• Mongodb fragment cluster for distributed document storage database


    Previously, we talked about mongodb’s replica set and configuration replica set. Please refer to, let’s talk about the partition of mongodb; 1. What is fragmentation? Why split? We know that the bottleneck of database server is usually caused by disk IO, high concurrency network IO, or CPU and memory of a single server. Therefore, in […]

  • Configuration check of Cassandra data model and schema


    Disclaimers This documentProvides information about datastax enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra Gamma General data modeling and architecture configuration recommendations. This document requires basic knowledge of DSE / Cassandra. It cannot replace official documents.   Data modeling is one of the main factors that determine the success of most projects seen by the datastax customer consulting […]

  • Mongodb — Basic


    Related concepts of mongodb Business application scenarios Traditional relational databases (such asMySQL)In the “three high” demand and response of data operationWeb2.0In front of the demand of the website, it seems to be unable to do as one wishes. Explanation: “three high” demand: High performance – high concurrent read and write requirements for databases. Huge storage […]

  • Mongodb — replica set


    MongoDB Replica Sets brief introduction MongoDBReplica sets in(Replica Set)Is a group that maintains the same datasetmongodService. Replica sets provide redundancy and high availability and are the foundation of all production deployments. It can also be said that a replica set is similar to a master-slave cluster with automatic troubleshooting. Generally speaking, multiple machines are used […]

  • Learning redis (1) — getting to know redis


    1. What is redis 1) Remote dictionary server (redis) is a key value storage system written by Salvatore Sanfilippo. 2) Features of redis Redis is a key value database with high performance, which is fully open source and complies with BSD protocol. Redis and other key value caching products have the following three characteristics: Redis […]

  • Hiledis windows static library compilation


      Hiredis is a minimalist C library officially launched by redis to connect to the redis database GitHub address: test version is v1.0.0 The official version of redis and hiredis is not provided by the government. There is no introduction to the use of Windows platform in GitHub   Compilation process 1> Githib download v1.0.0 […]

  • Mongodb access control for distributed document storage database


    The previous blog mainly talked about the partition mechanism of mongodb and the building of sharding cluster. For review, please refer to, let’s learn about the access control of mongodb; What is access control? Simply speaking, access control refers to which users can access which resources and which operations (permissions) they have. In mongodb, we […]

  • Mongodb backup and recovery of distributed document storage database


    Previously, we talked about the access control, user creation and role assignment of mongodb. Please refer to, let’s learn about the backup and recovery of mongodb Why backup? The purpose of backup is to make data redundancy, which can ensure the minimum loss of data in some cases. Previously, we did the replica set for […]

  • Centos7 Yum installation mongodb implementation steps


    brief introduction Mongodb is a NoSQL database based on distributed file storage Written by C + + language, it runs stably and has high performance It aims to provide scalable high performance data storage solutions for web applications seeOfficial website Mongodb features Schema Freedom: documents with different structures can be stored in the same database […]

  • How to view version information in mongodb


    Here’s a summary of how to view mongodb’s version information 1: Connect to mongodb and use the command to view it. > db.version(); 4.0.0 > 2: Mongo command view Relative path using Mongo command # ./mongo –version MongoDB shell version v4.0.0 git version: 3b07af3d4f471ae89e8186d33bbb1d5259597d51 OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 allocator: tcmalloc modules: none […]

  • Mongodb user management


    Recently, I came into contact with mongodb, so I began to learn about the user management module of mongodb. Enter mongodb shell Enter the following command to enter mongodb shell mongo Switch database use admin Use the above command to switch the database to the admin database. Create super administrator user Create a user with […]

  • Usage examples of mongodb wildcard index


    guide Mongodb launched wildcard indexes in version 4.2. What exactly are wildcard indexes and what scenarios wildcard indexes are suitable for? This paper gives a brief overview based on official documents and actual tests. 1. Example of wildcard index Since mongodb is a dynamic schema, the application can query any known field or random field. […]