• ShareSDK Uni-app plugin


    PrepareDownload development toolsHBuilderX Prepare the uniapp projectIf there is no existing project, you can create a new project yourself Then select New uni-app project. Open HBuildX’s File -> Import -> Local Project Import Created Folder -> Create. Plugin integration Native plugin integration[Download offline plugin](…) Put the downloaded plugin in the project’s nativeplugins folder. (If not, […]

  • Developers ask the fourth issue | unified code scanning service, machine learning service and other questions and answers


    Developers ask the fourth question and answer sharing is coming! What barcode analysis does the unified barcode scanning service support? Does Machine Learning Service support offline translation? How to make a doll dance?Click on the link to learn more or ask your question:… Learn more details>> accessHuawei Developer Alliance official website Obtaindevelopment guidance document Huawei […]

  • Ant Digital mPaaS is listed as a representative product in Gartner’s “Multi-experience Development Platform Market Guide”


    Recently, the international research institution Gartner® released the “Market Guide for Multiexperience Development Platforms” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), focusing on the market status and development trends of multiexperience development platforms. Ant Group is recognized as a representative supplier and the only Chinese manufacturer, and its self-developed one-stop mobile development platform mPaaS is included […]

  • Xiaomi App Store Listing Process


    The Xiaomi App Store is one of the mainstream app stores in China. You can submit developed apps to the Xiaomi Open Platform. After passing the review, you can search and download them in the Xiaomi App Store. The following introduces the listing process and precautions of the Xiaomi App Store for your reference. 1. […]

  • Caring for more than 27 million hearing-impaired people, sign language service helps silent communication


    If one day, the world around you suddenly becomes very quiet, beautiful music is just silence to you; an uplifting speech is just a mime to you; the chorus of nature is also to you. Just picture scrolls. Will you be afraid? And there is such a group of people who are communicating with the […]

  • International Deaf Week | Unbounded integration of deaf and hearing people, seeing the power of sign language


    Can’t hear, can’t hear clearly, can’t understand, this is a true portrayal of the tens of millions of hearing-impaired groups across the country. Due to the limitation of hearing, they face huge challenges in studying, working, seeking medical treatment, and traveling. In the AI ​​era, the entire industry has formed a strong synergy for the […]

  • HUAWEI ID’s self-designed image is online to create another you in the mobile phone


    HUAWEI ID self-designed image is online! Users can easily create their own HUAWEI ID self-image with just a photo, and can also customize the image, DIY hairstyles, clothing, accessories, etc. Click “Phone Settings > HUAWEI ID > Profile” to instantly have another you in your phone. The HUAWEI ID self-created avatar provides several preset avatars […]

  • Alibaba Cloud EMAS|App Privacy Compliance “Free” Automated Detection


    Why do App Privacy Compliance Testing? On November 1, 2021, the “Personal Information Protection Law” came into effect; on June 14 this year, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced the “Regulations on the Management of Mobile Internet Application Information Services”, which is the strongest new regulation for apps. It will come into effect on the […]

  • ShareSDKPlus APICloud module


    foreword ShareSDKPlus encapsulates ShareSDK, which is a support for APICloud platform, a component that provides social sharing function for apps developed by APICloud, supports many mainstream social platforms including QQ, WeChat, Sina Weibo, etc., helping developers easily realize social sharing, Mainstream functions such as third-party login, follow, obtain user information, and obtain friend list. Current […]

  • Use AR Engine’s hand bone tracking ability to realize virtual watch try-on


    The application of AR technology promotes the continuous upgrading of the e-commerce field, and brings users an AR shopping experience combining virtual and reality through augmented reality. The emergence of functions such as AR fitting, AR shoe fitting, and AR makeup fitting allows users to experience the wearing effect of products on their mobile phones, […]

  • MobSDK Quick Integration Documentation


    Development tools: Android StudioIntegration: Gradle Preparation before integration Before using MobSDK, you need to register a developer account on the MobTech official website and obtain the AppKey and AppSecret provided by MobTech. For details, please click to viewregistration process add configurationRegister MobSDK in project Gradle file buildscript { repositories { // 1. Add MobSDK Maven […]

  • MobSDK Client API


    ADPush listener callback //com.mob.adpush.AdPush.class /** * ADPush listener callback * @param listener: listener callback */ public static void setMobAdListener(MobAdListener listener) sample code AdPush.setMobAdListener(new MobAdListener() { @Override public void onAdClick() { //Ad is clicked } @Override public void onAdExposure() { // ad display } @Override public void onAdClose() { //Ads are crossed out } }); Whether […]