• Oracle 11g how to clean up database history log details


    This article mainly introduces the relevant content about Oracle 11g database history log cleaning, and shares it for your reference. The following words are not said, and let’s have a look at the detailed introduction 1. Create the path to store the database to be deleted log files This is used to store the ready […]

  • ORACLE ORION tests IO performance

    Time:2019-10-23 to download the address OrionisOracleProvides IO performance testing tools that do not require installation to runoracleDatabase software or create a database. It can simulateOracleDatabase IO load is also availablewithTo simulate ASM banding function Download after decompression can be used directly Write the device you want to test to a file in the same path, […]

  • Pl/SQL connection to remote oracle server configuration tutorial


    This article has Shared the pl/ SQL connection remote oracle server configuration tutorial, the details are as follows Method 1: Open all programs -> find oracle-oradb11g-home1->Net Configuration Assistant Configure local network service name, click next Select add and click next Fill in the service name (note database name) and click next Select communication protocol: TCP, […]

  • View and modify Oracle hidden parameters


    View hidden parameters SELECT x.ksppinm name, y.ksppstvl value, y.ksppstdf isdefault, decode(bitand(y.ksppstvf,7),1,’MODIFIED’,4,’SYSTEM_MOD’,’FALSE’) ismod, decode(bitand(y.ksppstvf,2),2,’TRUE’,’FALSE’) isadj FROM sys.x$ksppi x, sys.x$ksppcv y WHERE x.inst_id = userenv(‘Instance’) AND y.inst_id = userenv(‘Instance’) AND x.indx = y.indx –and x.ksppinm =’_external_scn_rejection_threshold_hours’ order BY translate(x.ksppinm, ‘ _’, ‘ ‘); Modify implicit parameter method: Here is an example of modifying the implicit parameters of […]

  • The perfect solution for Oracle listener after it is hung up by optimization master


    Solutions after Oracle listener is hung by optimization master: An error occurred while starting the oracleorahome90tnslistener service. Information: Cannot start on local computeroracleorahome90tnslistenerService, Error 3: the system could not find the specified path. After checking the information on the Internet, I found that the location of these files is generally determined by the Oracle home […]

  • Six single line functions of Oracle Database


    Vi. single line function 6.1 Understanding single line function The function is the same as the function of the method in Java language, which is to complete the function support of some specific operations, and there are a large number of single line functions in Oracle database. After mastering these functions, they can facilitate the […]

  • The solution process of reporting errors through SQL * plus local login in Oracle environment


    I. problem description Today, build the Oracle environment on the windows. After that, log in locally through SQL * plus and report an error: Ora-01031 insufficient privileges II. Solution process Error exclusion 1. At that time, the first thought was that oracle was not allowed to log in with sqlplus tool, but the idea was […]

  • Ora-12514 error analysis


    Solution to the problem that the ora-12514 TNS listener cannot recognize the request service in the connection descriptor at present   Ora-12514 TNS listener currently does not recognize the requested service in the connection descriptor Some colleagues have encountered this problem. Here’s a summary. The reasons are as follows: After your Oracle installation is successful, […]

  • Steps to start Oracle service and listener under Linux


    The startup and shutdown steps of Oracle service and listener under Linux are as follows: 1. Install oracle; 2. Create Oracle system users; 3. Add several environment variables to. Bash? Profile under / home / Oracle: Oracle? SID, oracle? Base, oracle? Home: export ORACLE_SID=test export ORACLE_BASE=oracle_install_dir export ORACLE_HOME=xxx 4. Startup steps: note that $represents the […]

  • SQL common statements


    1 increase 1.1 [insert single line]Insert [into] valuesExample: insert into stratdents (name, gender, date of birth) values (‘happy friends’, ‘male’, ‘1980 / 6 / 15’) 1.2 [add existing table data to an existing table]Insert into (column name) select fromExample: insert into tongxunlu (‘name ‘,’ address’, ’email’)select name,address,emailfrom Strdents 1.3 [directly create a new table with […]

  • Oracle tablespace creation and DMP file import (recommended)


    –Login with the account with Oracle system authority –1. Create user create user u_name identified by “u_password”; –2. Grant authority grant dba, resource, connect to u_name; grant create session to u_name; grant create table to u_name; grant create view to u_name; grant create tablespace to u_name; grant unlimited tablespace to u_name; grant select any table […]

  • Oracle learning notes Day1


    Oracle DatabaseOracle SQLlesson1 Selecting Rowslesson2 Sorting & Limiting Selected Rowslesson3 Single Row Functionslesson4 Displaying Data from Multiple Tableslesson5 Group Function lesson6 Subquerieslesson7 Overview of Data Modeling and Database Designlesson8 Creating Tableslesson9 Manipulating Data(DML)lesson10 Altering Tables and Constraintslesson11 Creating Sequenceslesson12 Creating Viewlesson13 Creating Indexes Preface:1. A cognitionWhat is Oracle?Oracle: the first relational database for commercial applicationEssence: […]