• Usage examples of mongodb wildcard index


    guide Mongodb launched wildcard indexes in version 4.2. What exactly are wildcard indexes and what scenarios wildcard indexes are suitable for? This paper gives a brief overview based on official documents and actual tests. 1. Example of wildcard index Since mongodb is a dynamic schema, the application can query any known field or random field. […]

  • Mongodb design method and skill examples


    preface Mongodb is a popular database that can work without any form schema schema. Data is stored in a JSON like format and can contain different types of data structures. For example, in the same collection collection, we can have two document documents: { id: ‘4’, name: ‘Mark’, age: ’21’, addresses : [ { street: […]

  • On mongodb relationship


    Mongodb’s relationship represents the logical relationship between multiple documents. Documents can be linked by embedding and referencing. Relationships in mongodb can be: 1: 1 (1 to 1) 1: N (1 to many) N: 1 (many to one) N: N (many to many) Next, let’s consider the relationship between the user and the user’s address. A […]

  • How to use docker to install the latest version of mongodb


    1 installation This article assumes that you have installed docker and can use it normally, so I will not explain how to install docker. Install mongodb with docker. The latest version is as follows: #Looking up Mongo’s related images from the repository shows many results, the first of which is the official image $ docker […]

  • Mongodb crud operation in the insert instance tutorial


    Reviewed the mongodb insert operation, mainly using PHP language practice. objective Understand the difference between official shell and PHP SDK operation Understanding mongodb’s shell from the perspective of MySQL is still quite different Understand how many insert operations there are, and the differences Focus on understanding abnormal operations and how to read official documents mongoDB […]

  • Learn more about mongodb distributed cluster


    In the distributed application system, mongodb has become a classic NoSQL database. To use mongodb well, it is not enough to know how to use it. Only when we have a full understanding of its architecture and principle, can we make it better serve the application in practical application, and know how to deal with […]

  • Analysis of mongodb full text retrieval


    Full text retrieval establishes an index for each word, indicating the frequency and location of the word in the article. When the user queries, the retrieval program searches according to the index established in advance, and feeds back the search results to the user. This process is similar to the process of looking up words […]

  • Vs2019 Method of writing form program to connect mongodb4.2


    It is a nightmare to check the official interface documents of mongodb. Although mongodb has made great efforts to rectify its API, simple interface listing and 0 code demonstration are hard to start with. Thanks to a lot of genius, successful decipherment, I was able to follow their path, follow the cat’s lead. The whole […]

  • The whole process of building mongodb 4.0 replica set


    preface Recently, some students asked if it is difficult to deploy mongodb replica set. My answer is that it is not difficult. It will be completed in a few minutes. It is more simple than MySQL MHA. So how to deploy it? See below. 1. Preparation 1.1 download software Select the version and download mongodb […]

  • Operation method of mongodb4.0 database


    Mongodb4.0 database Download: Installation: omitted Note: modify the configuration file under bin directory before use mongodb.cfg , delete the ‘MP’ field from the last line 1. Start service and terminate service net start mongodb net stop mongodb 2. Create administrator user mongo use admin db.createUser({user:”yxp”,pwd:”997997″,roles:[“root”]}) 3. Connect to mongodb with account password mongo -u […]

  • Simple operation example of curd for mongodb database


    This paper describes the simple operation of curd in mongodb database. For your reference, the details are as follows: View all databases show dbs; Show databases;? Some versions may not work Using databases Use database name View the collection (the set is the table of MySQL) show tables/collections view help Create Library Mongodb’s library […]

  • Analysis of download, installation, startup and connection operation of mongodb database entry learning notes


    This paper describes the mongodb database download, installation, startup, connection operations. For your reference, the details are as follows: Introduction: Mongodb is a database based on distributed file storage. Written by C + + language. It aims to provide scalable and high performance data storage solutions for web applications. Mongodb is a product between relational […]