace file contains a lot of detailed diagnostic and debugging information. Through the interpretation and analysis of tracking files, we can locate, analyze and solve problems. From the source of trace files, trace files can be divided into two categories: one is generated intentionally by database operators; the […]

  • Oracle11g R2 installation tutorial (very detailed)


    Generally, the slightly larger enterprises are using Oracle database. Compared with MySQL, there are some differences in syntax, but it is still worth learning First, go to the official website to download the 11g R2 version, which is relatively popular( Many companies are also using it.) Here I have downloaded:Link: code: 0n8w Start the installation […]

  • Completely uninstall Oracle11g R2 tutorial


    Compared with other mysql, the installation and uninstall of Oracle is more troublesome. So far, I have specially uninstalled the previous Oracle Software and re installed it (successfully), so I have the following tutorial. First of all, open the services, find the services beginning with Oracle, and close all of them Click the start menu […]

  • Four steps of creating table space and user in Oracle


    /*There are four steps*/ /*Step 1: create a temporary table space (Note: D: project, oracletablespace, fhaddmin, create path manually)  */ create temporary tablespace C##FHADMIN_TEMP   tempfile ‘D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_TEMP.dbf’  size 50m   autoextend on   next 50m maxsize 20480m   extent management local; /*Step 2: create the data table space   */ create tablespace C##FHADMIN_DATA logging […]

  • Learning programmer’s idea of bug checking from a SQL error solving process


    After migrating data from Oracle to dream, we found that the default values of database were lost. So I want to find out the default value from Oracle database and add it back in Dameng database.So I searched the Internet to see how to get the default value information of Oracle database field, and found […]

  • Priority in SQL script (and, or and brackets)


    On the third day of February, xinchou year, niuxinmao month, renxu day I haven’t had more blog for many days. Why? Because my demand is online, and then it’s Bibi again, which makes me feel sad and shivering… Oh, my God Let’s go back to today’s SQL modification: The requirement is as follows: query the […]

  • Oracle creates tables for new projects


    I didn’t know Oracle systematically. This time, I set up a table for the new project in Oracle and recorded some experience 1. Create a new database instance?? Generally not required MySQL connects to edu database: jdbc:mysql :// localhost:3306/edu Oracle connection orcl instance: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost :1521:orcl Looking at these two connection strings, we can see that […]

  • [20210316] Lck 3.txt of MSSM table space block ITL


    [20210316] Lck 3.txt of MSSM table space block ITL –//Previous tests, link: >[20190125] lck.txt of MSSM table space block ITL–//Ora-04000 the sum of pctused and pctfree cannot exceed100, link:–//Think about whether it is related to this problem? This is also the difference between MSSM and ASSM. I decided to test it. 1. Environment:[email protected]> […]

  • Mybatis use Oracle to add data


      This time, the blogger mainly develops Oracle database. For a long time, he didn’t use Oracle, and he has forgotten many knowledge points. This time, he mainly reviews some SQL statements used in his work; query All query statements are normal, but it should be noted that when querying Oracle database, when using alias for […]

  • [database] Oracle


    1. Oracle database installation 1.1. Integrate PL / SQL Developer Software 1. Click Tools > Preferences > connection to fill in the connection information   2. Connect to Oracle database. The default connection method is as follows: the address of the server where the Oracle database is installed; 1521: default port number Orcl: default […]

  • Handling of invalid objects in Oracle Database


    Recently, we inspected the database and found that there were invalid objects in the database business users (non sys / public). Failure objects are analyzed, including failure view, materialized view, function, package, trigger and so on. reflection: Based on the following reasons, it is suggested to deal with the failed object: 1. Through the failed […]

  • Basic notes of Oracle Database


    Oracle Database Oracle → Oracle Oracle database is a kind of relational database, which is composed of rows and columns Data: text, picture, video DB (database): a warehouse for storing data The minimum unit of data storage in database is table, which follows SQL standard DBS (database system): database system DBMS (database management system) Oracle: […]