• Brute force cracking MySQL database with Python


    Today, let’s share a small example of Python learning. We use Python to brutally crack the MySQL database. The implementation method is to realize the visual panel effect through the UI class library Tkinter. In the panel, enter the necessary information for database connection, such as host address, port number, database name, user name, password, […]

  • Detailed explanation of MySQL explain output column


    1. Introduction The explain statement provides information about how MySQL executes the statement. Explain is used with select, delete, insert, replace, and update statements. mysql> EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM employees WHERE emp_no = 10001; +—-+————-+———–+————+——-+—————+———+———+——-+——+———-+——-+ | id | select_type | table | partitions | type | possible_keys | key | key_len | ref | rows […]

  • Experts teach you how to build a MySQL database system


    As an excellent web server software, Apache HTTP server provides user-oriented front-end application functions. In the actual enterprise website platform, in order to provide richer and more powerful web application functions, it often needs the support of background database, web page programming language and other roles. 1、 Compiling and installing MySQL MySQL is a real […]

  • Ctrip two sides: talk about wal strategy and Checkpoint Technology in MySQL


    Some time ago, I was preparing for my summer internship. This was a problem on both sides of Ctrip at that time. I looked confused and hurriedly apologized. I’m sorry I didn’t know. The interviewer explained redo log. I thought about redo log. I know. What is wal? The interviewer was speechless (funny) and apologized […]

  • How to operate MySQL with Navicat


    preface: In the daily process of using mysql, we may often use visualization tools to connect to MySQL, among which Navicat is the most commonly used. At ordinary times, some students will ask how to install Navicat and how to use Navicat. In this article, the author will share a simple tutorial on Navicat operating […]

  • Order by field of MySQL


    Series articles: Order by field of MySQL Using MySQL When we do business, we cannot avoid the sorting function. Sorting is generally usedMySQLYesORDER BYTo achieve.Order by syntax: SELECT column1, column2,… FROM tbl ORDER BY column1 [ASC|DESC], column2 [ASC|DESC],… Our usual implementations are: –ID is in ascending order. In this case, ASC can be omitted select […]

  • How to realize compatibility with Oracle database in a microservice system


    1、 Background Many times, our system often uses MySQL database, but suddenly we need to use Oracle database. At this time, we should consider making the system compatible with a variety of databases. 2、 Steps 1. Configure the corresponding data source in the configuration file or the service configuration file corresponding to the configuration center. […]

  • How MySQL analyzes query performance


    Query optimization, index optimization and table design optimization are interrelated. If you have rich experience in writing MySQL query statements, you will know how to design tables and indexes to support effective queries. Similarly, knowing table design also helps to understand how table structure affects query statements. Therefore, even if the table design and index […]

  • Containerization | implementation scheme of new generation MySQL high availability architecture based on kubernetes


    Author: Gao riyao, senior MySQL kernel R & D This article comes from the author’s speech “implementation scheme of new generation MySQL high availability architecture based on kubernetes” at kubesphere & Friends 2021 Hangzhou station. This is the third article in the MySQL container series, which mainly introduces the design idea of MySQL container helm […]

  • Do you know all the log files in MySQL?


    brief introduction This article summarizes and briefly introduces the logs in mysql, which will not be involved too deeply. The main purpose is to have a systematic understanding of log files in MySQL. Each log file will be specifically analyzed and summarized later. Log classification Log files in MySQL include configuration files, error log files, […]

  • MySQL 8.0.24 installation and configuration method graphic tutorial


    This article shares the MySQL 8.0.24 installation tutorial for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Download address: Official Website 1. Unzip folder 2. Configure the environment variable and add the bin directory under Mysql to the path; 3. Create a new my.ini configuration file in the MySQL directory 4. Modify profile [mysqld] #Set […]

  • Install MySQL for Ubuntu


    This article is continuously updated to record the MySQL installation pit encountered 1. Uninstall MySQL sudo rm /var/lib/mysql/ -R sudo rm /etc/mysql/ -R sudo apt-get autoremove mysql* –purge sudo apt-get remove apparmor 2. Installation 2.1. Method 1 sudo apt update //Install mysql5.7 sudo apt install mysql-server -y 2.2. Method 2 download link //Download curl […]