• 2、 Learning foundation smart contract


    Lesson 1 Introduction 1. What is a smart contract? Smart contract is not a common contract in reality, but a piece of program code that exists on the blockchain and can be triggered to execute. These codes implement certain predetermined rules and are “autonomous agents” existing in the execution environment of blockchain. If the smart […]

  • Bitcoin wallet address


    Bitcoin wallet address The address of the wallet is calculated according to the public key of the wallet. However, the calculation method on different chains is different, and the encoding method is also different. Ethereum uses the hexadecimal code, and eip-55 uses its case to verify the address.The address of bitcoin is encoded by base58check, […]

  • Complex blockchain


    E-money is a success Blockchain is successful in the application of issuing electronic cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been running for many years without central organization management, and there are no major problems. This is the result of a series of traditional information technologies, such as blockchain storage technology, mining based consensus mechanism, encryption technology, P2P technology […]

  • Baidu super chain open class | Beijing policy intensive release, how to build “blockchain city”?


    Recently, the action plan for innovation and development of block chain in Beijing urban area was released,I don’t know what the new deal of Beijing blockchain has said? How to understand the construction of urban blockchain?Baidu super chain, together with COSCO era, has participated in the construction of Beijing blockchain application scenarios in Haidian District […]

  • A story about abstraction: looking for better CKB development tools.


    Three years ago, we embarked on a journey full of legends and adventures. We started to build a new blockchain platform, a blockchain platform that we, as developers, like very much and hope to rely on for a long time. On this basis, we began to elaborate the foundation of nervos CKB: Security:Can people rest […]

  • An enlightening new NFT case


    With regard to NFT, we need to know in this field: Two trading platforms:SuperRare、Async Art; Two highly recognized artists:Matt Kane、Pak。 The digital art “right place right time” sold for us $100000The design concept is worth seeingThere will be something new. But art in the real world is a minority investment category. At present, virtual assets […]

  • Overseas emerging hot spot: social token and its token summary


    Innovation projects can be divided into two types. One is to provide solutions for a given proposition, such as L2, or various AMMS. Depending on the development path of technology, the value of such projects can be judged. The other is to put forward a proposition. For example, bitcoin proposed whether we need to decentralize […]

  • [Research Report] will the eip-1559 proposal make eth appreciate or face risks?


    Eip-1559 is probably one of the most anticipated upgrades to the Ethereum economic model, and it is also acknowledged that it is hard to understand because many articles focus on technology. In fact, it may be a shortcut to understand this matter from the perspective of gas. Important background supplement. Eip-1559 is a proposal of […]

  • BSN successfully introduces irita cross chain and chainlink Oracle service


    The design and construction concept of the blockchain service network BSN follows the Internet model. On the Internet, all websites and apps can communicate with each other. Because they can be deployed on any cloud resource in the world, the deployment cost can be reduced as low as possible. At the same time, the deployment […]

  • [hyperledger fabric tutorial] Ubuntu install fabric and run


    First of all, the purpose of this article is to teach you how to install hyperledger fabric on the Ubuntu system and run it, because all the tutorials on the network are the previous version of fabric. However, the current version of fabric has changed a lot compared with the previous version. If you use […]

  • Digital RMB can be used instead of cash. Shenzhen pilot issue 10 million red packets


    Recently, Shenzhen has made a big move to take the lead in starting the pilot project of digital RMB and jointly issue 10 million digital red packets with the central bank. According to official sources in Shenzhen, a total of 10 million yuan of digital RMB red envelopes were issued, each with a total amount […]

  • Further understanding of Baidu super chain xuper


    preface Previously, I wrote an article about deploying smart contract on Baidu super chain xuper and realizing the function of certificate storage. Here, we describe how to build three nodes and take node 1 as the outbound node. In this article, we configure node 1 and node 2 as the outbound node, and node 3 […]